‘Ban male children circumcision’

MATABELELAND South Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa (MDC-T) yesterday moved a motion seeking to ban the circumcision of male children, saying the practice infringed on children’s right of choice and was tantamount to genital mutilation.


Mlotshwa said there were no benefits to infant male circumcision as children did not indulge in sexual activity and, therefore, infant circumcision could not mitigate the spread of HIV and cervical cancer.

“I am afraid we are creating a generation of useless men because if one of your limbs is not functioning properly after the mishaps of circumcision, then you will be disabled and these children do not indulge in sexual activity anyway,” Mlotshwa said.

“After mutilating these children’s sexual organs [in failed circumcision], the future generations will judge us and by the time these children need to taste how these organs should function, we will be long dead and history will judge us on why we allowed the circumcision of children to continue.”

Mlotshwa instead challenged all Cabinet ministers to go under the knife if they really believed in its benefits.

“In Somalia, women’s clitorises are mutilated to ensure girls do not enjoy sex. That is because they give them in marriage to old men who cannot satisfy them and mutilating them is to ensure they do not discover the pleasures of sex,” she said.

“Circumcision of young boys is tantamount to genital mutilation and we are afraid that in Zimbabwe, the government will end up saying women’s clitorises should be cut because they are just taking everything that comes without doing proper research.”

She said money meant for infant circumcision should instead go towards treatment centres for cervical cancer.

“The Creator made a foreskin for a purpose and are we going to have a generation of men without foreskins? Most of the doctors who circumcise are not circumcised themselves and where do they put those foreskins? We urge the government to leave the small boys alone and let them decide when they are 18 if they want to be circumcised,” she said.

The motion was seconded by Masvingo Senator Misheck Marava (MDC-T).

Mashonaland Central Senator Damian Mumvuri (Zanu PF) said male children should be left to make a personal choice when they reach 18 years.

Meanwhile, Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology minister Olivia Muchena said her ministry was not concerned over the alleged “fake degrees” issued by the Philanthropy Institute of Zimbabwe.

Muchena told Senate that her ministry would have only raised concern if the degrees had been offered as academic degrees.

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  1. Primrose Mhlabeli

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      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> B­­­O­­­N­­G­­O­­­C­­­A­­S­­H­­­­.C­­­O­­­M­­­

  2. Indeed infant circumcision is bad…let kids chose fo themselves wen th appropriate tym comes

  3. bring back my foreskin

    thank you senator stembile, no truth beyond this mark abt child circumcision, good motion indeed than vanhu kuswera vachitaura abt baba jukwaa in offices.

  4. The Minister erred in citing God because even Jesus was circumcised when he was still young. Is her concern how the foreskins are disposed or whether or not men enjoy sex after circumcission? When she goes for manicure does she know how her nails are disposed? This was an unlearned motion from an overzealous woman

    1. You are talking nonsense. Although Jesus was probably circumcised, simply because he was born to a Jew, he said nothing in support of it and he overturned many Jewish laws and traditions. His apostles spoke strongly AGAINST circumcision.

      Cutting a nail is completely different. Firstly, it does not hurt – it contains no nerves. Secondly, it grows back. In the case of cutting the foreskin, it DOES hurt, and it never grows back. Removing the foreskin also causes the glans to be dangerously exposed and open to numerous infections, and of course it makes the penis smaller.

      There is no good reason to do this to children. Let them decide when they are old enough.

    2. Every adult man is allowed to mutilate his genitals if he thinks that it’s better to feel less. But this decision is not allowed to be made by an adult for an infant. These adults can mutilate themselves but nobody other.
      The shortened sensation in cut men also effects their female partners: The harder work (for that he feels anything) does not fit to the female sexual anatomy. The clitoris is less touched compared to an intact man who stays deep in and moves more in so that the clitoris is permanently stimulated.

      Plus: I don’t think that Jesus was mutilated but the history was changed about 1850.

    3. I wonder why you say that man. Thumbs up to her. Were you circumcised when you were a little boy? Let’s not borrow useless cultures. If Jesus was circumcised it was their culture.

    4. Sounds like you have never opened a bible. Read Galatians 5; it says circumcision profits the Christian nothing.

  5. bring back my foreskin

    thank you senator stembile, no truth beyond this mark abt child circumcision, good motion indeed than vanhu kuswera vachitaura abt baba jukwaa in offices.
    in fact u cud hv thrown a challenge to dr parirenyatwa to tell the nation why we still have money fo circumcision bt no money fo tb, cancer treatment and other life threatening diseases… zvonetsaaa!!!!!

  6. No better example of the rock bottom calibre of our parliamentarians than this. It’s a disgrace that even former college lecturers who have turned politicians cannot appreciate the overwhelming wealth and depth of scientific evidence supporting the benefits of circumcision. To suggest that doctors and others cannot be trusted with honestly disposing of foreskins is libellous and injurious to the professions and integrity of our ethically sound health service. Children become sexually active long before the age of 18. Yet she thinks that they should be left to first contract sexually transmitted diseases and aids before they are allowed to get circumcision as one of the proven means of reducing the incidences of contracting and transmitting venereal and other ailments associated with sex. She is not aware of the experiences of jews, muslim societies throughout the world, vatonga, varemba and vashangani locally, who have functioned effectively with the practice for thousands of years and long disproved her assertions before she started speaking. She is not aware of the role of the foreskin in sexual activity, if any. Subjectivities and personal phobias should never be paraded as worthwhile national concerns.

    1. Your message is full of lies. The studies that claimed circumcision has health benefits were not only condemned for being unscientific and biased, they were disproved NUMEROUS times by genuine peer-reviewed scientific studies, including studies by the Royal Dutch Medial Association.

      Circumcision does not prevent or reduce the risk of ANY sexually transmitted disease – HIV, AIDS, or anything else. But the false claims about it actually ENCOURAGE people to have sex without a condom.

      Scientific evidence CLEARLY shows numerous problems with circumcision, and even Muslims and Jews have begun to speak against it. You are deliberately inserting your own biases and even unfounded statements about the intentions of this politician to support your blatant lies. Lies which has been disproven over and over again.

    2. I don’t thing that its an established fact that circumcision reduces hiv and aids but this is just a theory right now those who have been circumcised are the ones at the forefront of spreading the disease becoz they think that there are now free from contracting the disease.

      1. It’s absolutely proved that circumcision prevents 60% of the infections if you use a condom, compared to intact man not using a condom.

        1. It is NOT “absolutely proven” that circumcision prevents anything. That “60%” fails to manifest itself in 10 out of 18 African countries, where HIV was found to be more prevalent amongst circumcised men. The men of Europe are not circumcised, and HIV is not rampant there. Why not skip mutilation and keep the condom?

    3. Doctors in the US get about $300 for a foreskin. They are used to make cosmetics, and skin grafts. The senator is not wrong, stating that people make money off of foreskins.
      The 3 African studies which purported to show that circumcision helps prevent HIV, were scientifically flawed. The people who conducted them were pro-circumcision, and found exactly what they were looking for. The studies were not conducted ethically. Search for “How Bad Science Kills, or How to Spread AIDS, to see what Oxford University in the UK thought about their work.
      There is no disease which uncircumcised men get, which circumcised men do not, and in about the same percentages.
      Circumcision as an HIV prevention is a hoax. In the US, we have buried nearly a million mostly circumcised men, who died of AIDS.

    4. You are right on children sex involvement at a tender age but be true in terms of numbers the rate of a circumcised male getting hiv is not significant. Musanyepera vanhu imi

  7. To males its called circumcision, but when its done to a woman they call it genital mutilation. The honourable raised a good point. Let kids exercise their rights when they reach the majority age.

  8. The funny thing is parents who consent for their children to be circumcised they are not circumcised.

  9. Thumbs up to the Honourable Senator, God said circumcise your hearts you stiff necked people, but we want to circumcise genitals!!!!!

  10. 100% correct

  11. Good motion; let us respect the rights of the children to choose for themselves.
    Im uncircumcised & virgin adult male and I take pride in “intact” and “untempered” manhood. Getting circumcised or not will be an important decision that my wife (then) and I WILL make.

    (the interpretation of mandatory circumcision in the Bible differs but let’s note that it applied to the Israelites for a purpose and a stipulated period)

  12. 100% Senator. The children must be left alone. they will decide on their own when they grow up.

  13. mdara maroporo.

    Good motion from this lady. She should take it further and move to criminalise the mass deception being fed Zimbabweans that circumcision is a Top Defender against HIV. Alleged benefits of circumcision are not scientifically proven yet our government allows donors to use us as experiments.

    1. Right. It’s a deception, a cruel, destructive, human rights violating, sadistic, sick deception.

  14. Ichi ndochokwadi chisina mburwa regai vana vakure vakogozoita sarudzo dzavo dzavanoda kwete kumbunyikidza vana.

  15. I am not circumcised will never be circumcised I am married and enjoy sex the way God created it. I will not buy cheap propaganda of this current government. I know what’s good for me and my family. Kwete vana tathekule vanongo mhanya without thinking. Ndosaka ma prophets ari kuku vexsayi!

  16. Ichi ndochokwadi chisina mburwa regai vana vakure vagozoitawo sarudzo dzawo dzavanoda kwete kuwambunyikidza,handiyo yamunoti violation humun rights here iyi pachirungu yamuri kuita vana.

  17. It is not our culture to be circumcised.Let those who practise it do it.In South Africa young boys are dying due to that or if it goes wrong your child is disabled for ever.In Germany they are banning this system.People must use condoms not all this nonsense.We allways talk about human rights which we do not know how apply.Thank you Senator.

    1. It is unfortunately not true that (the official) Germany ban this, quite the opposite: It was illegal for many years, but tolerated for undefinably reasons and on 12-12-12 it became explicit allowed by a new law. In Austria it became allowed as a cosmetic operation for jewish and islamic boys.

      But this all happened under the huge protest of the “normal” people. For Germans and Austrians cutting genitals of a child is simply sick. The politicians ignored these protests and asked for “tolerance”. They are all under pressure of their owners, the j…….

  18. Circumcission i the bible was a covenant component of the oath between the Israelites and God and not with the gentiles. If it was a health issue it could have spread to the gentiles. Even when Garce was extended to the gentiles circumscission was not a condition, there were not to be circumcised for them to be called Christians, they had just to believe in Jesus. So don’t try to go biblical about the senator’s motion, children should be given a choice whether to be or not. It has been disapproved that circumcission reduces hiv infection.

  19. My grade 2 son once came home dejected and when I asked him what the problem was he told me that their teacher had told the class that boys of the class were going to be circumcised the followingday. He was actually stressed up by just thinking about it.

    They should make that decision on their own when they become majors

  20. How many things do we decide for our children? Ear piercing, branding, how we dress them, feed them etc.
    Yes the Senator maybe right in his/her sense but at the end of the day, its you idoits who motion these things and later on come out to condemn them.

    1. How much of a child’s genitals he or she keeps isn’t really a legitimate parental decision to make.

    2. Ok, then give him the foreskin back when he is adult.

  21. My 9yr old baby boy noways, he wiil decide oga akura. One day he came from sch with fliers talking about circumcission, asked his father and he could not give him a sistfactory ans so we decided if we cant understand this lets wait for him to grow up and decide for himslef. We dont want him to go thru pain yaasinganzwisise kuti why.

  22. Forced genital cutting violates the rights and bodies of those who cannot defend themselves. Infant boys and girls deserve the same legal protection against genital cutting culture. Circumcision is a scam by unethical doctors and researchers to make money in Africa.

  23. Excellent Senator. Where are the organisations for children rights? What the different nekuzvarira where a parent chose the future husband of her daughter? sure let the children grow up and decide on their own. Yes its in the bible so what? Circumcision will not make you holy.

  24. makuwatsine c

    Children should decide for themselves after 18 years. In other words, most of these uncircumcised children will not indulge in sexual promiscuity. Why is it that no adults are being forced to be circumcised. Majority of Zimbabwean man are not circumcised so why force these young boys. Hiv Aids is prevented by Abstinence from sex before or outside of marriage and Sticking to your one partner by those in marriage. This 60% chances of not contracting hiv aids when u are circumcised is far from the truth. 100% Safety is achieved by Abstinence by those outside marriage and Sticking to One partner in Marriage. All other theories NOT giving 100% protection is a waste of resources.

  25. That’s why zim doesnt move forward MP are pre-occupied with sex and sexual organs. What load of bull coming from an MP.

  26. I have never heard something so meaningful coming from MPs or Senators for a long time.

  27. Senator said it right .

  28. Edward von Roy

    Neurologically, the most specialized pressure-sensitive cells in the human body are Meissner’s corpuscles for localized light touch and fast touch, Merkel’s disc cells for light pressure and tactile form and texture, Ruffini’s corpuscles for slow sustained pressure, deep skin tension, stretch, flutter and slip, and Pacinian corpuscles for deep touch and detection of rapid external vibrations. They are found only in the tongue, lips, palms, fingertips, nipples, and the clitoris and the crests of the ridged band at the tip of the male foreskin. These remarkable cells process tens of thousands of information impulses per second and can sense texture, stretch, and vibration/movement at the micrometre level. These are the cells that allow blind people to “see” Braille with their fingertips. Cut them off and, male or female, it’s like trying to read Braille with your elbow. Gary Harryman

  29. Vanhu vakuru vanotungamira vanhu ngavatange varenga magwaro before they make such humiliating stamements to the public. The male circumcision drive is against the spread of HIV, there is overwhelming research evidence of the benefits of male circumcision in reducing the prevalence of HIV. On the contrary there are no studies to my knowledge that prove a reduction in sexual satisfaction after circumcision as alleged by the honorable. Furthermore these senators are showing their ignorance by comparing female genital mutilation and male medical circumcision which are two very different procedures done for very different reasons. Ndavanyarira ma Senator edu, kana ivo vasingadi with their children thats their decision to make but to ban for everyone is a violation of human right to access health care.

    1. No. Remember clitoris was formed from the penile gland.face it dear let children decide for themselves zvasiyana nekubayiwa bcg

  30. Yes ban ALL genital cutting of children. Circumcision is medical fraud, forced upon a child’s body a severe violation of the most basic of human rights.

    1. Ban ALL genital cutting.

  31. willie turner

    ᴀs Jᴜᴀɴɪᴛᴀ sᴀɪᴅ I ᴅɪᴅɴᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ᴛʜᴀᴛ sᴏᴍᴇ ᴘᴇᴏᴘʟᴇ ᴄᴀɴ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ $8016 ɪɴ ᴀ ғᴇᴡ ᴡᴇᴇᴋs ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄᴏᴍᴘᴜᴛᴇʀ . ᴠɪsɪᴛ ᴛʜɪs ᴡᴇʙsɪᴛᴇ :

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> m­­­O­­­N­­e­­y­­­k­­­i­­n­­­­.C­­­O­­­M­­­

  32. no circumcision on young children please!

  33. Bullshit man…there hasn’t been any physical proof provided to show that circumcision really reduces chances of contracting HIV/STIs.Even if kids under18(which is between 14-18 btw) indulge in sex,they should be taught to use condoms more than being lied about this circumcision scam.The barbaric genital mutilation of infants violates their rights and should be stopped.This thing kills more than 100babies every year in USA,90% of men there are circumcised at birth but their HIV prevelance is high compared to countries that don’t circumcise. Do some real research to know the truth for once,time to stop beleiving the LIES.

  34. Whether circumcision affects sexual sensation and comfort – and from my own experience, I am convinced it negatively does – every male has the inherent right to decide whether he wants his glans permanently bared for the rest of his life for all the world to see.

    Circumcision not only robs a boy/man of half the skin of his penis, but leaves a large scar that he cannot escape for the rest of his life. Without a medical diagnosis, childhood circumcision is simply mutilation.

  35. Foreskin feels REALLY good. Informed adults can decide for themselves.

  36. ndozvekupenga izvozvo kuswero tawura zvisina basa … mukadzi mukuru wat a shame …hapana kana chinemusoro chandati ndanzwa..pane ambo manikidzwa kuendesa mwana wake here? kuswerodya mari muchitawura marara ..nxaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  37. Thank you very much for bringing this issue to light, body piecing in any manner must be left to adults only. A mature person must decide whether or not to have any part on his or her natural creation tempered with, this must include ear piecing for our girls too. Some religion don’t allow this but it will be too late, the damage was done without the consent of the owner. Here are some facts about circumcision and please be warned:-

    1. Circumcision reduces the sensitivity of the male organ by almost 50%, hence they take longer
    than natural to to reach climax. This is bad for woman who have not abused themselves sexually. However this is perfect for woman who have indulged into sex at tender ages and those who abused themselves by having too many sex partners, commercial sex workers as they take too long to reach climax.

    2. Due to the lessened sensitivity the guys will never enjoy sex with a condom, if the do they break it. This will result in the reverse effect. More hiv infections, sti, and unwanted pregnancies.

    3. Because of extended sexual activity, there is a high chance of the two’s sexual organs getting bruised hence transmission of diseases happens even faster. Some woman end up failing to walk after such ordeals .

    4. Being that painful, who is the actual beneficiary of this tendency? The man, the woman or the doctor who make money?

    NB: Allot of these circumcised guys goes around bedding well known prostitutes paying double for unprotected sex because their feelings were destroyed by the razorman shame.

  38. Thats correct thy shuld decide fr themselves wen their grown ups

  39. South Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa – at last, someone in African who hasn’t accepted the lies being told about sexual mutilation. Circumcision is a medical scam – quackery – child abuse for profit and nothing else. Just so we all know what is being talked about, here is a 60 second review……Human Genital Anatomy #101: Neurologically, the four most specialized pressure-sensitive cells in the human body are Meissner’s corpuscles for localized light touch and fast touch, Merkel’s disc cells for light pressure and tactile form and texture, Ruffini’s corpuscles for slow sustained pressure, deep skin tension, stretch, flutter and slip, and Pacinian corpuscles for deep touch and detection of rapid external vibrations. They are found only in the tongue, lips, palms, fingertips, nipples, and the clitoris, and in the crests of the Ridged Band at the tip of the male foreskin. These four specialized cell types process tens of thousands of information impulses per second and can sense texture, stretch, vibration, and movement at the micrometre level. These are the cells that allow blind people to “see” Braille with their fingertips. Cut them off and, male or female, it’s like trying to read Braille with your elbow as a veritable symphony of sensation is downgraded dramatically and the victim is sub-normalized for life. Google The Ridged Band and The Lost List.


    About 50% of the penile skin: The double layered foreskin (prepuce), along with the rest of the shaft skin, is a mobile skin system and can freely move up and down the penile shaft, even during an erection.

    The Pleasurable Sensations of the “Ridged Bands”: The 1/2 inch wide bands of tissue near the tip of the foreskin is the most highly innervated and erogenous part of the penis containing thousands of nerve endings called Meissner’s Corpuscles. The loss of this tissue along with the adjacent sensitive frenulum, reduces a man’s pleasure and full range of sexual response.

    The foreskin’s Gliding action: This is the hallmark mechanical feature of the natural human penis. The non-abrasive gliding of the penis in and out of its own sheath of skin facilitates smooth, comfortable, pleasurable intercourse for both partners.

    The Comfort of a covered glans: The foreskin’s inner mucosal tissue provides a warm, moist, protective covering for the sensitive glans. The glans of the circumcised penis becomes dry and calloused from exposure to air and rubbing against clothing.

    Choice: A man who was circumcised as an infant has lost his right to an intact, normal, and whole penis and the right to control what happens to his own body.

    Men (and women) who are allowed as children to keep their whole, intact, normal genitalia, DON’T choose to amputate parts as adults! Please Protect ALL children’s genitals from unnecessary amputations.

    Best Regards and Many Blessings to All perfectly born Intact little boys.

  41. Affected by HIV

    Guys, do not be fooled by Lyndon, Hugh 7 et al. These guys do not have an idea of what HIV is and they want to see Africans dying. Why should an outsider’s wailing subdue that of the bereaved? They tried to influence non-adoption of adult VMMC before but failed dismally as 6m men had been circumcised by Dec 2013. Data have started showing the impact of VMMC on HIV (i.e. decline). Donors will fund VMMC until some point (may be 2020) and EIMC, which is cheaper than VMMC and therefore affordable to African gvts, can easily be integrated within other MNCH programs e.g. PMTCT and sustain the gains anticipated via VMMC.

  42. Senators of Matabeleland South,

    Thank you so much for moving to BAN infant circumcision. It is a gross violation of human rights. As a man harmed by infant circumcision, I want to thank you for protected the children who cannot defend themselves from unscrupulous doctors and ritualistic circumcisers. All I can do now is live with the pain of infant circumcision and its COMPLETELY negative effects in my life. People like you help to bring healing to this world. Please succeed in what you are doing.

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