Zimbabweans press Mohadi on permits


ZIMBABWEANS living in South Africa are due to engage Home Affairs minister Kembo Mohadi in a consultative forum over the new stringent visa regime introduced by the neighbouring country.


The meeting has been tentatively set for the South African capital Pretoria next Thursday.

Chairperson of the newly-formed Zimbabwe Community in South Africa Ngqabutho Mabhena yesterday said his group wanted to compare notes with Mohadi before he engages his South African counterpart Malusi Gigaba today.

“We had a meeting on Wednesday with the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa to compare notes on the current new visa regime,” Mabhena said.

“During that engagement, we presented our proposals to embassy staff which we want to also share with Mohadi. We proposed that the South African government should consider issuing a one or two-year migrant worker permit which could be renewed.

“We also proposed that when the permits are renewed, Zimbabweans should not be forced to apply for them while in Zimbabwe, but here in South Africa. This is to ensure that they safeguard their jobs,” said Mabhena in a telephone interview from Johannesburg.

Last month, Mabhena held informal discussions with the ruling tripartite alliance, African National Congress’s international relations department and the Congress of South African Trade Unions and South African Communist Party over the controversial new permit regime.

The new stringent immigration regulations would see Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals who overstay being banned from entering South Africa as it tightens immigration regulations.

All along, those who overstayed were allowed to re-enter South Africa and apply for permits and visas after being made to pay fines. From now those who overstay their allocated time would be banned for a period ranging from one to five years.

The South African government has also released a list of critical skills that country needs wherein foreigners are qualified to apply for work visas, but the challenge is that most Zimbabweans living in that country have no special skills.

This means that they would be left at the mercy of immigration authorities and may face deportation.

Of the Zimbabweans living in South Africa, 250 000 who benefited from the Special Dispensation for Zimbabweans programme are not necessarily in possession of any critical skills, meaning that they could be left out in the 35 000 critical job list released by the neighbouring country’s government.


  1. First I should thank Mabhena and his team for speaking on behalf of the thousands of Zimbabweans in South Africa. It is a difficult task and the fact that you have engaged at such a high level is quite commendable.

    I hope minister Kembo Mohadi will listen to your team and also ensure that the relevant offices in Zimbabwe respond.
    Historically we have seen that the South Africans have tended to be more helpful than our own people. In 2009 the South African government was so flexible in granting papers that the only barrier was our passport officers. The guys who came to Polokwane to process documents were focused on making money than helping Zimbabweans. Our folks were being made to pay R750 to 3000 in addition to the cost of passport as a “facilitation fee”. This is still a problem even today. You need to grease someone’s palm before getting a service.

    Mohadi needs to engage Mudede . It is a fact that there are no jobs for the thousands of Zimbabweans on permits in RSA. Forget the empowerment nosense. We just need to be honest as a nation and request RSA to assist.

  2. implementing stringent measures will never in any way deter Zimbabweans from entering south Africa, they will simply not apply for the permits and will find work even without the permits. This Gigaba guy needs to be told to make it more friendly and easier for Zimbabweans to apply for permits thereby regularizing their stay there. adopting apartheid like policies is tantamount to require every Zimbabwean to carry his passport wherever he goes and subjected to inhuman treatment lastly he needs to be reminded that the cheap skilled labor they are enjoying from Zimbabweans is a blessing to their economy too…and the time will come when they shall all come home leaving him with his much hyped so called educated south Africans whom we are taking jobs from. then he will realize ma chunks haisi nyama…

  3. yaah this iz too difficult for us zim pplle. just wish the s.a can feel wat we ar going through right now . our bank accounts ar gonna be closed at work they ar gonna fire us bcz we were hired of d base of having work permits and now its coming to expiriy .

  4. Please may the government of Zimbabwe clarify whether they are going to allow those who bought assets like cars ,furniture etc to take them home duty free as returning citizens,should the worst befall us.

  5. This is a dim-wit approach to increase illegal immigrants, open doors for widespread corruption and cramp the economy of the ‘rainbow’ nation for some years to come. Overly strict measures will see more border jumpers who will require more police force and resources to control. Home affairs officials will inflate the bribe fares as demand will increase. The skilled personnel in some of the delicate industries not classified as special will leave gaps that require donkey years to fill in which case economy will be heavily bruised to recover. It is a pity that fellow Africans who fairly seek a living in their BROTHERS country are treated as aliens. We have Australians, British, Americans etc from all over that live and sit pretty here. We feel confused, refused and abused because all we are doing is sweating blood to help this country move forward while we reward ourselves with a better life. Alas, we are not wanted. What a pity!!

  6. Mugabe watikwadzisa nyika wauraya SA haichatida saka toenda kupi zim hairara mike hapana hapana ,hapana kwatoenda tirimo muSA

  7. Zim pple ill-treated and discriminated against foreigners in their country for decades, notably Malawians and Mozambiqueans. They felt superior be4 Mugabe messed up and foreigners were treated like animals.Now God is punishing them and its not yet over.Mati madiyi? Muchamama! SA will never renew those 4year permits because they simply dont want you to complete 5 continuous yrs here since at 5yrs you wld qualify for permanent residence permit.Remember most of you here ma school drop outs ari kuita kak job and have no special skills.So you are actually a burden! THOU SHALL BE DEPORTED. Uchida usingadi, uyahamba mfowethu!

  8. Achinwene, when did Zim discriminate against foreigners. My father was born, and he grew up in Mozambique, he settled in Zim and he got a Zim I’d. Never even one day, l heard Zimbabweans calling us names or whatever.

    Just bare in mind, effect 3/4 of Zimbabwe’s population is made up of people from Malawi, Mozambique and these other neighbouring countries. Even the president of Zimbabwe his roots are in Malawi.

    Just say what ever you want, but the truth and the desicion lies in the hands of the South African government. What is happening to the human race. What ever is happening in Zimbabwe, people did not ask for that and its just a few individuals abusing the mass. Zimbabweans are to smart and educated to just fight over nonsence.

    The tribes, that can say we the owners of the country are the Shonas and the Kalangas, and these other tribes are settlers. Remember in Zimbabwe, they r 16 official languages.

  9. You exploited inter alia young man from Mozambique esp in the late 80s and early 90s- they did all domestic chores, worked on the fields and herded cattle only to be given kak food (chimunya) and old clothes. Perhaps some of you were still young or not yet born and its a pity God is manifestly punishing the entire generation! Your blood has been cursed and thou shall suffer untill you confess by your tongue.STOP THE DENIAL! For now stop forcing SA to renew your permits.Uchida usingadi, u shall be send home Jena, Mhofu, Chasura or whatever…kkkkkkk

    • Its a good thing that a stupid retard like you achimwene you dont make these decisions. You are not even capable of making decisions achimwene. if you are stuck with your beliefs that foreigners suffered in Zimbabwe then let it be- So what! The suffered and we treated them badly letting them wear cloths we never wanted and they ate trash, so what! You can control Zimbos and tell them what to do and just stay there in Mlalwi were Zimbos also tell you what to do. RETARD

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