Zifa in the dark on Gorowa; fans blast Zifa, coach

Ian Gorowa

ZIFA were last night still in the dark about Warriors coach Ian Gorowa’s decision to quit the national team after Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Tanzania which eliminated Zimbabwe from the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.


No comment could be obtained from Gorowa after the match as he flatly refused to talk to the media and was also unavailable to respond to the speculation on his future yesterday as his mobile phone went unanswered.

Zifa said they were yet to receive the coach’s resignation letter when quizzed about Gorowa’s Warriors job.

“We haven’t received any resignation letter from anyone and that includes Warriors coach Ian Gorowa. Maybe it’s coming, but right now I don’t have it and what that means is he is still the Warriors coach,” Zifa communications manager Xolisani Gwesela yesterday afternoon said.

However, players confided to NewsDay Sport that Gorowa told them in the dressing room after the match that he would not continue as Warriors coach.

“The team talk was not long. He [Gorowa] came to us when we were stretching inside the centre circle after the match, but he didn’t say anything. When he came into the dressing room, everyone was expecting a rollicking, but he was very calm,” one of the players said.

“He told us we should have done better with the chances we had created in the match. At the end of his address, he said he would not continue as our coach and wished us well with the team in future.”

Another player said: “We were all disappointed about the result and that we had let the coach and the nation down. No one said a word after the coach’s pronouncement.

“We just looked at each other while others gazed down, the
atmosphere was just bad. I think we did well, but we were just unlucky.”

Chasing the game 1-0 after losing away in Dar es Salaam in the first leg, the Warriors were well on course to overturn the deficit when Danny Phiri scored with just four minutes on the board to level the tie at 1-1.

But two defensive blunders gifted Tanzania two goals, midway through the first half and straight from the half-time break, and while Willard Katsande scored the equaliser with more than 30 minutes still to play, the Warriors were not just good enough to find the two goals needed to rescue the tie.

And they bowed out of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations campaign at the first huddle.

Gorowa had no contract with Zifa, but a “memorandum of understanding” to stay on until 2015, but it is understood that the national association, through Cuthbert Dube and Omega Sibanda, will try to persuade the coach to stay on despite the disaster.

As Zimbabwe goes through the wreckage of their painful elimination by Tanzania, most football followers have expressed disappointment with the Warriors performance on Sunday.

Zimbabwe drew 2-2 with the Taifa Stars of Tanzania at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday to crash out of the 2015 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.

The Warriors had gone into the match needing to overturn a 1-0 deficit from the first leg in Dar es Salaam, but Gorowa’s men were held to a 2-2 draw — a result which meant they fell 3-2 on aggregate.

That left Zimbabwean fans in mourning.

Alvin Machiridza: “It’s so disappointing to fail at this stage, but the problem is with the coach. His team selection is very poor. We have got natural left-backs like Vusa Nyoni, Qadr Amin and Ocean Mushure, but he forces Milton Ncube into that position.
“It’s the same with Hardlife Zvirekwi.

“He plays as a midfielder at his club, but he is played as a full-back in the national team.”

Movern Chaitezvi:  “I think our problem is with the coach. We need Norman Mapeza to come in. He demonstrated what he could do the last time he was appointed coach.”

Eria Mushai: “As long as we continue to have faith in the Zifa leadership, we will never qualify for any major tournament. We need to get rid of Zifa first, then our football can move on.

“We cannot talk of the Warriors, performance without talking about Zifa.

“They are responsible for everything about the Warriors including the appointment of coaches.”

Takawira Gwenya:  “We needed a game plan that would have given us the goals, but we relied more on defence-minded players.

“The coach should have sacrificed players like Danny Phiri even though he played well and scored one of the goals because we needed an all-attacking system.”
Tadius Gora: “I am a Dynamos supporter, but I think Washington Arubi should have started ahead of George Chigova. He is a more experienced goalkeeper than Chigova.”


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  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what kind of an administration sighns a memorandum of understanding with a coach instead of a proper contract ?????????????????? ZIFA IS THE REAL CAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS IN ZIMBABWEAN SOCCER AND NOT THE COACH

    • The guys are not good enough, no talent period. Where did ZIFA go wrong here?
      The boys failed us. Don’t blame ZIFA.

  2. we need Mapeza like yesterday. He proved he can do it the last time he was in charge. Pasi ne Asiagate allegations against him. Come Normara come, Gorowa enda zvako. I watched Mapeza’s team when it played Zambia and Angola, it was a marvel. The real warriors we know, not this bunch of losers. Very disappointed indeed.

    • Mapeza is still the best!!! Asiagate; the Jury found that he did not receive bribe money!! His only offnce according to ZIFA was that he did not report what he saw!! Mapeza had assembled a very formidable youthful side which even managed to bring a point from Liberia in 2010.

      ZIFA MUST BRING BACK MAPEZA!!!! the chorus must go lound…Bring back Mapeza…Bring back Mapeza!!! Bring back Mapeza!!!

      Or else………Heads must roll.

    • Don’t forget the same Mapeza lost to Cape Verde, Liberia and Botswana. We need tried and tested coaches like Mhlauri and Mhofu with tangible results. Mapeza muface waSharuko but it won’t make sense to fire Gorowa and replace with inexperienced Mapeza

      • On what date did mapeza loose to Cape verde,Liberia and botswana?? He drew away against Liberia and he was fired. Remember that Cape verde team reached the afcon semi finals, so they were supoerior to Zimbabwe. just like tanzania is better than zimbabwe

        • @ Fred rwagyema If Tanzania qualifies then we should not fire Gorowa? according to your logic above. A draw with a Liberia is as good as a loss. He still failed to beat Cape Verde at National Sports and lost in Botswana. The point is you are right for the reasons you raise there is no point to fire Gorowa that was my point.

  3. Tomorrow you will beat Mapeza. This team played well and there will be a victor at the end of the day and sometimes the victor comes by lucky, imagine for 92 minutes Atletico fans were celebrating but things turned bad in the 93rd minute and what happened in 30 minutes we all know so what is so special about Zimbabwe warriors, we have seen many misses. Liverpool lost it at Crystal palace after leading 3:0. As long as you call good coaches and ask them to play friendlies with Dembare Caps, and Gunners, whilst your opposition is playing Spain, Italy, Brazil what do you expect? Those players player for player are some of the best we have and we can only field a certain number.

  4. Mr Curthbert Dube chii chatakakutadzirai kuZIFA sei muchida kutora mufaro wedu nguva dzose.Ko iwe Gorowa sei usina kudaidza Pritchard,Nakamba,Darikwa,Nhamoinesu,Chibharo and many Zimbabweans in Europe.We are not impressed at all not at all.

  5. The then Minister of Education Cde Chigwedere once called for Government intervention in football with full knowledge of facing the wrath of FIFA. He said this during a ZBC programme ‘Face the Nation”. I still believe for ZIMBABWE, thats the best route to take. We can be banned for 2 years by FIFA but there is no difference for we are still going to spend the next 2 on the sidelines!!!! Heads must roll.

    • Nope, rolling the heads wont solve the problem. Soccer is a game of skill. Its not about who is running. We don’t have soccer talent period. We can even hire you to run ZIFA but without good players we will never win. We just don’t have good enough players. Name one Zim quality player playing in top league world wide and I will give you five bob CASH.

  6. Takabva kure ne ZIFA yedu nehwudofo hwayo asi tichihwina, Fabisch, Gutendorf, Mhauri, Sunday, Misheck etc. Regai tirwe na Go-Rohwa nhasi hondo ye ZIFA i hombe tozoibata pa next.

  7. I liked the Edson Chikamhi detailed, reason and even statictical analysis in The Herald. Why won’t NewsDay come out and openly blame ZIFA and Cuthebert Dube? You can change wheels on a bus without an engine and you still won’t go anywhere. Whether Gorowa goes or not Zim soccer is doomed. The minister has 2 years now in which to ban Zifa and corrupt councils and then orde new elections for re-admission. Now that is being patriotic.

    • @Reader; Pliz dont forget The Herald Sports Editor – Rodson Sharuko has a bone to chew with the current ZIFA Board after they exposed him over his involvement in the Asiagate saga in which he went to Malaysia masquerading as The Team Medic. So at every opportunity, he tries to attack ZIFA left right and centre. Just as well; The Herald will not blame Gorowa because he is a good friend of Sharuko. This is despite the fact that Gorowa cannot justify calling a player like Denver Mukamba who has not been playing for almost the whole season!!! Gorowa failed to differentiate between AFCON and CHAN tournaments. For Gorowa to tell us that Chipeta is the best defender the country has, its a mockery to the nation!! Gorowa has a mission to accomplish as a Players Agent……..and is not a coach. For this game; hats off to ZIFA; they did their best only to be failed by a clueless Coach.

      • If there was a like i was going to like this a million times. He was definitely on Mission to sell Denver and Sadomba. It truth must be Said Chi Dembare chakati Coster.

        Sons of Dynamos Makatirwadzisa.

    • And youre missing the point baReader. Its not about administration. Its about skill level and we lack that full time. The boys don’t have what it takes to win big games.

  8. Lack of serious preparations always cost us and I definitely agree with Maita. We need our players to have more time together to gel as a team. What did we expect with the poor ZIFA administration which always fail to support the technical team by organizing competitive friendly matches with some of the continental power houses. We can bring any other coach including Mapeza but I don’t think we will ever make it without that much needed support let alone without the financial support to motivate the whole team. Serious sponsors are there and PSL are successfully engaging them and the reason why ZIFA cannot engage any one, I think by now every soccer fan knows.

    • EVEN KANA MUKASHEEDZA PEP GUARDIOLA OR FERGUSON HAKUNA CHAVANOITA NEMA WARRIORS. PREPARATIONS CHETE CHETE.MAPEZA NDIYE AIGODII WHEN GOROWA IS GIVEN JUST 3 DAYS NE TEAM THEN YOU EXPECT MIRACLES.HAMUVIZE BHORA CHETE.BVUNZAI ISU MA FORMER PLAYERS.Youe need to prepare big time for matches.Look chipatapata chirikuitwa ne team dzirikuenda ku Brazil its friendlies, warm up matches you name them.Then you expect your team to gel with onlt 3 days in camp. that’s a joke boyz.

  9. so this issue of gorowa is now bieng solved at zifa or newsday, im lost whr is Zifa, at Newsday or Livingstone help me out here. journalism at its best. next we are going to have the worries play at newsday or else get a coach from newsday. thats the best

  10. i think Ian is a competent coach what was lacking there were creative assistant coaches. If you revisit the video you will realise a moment were Ian really need a creative assistant coach. Also the issue of game time some of the players like Denver had the skill but lacked match fitness that would have assisted in his sharpness on goal (he missed more chances).

    Thumbs up to Duduza he did his best but fortune was not on his side. Lets support Ian he just need to change assistant coaches and bring in creative minds. I would know if Zifa still want to see Norman Mapeza on their payroll after that storm brew, but i think if the two gentleman can agree to work together for the betterment of our game that will be great.

    ZIFA is also to blame i dont know what we can do, because billot wise we chose the worst and there is no hope be it with the Mighty Warriors or the National Senior Team. Shall we go the vaposotori route kkkkk am joking but please zifa.

  11. Every1 who voted for cuthbert dube leadership shame on you,any1 who appointed dis so called debango(players agent) shame on u<any1 who went to support this team and xpecting e team to reap while thy did not seed anything(sora beans).Any1 calling for RE-CYCLING OF SAME OLD CHICKENS as our new coach u need to think again becouse mapeza as an example failed before wts new can he offer??zero and going back to drawing board is understatement ___WE NEED TO WITHDRWAW FROM CAF CZ WE SUCK??PLIZ VAPOSITORI CAN U GO AND HAND SOME NICE LESSONS @ EVERY BREATHING CREATURE @ LIVINGSTONE ZVAFA HOUSE

    • What’s your beef? Its not about administration. Its about lack of player skills just like you are failing to express yourself.

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  13. I am a true supporter of De Mbare, but was shocked that George Chigova was given preference over Washington. I blame George for those two goals although Chitepa and Hardlife were equally to blame. The selection of the team was biased. How could any one in his right senses give Denver a place in that team. Sadomba has been useless in the past and did the same in this last game, missing golden opportunities to score. Gorowa must go. He has failed the nation. We might not have skillful players but I think we have what it takes to win matches with these not so skillful players. if Chunga did it with
    mediocre players at Gunners, I do not think we could have failed with these mediocre players against a team like Tanzania

  14. ZIFA Board and President should go home…..fire them Cde Minister, FIFA will suspend us from all international competitions for 2 years chete….so we have nothing to lose!!

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