‘Only 6 brain surgeons left in Zimbabwe’

David Parirenyatwa

HEALTH and Child Care minister David Parirenyatwa yesterday revealed that only six neurosurgeons had remained behind after the majority fled the country in search of greener pastures a few years ago.

Feluna Nleya
Staff Reporter


Neurosurgery (or neurological surgery) is the medical specialty concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Addressing a neurosurgeons’ conference in Harare, Parirenyatwa said ideally the country ought to have at least 60 neurosurgeons to adequately cater for the population.

The conference was attended by delegates from at least 11 countries which included Brazil, Spain, France, America, Italy, China, Japan, India, Congo, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“I am pleased that we have six (neurological surgeons) who are fully functional, and 11 who are on training,” Parirenyatwa said.

“For Zimbabwe it has been said we need 60 for the population, I think we are rising and we will get there with this encouragement and training.

“I wish to urge you all to listen carefully and acquire more knowledge from the high profile faculty and translate all this into excellent health delivery service to our people.

“My dream is to develop real centres of excellence in our country and for that to be possible we need well-trained specialists in specific disciplines.”
Parirenyatwa also said that nurses were also being trained in neurosurgery.

“Past few years we suffered a lot of brain drain, where we trained registered general nurses and they were poached to more developed countries enmasse and we have a very big debt.”

He said the country suffered a lot of brain drain in all areas of the health sector in which there was need to improve conditions of service.

“Since our nurses were being poached we sought to train primary care nurses, but after two years they came and said these are suitable for our old people’s homes. So, you cannot quite win unless we improve conditions of service here so they can stay,” he added.


  1. If only pple knew how difficult it is to enroll for that course at UZ. If you do not have a relative who ios a medicak Dr, forget abt being a medical practitioner! This is from experience….

    • iweweka nyora zv aunoziva.
      inini im a medical docta ndakabva kumapfanya uko ndakangopasa chikoro chete I didn’t know anybody.
      kana iwewe uine 13 points eheka you are the ppl who will look for connections kana uine enough points and pasuina kuzarisawo for tht years enrolment I will tell you tht a high level of professionalism has been maintained.
      wakaita ma points 10 ehe you cant qualify. or ukaita 14 you may not qualify.

    • @ Hey please save us the crap, UZ requires 15 points In MPC/B at A level and Maths at O level so the issue of relatives that you are bringing up is a bit irrelevant dont you think? Anywhere in the world there are bench marks that are set if one wants to study medicine and why should the UZ be an exception

    • Not true,these are high level superspecialties based on merit…if u dont meet the requirements anywhere in the world u wont get entrance

  2. What do we expect when a Junior doctor who after years of training and then qualifying is paid the same salary as a general worker. How disrespectful ,ungrateful and unappreciative is that?

  3. Around 1992 dr stamps said he was not worried about the migrating doctors becoz nurses can do most of the procedures hey kukangamwa chezuro nehope kkkk at every level the institutes have incompetant leaders becoz of brain drain. Tarisawo ma mp zvovouta kuchina. Zimbabwe yadhakwa.


  5. Parirenyatwa dnt count in é surgeons on training, u r nt getting 1 from é 11. Who do u think wil work 4 peanuts

  6. Zve Zim hazvisi zvega who wants to work in a country that is dominated by the uneducated eg ana Wicknell Chivayo ,Chiyangwa apa munhu wacho hana kana ne A level asi he drives big cars and owns massive properties!!! Iwe u spend 14 yrs training to be paid $600!!! ngazvigare Aussie here i come ne BHonours rangu.

  7. There is one who will never ever leave but majority tend to ignore him. Doctor of Doctors by the name Jesus Christ… After all admission free, hw do u like this?

  8. six sounds enough for the remainder after the massive BRAIN DRAIN of the last ten or so years!!

  9. I visited chimwe Chipatara vakomana pakanzi Dr auya maiwe ndakarohwa nehana kuita kunge temp teacher ane 8 mnths asingahore. Zanu tipeiwo maserious u hev reduced everyone to a pauper. Ryt nw maHounarable MPs vakanohodha kuChina vakomana MP kuita muCrossboader here aiwa ndo maresults edu ayaaaa akabiwa ava kubuda manje

  10. Zanu have no brains and you do not need brains to live in zanuland. All 6 brain surgeons are therefore unemployed and will soon be migrating to the west where brains are in use.

  11. Why should they stay in Zim, as it doesn’t take a ‘brain surgeon’ to see and know the country is messed up.

  12. Guys dont shout each other. Honestly the Hon. Minister is happy for the increasing no. of qualified Nuerosurgeons for they are scarcy but very vital. Accident happens and in most cases people have some HEAD INJURIES which needs these NEUROSURGEON SPECIALISTS’ attention.
    Most pple die before they get attended to by these specialist doctors coz they are not found in every hospital.
    somebody need to travel very far away to seek for medical attention and some will untimely coz of the delay. but if the Neuro specialty spread all over the hospitals like Urology, Orthorpaedic, Gynaecology specialties just to name a few, l think it will serve somebody’s life.


  13. Comment…ndorapwawo sei Hama ndemusoro ukundirwadza one side for almost one side. ndinekaronda mukati in the gum . this head is massive Hama the right side kanaworwadza musoro ukurwadza nenzeve. have visited private doctor twice no change.pandatarisa pagoggle ndaona sinutis is might be cause whilst it’s advisable I should visit a physiotherapy. where do I see him in Harare.please help my number 0713900554.

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