Zimbabwe establishes direct contact with Swiss govt


GOVERNMENT has established direct contact with the Swiss government through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring development assistance to Zimbabwe, a government official has said.

Tarisai Mandizha
Business Reporter

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa said: “The idea of this negotiation is to conclude a MoU basically to commit ourselves to direct contact and provision of development assistance and they are committed to travel that path.

“As you know, our aid co-ordination architecture also entails development assistance being provided through a vote of credit and this is to ensure that aid goes to the purpose of which it is provided and that there is transparency in the use of that aid and also to satisfy the taxpayers from whose pocket that development assistance is coming from. This is also to ensure and enhance accountability and avoid any duplication of efforts in terms of projects or development assistance.”

He said the Swiss government was currently providing development assistance in the areas of health and agriculture and last year a Swiss delegation was in Zimbabwe to visit some of their development projects.

“We hope to conclude the MoU on the basis of the Paris Declaration with the essential elements to encourage direct contact between a development partner and a recipient country such as we are, as well as support the building of institutional capacity to handle any development assistance that may be provided to us.
Basically, it encourages transparency, accountability and minimises duplication of aid efforts,” he said.


  1. Is Switzerland in the Far East ? What happened to the Look East policy or slogan ? ZANU PF has shouted itself hoarse as it denounced Europe. That beleaguered party is now desperate and can now dance with the devil. Shame on this hideous party . Where are the 2.2 million jobs it promised? Shame.

  2. Nestle is a Swiss company which set up operations in Zimbabwe. The government must urge more Swiss companies to come and set up shop in the country, off course telling Mugabe to be consistent on indigenisation policy and not to change colour like a chameleon singing from his own hymn book.

    • surely the indigenous policies must be sound and transparent as to lure more direct foreign investors. They are some who are willing to come in Zimbabwe and invest but our economic policies seems to be one-sided eg ceding of the 50% to the locals, meaning he/she is left with 41%, what will remain for the investor?, after all they are certain individuals in the top who reaps that 50% and does not flow to the poor or for development

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  4. Yes indeed. Contact will remain just like that CONTACT. For investment forget. No one would want to put their money in a closed curtain. Unless things change on the ground contacts will remain as such. Zimbabwe has a lot of conducts. All embassies and consulates littered in Harare are direct contacts. So why are in this mess. Time to look ourselves in the mirror…..

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