Baba Jukwa saga: UZ student remanded in custody


A 20-YEAR-OLD University of Zimbabwe student Romeo Musemburi, who allegedly posted an email message to the shadowy Facebook character Baba Jukwa soliciting for arms of war to fight for democracy in the country, was yesterday remanded in custody to July 16.


Musemburi was not asked to plead to charges of attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism when he briefly appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakayi Douglas Chikwekwe.

When the magistrate asked him if he had any complaints against the police, Musemburi said he could not disclose some information to the police because of fear.
“I felt threatened during investigations such that I could not say certain things,” Musemburi, who arrived at the court in handcuffs in the company of police detectives and his lawyer Tonderai Bhatasara said.

Prosecutor Michael Reza alleged that the third year Economics student who resides in Waterfalls wrote an article requesting weapons to “hit the streets and fight for democracy” and, through his email account posted it to

The court heard that the article had the effect of attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage and terrorism with a view to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means.

Musemburi’s arrest after handing himself over to the police and his court appearance follows that of Sunday Mail editor Edmund and his brother Phillip Kudzayi in connection with the Baba Jukwa saga.

The list of suspects targeted by the police includes The Zimbabwean publisher Wilf Mbanga and his wife Trish, a system and software engineer Walter Shoko, computer programmer Samson Chifamba, George Chirakasha, Anomie Drew, Piniel Nhokodi, Sarudzai Florence (all based in the UK) and journalist Mxolisi Ncube who is based in South Africa.


    • This baba jukwa issue is now boring.Lets concentrate more on seeing ZIMASET bear fruit or it will be another non event as all previous attempts at resuscitating this ailing economy.

  1. This is getting interesting. So all those that commented, liked the page and showed the same line of thought during the height of the much hyped political campaigns are accomplices and will soon be roped in as “the long arm of law” will catch them one day. i think the +400k followers will all be rotting in jail coz of wanting to cause, “of attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage and terrorism with a view to overthrow the government through unconstitutional means”

    Hahahaaaaaaa. So much majoring on minor things. Why track the hapless and helpless leaving those that Kudzayi himself said are linked by the “incriminating mails that were at one point deleted after the police were given the account, only to be recovered after softing google”.

    Let us be realistic, We already have one criminal here, Mai Jukwa, so lets have a parallel incarceration and criminal procedure for those also offended by the dame.

    Meanwhile, nyika haina mari, maDiamonds akapera, fodya riri kuita mari shoma than expected, salary packs for seniors have remained obscenely high.

    • yaa l think we better start mobilizing resources to build more prisons.They should be many these people.Hegemonic domination.Protectionism.Fear.They cause aggression.Self defense.

  2. aren’t we back to the years of repression back to Smith era where students were arrested and maimed even killed by the regime. Desperate measures we are in really.
    history has a tendency of repeating itself and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  3. yoweeee hanzi adiiko mwana naveduwe,Zimbabwe yacho kwave kutyiswa kwega kwega,moda kuti adii nehutongi hwenyu hwatifemesa moto uhwu,hapana chakaoma sekudzidza uchiziva basa hakuna………avo vari Uk hazvina kuvachipira kugara in a foreign land,imi muchi creator an environment inorwadza so,,,,,,,,,itai zvinhu zvinake musiyane nevanhu nhaiwe zanu

  4. Akaita zvekupenga romeo. Anoti anoda hondo ndiyani mukore uno vanhu vachirarama nohutachiona kkkkkk. Siye zvokuverenga woda hondo. Dai aiziva kuwoma kwakaita kudzidza muhondo sori. Atleast in this difficult situation education however poor it is,tis dished out in peaceful conditions

  5. Shame Zim gvmnt desperate. First of all how do they conclude he meant the streets of Zimbabwe? This is a stupid case. Gvmnt yakaora, the economy is in tatters, unemployment is high, no access to basic healthcare and they spend time and resources over rubbish stuff like to capture jukwa, for what? They cheat in elections so their positions of power are guaranteed so what really is the effect of jukwa in the scheme of things and besides half the things jukwa says we all know, i.e. corruption is rampant and even when jukwa exposes them nothing is done about it so why spend and waste time. Shame shame shame this is just embarrassing

    • @jay jay i totally agree if urgency and effort was put on improving our economy as much as this baba jukwa saga then zim dai tanemacompanies akawanda akavhura vanhu vachimukira kumabasa.

  6. @terence, dai forum ya baba jukwa yakavhurirwa kupa ma constructive ideas okuvaka nyika, dai tiri pari nani pakudzoserwa shure nevanhu vakadai.

  7. Desperate times for our leadership…I believe these are scare tactics aimed at that demographic i.e, students and that particular age group aimed at making them desist from speaking their mind. True, this young lad took it too far by aiming for the violent way out but currently, he is at wits end (a student surviving on a stringent budget from a middle class family), he has noticed that even after he has finished studies he will be reduced to a mere beggar as job turnover is higher than vacancies due to the paralysed economy. Baba Jukwa is jus but a satirical social media character, even if they find him/them, under which Act will they find him guilty. Anomakwa ndiye ane bhora, if all these exposes by B.J were fake non of this would be happening. The truth will set you free, but in this case, the truth will make you a resident of Chikurubi, or much rather will result in death!
    Zimbabwe, i think it is high time leadership changed hands. Life is all about giving others chances. This is just a diversion of public opinion. The writing is on the wall, even Belshazzar refused to believe…

  8. regai mwana ayende kuchikoro hamunyari here.its his constutional to fight for democracy,remember that you also fought for it when you felt also wrote letters and sent envoys to appeal fo funds and weapons to remove the oppressive smith regime.this boy feels oppressed by you,so you should clean your act first,dont make the sane mistake that ian smith did by refusing to change.coz its not one boy its a generation of youths.

  9. yesterday mai netsana nemapostori pakirawa, nhasi sika sika nevana pauz ,ko maindustry muchaamutsa rinhi muchipedza fuel muchiita zvisina basa. tanata neamaitiro enyu aya

  10. hahaha aluta continua .no going back asjiki tapanduka zvachose bhora mberi macomrades they need my password regai ndivape tione zvavanoita nayo.password inoti CHIHURIKUFENTA@PASSOUT PARADE

  11. I do not think that this “UZ Student” is Genueine, he must be a CIO, thats an act to instill fear in all those who have liked the Baba Jukwa Page.

  12. the youth are fed up!!more will speak out.must it come to this?gvt must redress the issues affecting the country..this is how a revolution begins..small initial sacrifices that will instil a multitude.gvt put your house in order..we want jobs;stable economy;we want affordable education..must we use “insurgency;banditry and sabotage ” to get these things?? surely you are destroying our generation.

  13. Zvakaoma hanzi tiri kusunungura vana veZimbabwe nyamba kwete varikuto sungirirwa kudzvanyirirwa kubatwa huyanga munyika yababa kana usiri munhu weZanu pf ziva automatically you are not Zimbabwean judging nemamiriro ezvinhu muZim, siyanai nezvenyika yaVaMugabe iyo ndeyavo personal tsvagai citizenship kune dzimwe nyika musununguke.

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