Youths dump Tsvangirai for Biti


THE Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T yesterday suffered a double blow after the Manicaland provincial youth executive left en-masse to join the rival faction fronted by “axed” secretary-general Tendai Biti.


The defections coincided with the resignation of MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson Gorden Moyo who stepped down citing violence and infighting in the main opposition party.

But MDC-T national spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora described the defections as “mere publicity stunts”.

“We are not worried at all by their departure because they went away as far back as January and today’s announcement is simply a publicity stunt,” Mwonzora said.

Moyo, who denied links with the Biti faction, said he would remain an ordinary MDC-T member and Makokoba MP.

Sometime in March this year, Moyo took a sabbatical ostensibly to concentrate on his studies at a time the opposition party was experiencing internal turmoil.

At the time, the party’s senior officials were bickering over an ongoing purge of those suspected to be in favour of Biti’s leadership renewal.

Yesterday, Moyo told journalists that: “Our party has been characterised by violence for the past three months. We are fighting friends, not foes. I believe this province needs a different type of leadership, not I.”

Moyo said the MDC-T leadership, including him, had failed to deal with the results of the 2013 elections.

Last week, another party stalwart in Manicaland and provincial treasurer Brian James also resigned from the MDC-T and hinted that he could be joining the Biti camp.

In Manicaland, provincial youth chairman Dennis Simango said the youths in the province had made a “painful, but necessary” decision to dump Tsvangirai because he had become undemocratic.

“It is common knowledge that the party has failed to come up with a clear roadmap to prepare for the 2018 elections and we have seen a lot of constitutional breaches by Tsvangirai,” Simango said.

“The decision to leave his camp has been painful to us, but we want to set the record straight that as youths of Manicaland, we have decided to separate ourselves from Morgan Tsvangirai. It should not be a secret that we are going the renewal way.”

Simango said the youth executive was also angered by Tsvangirai’s move during last year’s elections to field Simba Makoni of MKD instead of Patrick Sagandira who had won the primary elections in Makoni Central.

Of the entire executive, only the secretary Lloyd Mahute and the information secretary Dorcas Manzinde were still in the Tsvangirai camp.

Present at the Press conference were Maxwell Mudluri who deputised Simango, Naome Baison (deputy secretary), Amen Bungu (organising secretary) and Cloud Nengomasha (deputy organising secretary).

Also present were national representatives Muriel Rumhungwe and Laston Julius together with former provincial spokesperson Pishayi Muchauraya.

The youths said they would hand over the party regalia back to the provincial secretary Misheck Kagurabadza.

Muchauraya, who is acting in the capacity of organising secretary in the renewal camp, said the party office was property of the Biti camp.


      • Dont lie to the people,no youths have joined the notorius camp of Biti.We will never ever dump Dr Tsvangirai at all.

        In fact Solomon Madzore and his brother Paul have made up their minds,they are coming back to the real MDC T after we told them that they are going to loose their seats at any time.

        In Bulawayo,50 youths dumped Biti,and are back to the real MDC T and more are coming back home.So in mutare,it is a mere stunt,we dont even know these people.

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  1. More youth should desert Mdc-t coz thy r not taken seriusly as we speak thr are some constituency which are reserved for women but youths non yet thy are the one s used to to do the dirty work

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  3. I don’t see anything new here. These are the same people who were part of the 50 who attended Biti’s Manicaland rally. It’s simply a publicity stunt with no takers.

  4. wat youth ar u toking about?leaders can go but d support on d ground is growing for T-boy.tisu ma youth acho.politics is a game of numbers and not degrees.

  5. zvapasina nezvenyaya zveee head shld read ‘moyo and his friends officially resigned’ afta joining biti’s camp early this yr….zvoita kunge vabuda nhasi ivo vakabuda waz ma reportee emusangano aya anorwara chokwadi

  6. zvapasina nezvenyaya zveee headline shld read ‘moyo and his friends officially resigned’ afta joining biti’s camp early this yr….zvoita kunge vabuda nhasi ivo vakabuda waz ma reportee emusangano aya anorwara chokwadi

  7. seriously nothing new here,these people who are said to have left Morgan now were long linked to the socalled renewal team.and what is this issue of returning party regalia to Kagurabadza, yet in the same sentence Pishai claims the Mutare office for his party.

  8. youth in Mutare ipi iyoyo kufa kwemujoni compny haivhari. thats thier decision and nt a collective decision

    • Imi makafana neteam irikugohweswa asi ichishamisika kuti by how many goals-unotoshaya kuti murikutadza kuona neyi kuti MDC-Tsvangison yanyura

  9. If these youths are serious they cannot join Biti because he was part of the group that agreed on Simba Makoni. Actually these 4 are a good riddance because they let all sets go to zanupf. They are agent saboteurs. weevils as Mugabe would call them. My worry is the heading Youths dump MT when 4 individuals decide to run way, it is again the same when a bunch of idiots called themselves The MDC National Council the press screamed that way yet by mere checking they really knew that this was a bogus group. My appeal to the press is to inform zvazviri else we are going nowhere as I can see it. Fine MT must go but did Biti and company do it right, if they did it wrongly how can they be trusted.

  10. No youths have deserted my Party,this is a mere lie,stunt,am going to mutare to find out.The issue of Muchauraya is that he was fired long back.

    Muchauraya lost to Joseph Chinotimba, and is blaming Tsvangirai for what?You lost because you did not campaign vigorously.

  11. No story.Its just Newsday campaigns for Mbiti.These joined Mbiti long around Feb.Tomorrow report also when Biti goes to toilet.

    • Idioma, it is petty for you to refer to Biti as Mbiti. The mature way of handling a debate is to simply state your argument without denigrating anyone. It’s a sign of intolerance, the very vice that got this country into the mess we are in.

  12. I am going to die a very disappointed man. I am absolutely incandescent. The politics is very backward underpinned by a pliant press, masquerading as the private press, which kowtows to the primitive ruling party. And an equally useless opposition. Lying is the order of the day. Frankly, I think black rule came far far too early. There is total lack of political maturity. I sorely miss the Rhodesian days – those were my halcyon days. The white governments were backed by equally mature press. They had brought a little Europe into the middle of the jungle. Rhodesia was far too orderly and advanced for us. It was/is like washing a pig which will still go back to the mucky old ways. I never thought I would ever say something like this. Everything in Rhodesia was on merit whereas today everything depends on how loud one sings praises for an incompetent regime. The second most prosperous country reduced to a failed state by these morons who are called “heroes”. Kwadzinorohwa matumbu ndo kwadzinomhanyira. Surprising how docile people fall over each other to be the first to heap praise on some of these incompetents calling them heroes as if they are the ones who invented electricity or schools or industries or hospitals. There is a saying that you can tell the backwardness of a country by the way people revere their leaders for no apparent reason.

    • @ Musona, you always talk of invention, ko sekuru vako vakainventer chii, that really shows you are the one who is backward, Rhodesia is dead and buried you can dream and hallucinate but you will never see Rhodesia again. Inventions were done all over the world, China, Russia, Japan, USA, Africa Europe and so on, so which one is yours. If you have nothing to contribute for the advancement of our nation better keep quite. Matakadya kare haanyaradzi mwana. Wazvinzwa.

        • Muzukuru “Musona”, why are you so bitter? Its not good for your health. I want you to work on your spiritual life. Thanks

          • it should be “sekuru musona”, not muzukuru becoz nyaya dzaanotaura dzemuRhodesia dzinoratidza kuti akwegura. he must be a pensioner whose pension was wiped out during the zimdollar era, so the bitterness. anoda kushandirwa murume uyu possibly nemaporofita epasipemuti. kkkkkkk.

      • @Lion – ha iwe don’t try and stifle debate. Why kuda kuedzakuti vanhu vataure chokwadi? Right now we are going to face power outages because of Zanupf ineptness iwe kuti Rhodesia is dead and buried. Saka vanhu tonyarara imi ve Zanupf modya mega. Uri zibenzi.
        Urikutaure sekunge Zimbabwe yacho magaro ambuya vako seyi? Zimbabwe ndeeyevanhu vese. Kana pane chinotinetsa we should complain not for you to stifle debate because urikudya zvemarema. Tsoko yemunhu.

    • You have summed it up correctly Musona. The BACKWARDNESS OF A NATION is seen by the way POVO revere their leaders for no apparent reason.

    • Musona, you have every right to reminisce about Rhodesia but you don’t have to go to the extent of misrepresenting facts. It’s patently dishonest to say everything in Rhodesia was on merit. If it had been the case, we would not have had black people earning less than their white counterparts for the same job. Such hostels like Matapi in Mbare were meant to cater for black people who were not allowed to bring their families into town. Schools for white kids were better resourced than those for black kids.

      My own grandparents were evicted from their farm near Svosve and taken to the same arid African purchase area some 60 km from Zvishavane. Our crops fetched less than those of white farmers irrespective of grade.

      The reality is that the reason the country degenerated into civil war was due to the racist policies which dehumanised a majority of the population. If the white regime had been as competent as you now make it out to be then people would not have felt so marginalised as to want to take up arms. People do not just lay down their lives unless they feel deeply aggrieved.

      Having said that, I agree that those who took over from the white regime hijacked the liberation and have merely been preoccupied with self enrichment. Indeed, they have ruined the country and failed us but it doesnt change the fact that Ian Smith was no angel. If he had been inclusive, as expected from a leader who is concerned about all his people, we would not have fought one another. In that sense, much as he gets top marks for managing the economy, he also failed us.

  13. if we claim to be championz for democracy then Tsvangirai shld step down,akuurayisa party yedu,he is becoming the morden day Mugabe,since 1999 haanyari ere,selfish…viva Mdc renewal team

  14. Hapana kana nyaya apa the masses are behind Tsvangirai, ndakambo pindwa nepfungwa yekuti Biti ndizvo asi ndakazoona kuti he is not capable of what he is doing, he’s a snake in the grass because paiitwa musangano iye aipa maexcuses obuda oenda onodaidza press conference utanga kuti decision yaitwa is null and void, but aitadza kuzvitaura mumusangano macho that guy is a coward. Tsvangirai haana kurambira pachigaro but there is congress ahead ndoo kwaifana kuperera nyaya iyi kwete zvaMangoma naBiti zvekungomuka wototi tipe chigaro aaah they are not principled

  15. House is burning.Usadzime moto wemba irikubvira urimukati mayo tanga wabuda panze ozodzima.Zvino tirikuona anaTsvangirai varikutaura kuti Mugabe ape vamwe mukana asi iye arikurambirawo pachigaro.pliz pliz mambo tangai mabuda panze ndokuti mukwanise kudzima moto uyu.

  16. asi zvimwe ndezvimwe iniwo ndakufunga kawiri zvandaakutochembera Save waripachigaro.Semunhu mukuru we expect reason to prevail kuti wachida kubvisa mugabe ngawaite step downka kumbouye mumwe timboona hondo ngeyedu tose, hino ivowo vorambira pachigaro sagushungo zvakutotirowesa ngehana #seriouslyreconsidering!!

  17. @wawa bias yacho yaunayo yakaoma. Tsvangirai haana kumborambira pachigaro where did you get that from? Tese tiri muZimbabwe wani tinoziva zvose zvirikuitika shamwari. Ikodzero yako kuvenga munhu wausingagde but don’t lie. Hapana munnhu or leader akambodiva nevanhu vose tinozviziva izvozvo. Be it Obama, Zuma, Jean Ping or whoever. BUT PLSE DON’T misrepresent facts because Zimbabweans are not as foolish or as dull as you think. HONESTLY LOOK AT THIS:
    1. Kana ruzhinji rwevanhu rusikachade Leader munomubvisaka pacongress veduwee! Simple! hazvitombodi kana lawyer kunzwisisa zvakadai. KANA KUBVUNZAWO MADHARA EBURIAL SOCIETY, THEY KNOW THIS.
    2. Ndiyo democracy yacho here vakomana yekuti Deputy Tresurer anongonyora tsamba kunemukuru vake kuti chibva? Ooh tsamba iyi? Ko irworuzhinji rwevanhu rwakamuvhotera runoti chii? ARE WE MISSING SOMETHING HERE? Is that democracy or constitutionalism? Vakomana musanyepere kuziva mhani!

    Deno Tsvangirai aka Voterwa out pacongress iye woramba kubva tingadai tichiti arambira pachigaro. Saka ochibva pasina majority consesus? Inga vakomana concept yenyu yedemocracy yakatsva. UUH, Kumwe kupusa kunenge kupenga chaiko. ANYWAY CONTINUE DREAMING.

  18. obey manaiti I respected you as a Journalist but you have been paid to write a stale story by the mbitis hapana nyaya APA.

  19. This is good time for change in Mdc.
    Let those resigning go peacefully.
    Mdc has millions of supporters and many more who can lead and take up those positions.
    We shall reach there.

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  21. I think people were right to say Godern was associated with Biti faction ,He chose to take leave when the house was burning,hiding behind the finger thinking this was going to go away without him participating,I am afraid this struggle is not cheap and its not an event it wont be long before he anounces he has joined Biti faction ,we saw this coming,As for zinasu there is nothing new Gwisai said the same thing less than i cant remember after mdc was formed ,the youths in mutare want something to say after their boss adressed a rally of only 5o people

    • Musona, I didn’t pause any questions. I simply gave an opinion that doesnt heap praises on a leader who treated a majority of the country’s population like second class citizens thereby plunging his country into a civil war. It appears your response is no longer here so I didn’t see it.

  22. Tsvangirai is history! This man is medically insane and one day a court of law will declare him so…….. The biggest news is that Gorden Moyo is resigning! It means he also doesnt want Tsvangirayi! This is the most serious leader in Bulawayo besides Khuphe! MDC yaparara………..Tsvangirai & Chamisa have killed the party.

  23. even he biti knows kuti tsvangirai idhara haana chance. tsvangirai look forward come 2018 show dem what u are made of. zimbabweans knows tsvangirai and Mugabe not biti ndozvaana tekere

  24. Zanu is silently making preparations for 2018 MDC whether T or whatever is busy kubayana and then you things things will change, will be crying the same tears again ZANU yazviita futhi

  25. I do agree with Ruramai to a great extent.
    While the Ian Smith government made us inferior in many ways in our own country, the system though made it possible for the national cake to be eaten by all . The problem is that those who led the liberation struggle have been so much occupied with the entitlement syndrome in so much that they do not realise the fact that nearly 98% of the black people fought the war in one way or the other and I am one of them. I do not and i will never claim entiltlement to anything. All I wish my beloved nation is TOTAL FREEDOM of the black people not oppression again by the same people who claim to have fought oppression. Thats EVIL.

  26. Typical African newspaper, Newsday, editorial staff posing as commentators and make sure real commentators’ responses are pulled. Idiots.

    Ruramai is just a member of Newsday editorial staff posing as Ruramai. I answered in full yesterday but my response was pulled by these Newsday morons.

    mambo above is the same Newsday’s Ruramai replying to his own comments.

      • Thanks musona for opening the eyes of the majority some of these resposes make me suspicious. Looking at the trend and nture it is not surprising we are speaking with one person who disguises himself as the majority. Ruramai go to hell wazvinzwa. Reporter the fact that three members of the youth executive have resigned does not make any news. It can only make news when the youth who voted them into office resign together with them. So far it could be good news MDC – T is going through a renewal process by losing the culprits without realising it is happening. There are many progressive thinking youths in manicaland whose views were overshadowed by the executive. Plus pamazotaura zvapishai ndipo pamadira nyaya yese mvura because hapana munhu paya

  27. progressive yet dictatorship is one character that hav strengthened the survival of our President,H.E,can’t your see tangible internal police like The Zim Asset,the economic blue print….encompassing indeginisation.If you are to talk of the ‘long ago’ Rodhesia, you are just mere huckstares buttering the lives of a million with a scented smile.For the downfall of Mugabe,l see the end of the golden age The Man was preparing for us.

  28. We will never dump Tsangirai for a traitor didn’t Biti get the right lesson from Ncube Sikhala our welcome prodigal son. If not we the youth we will show you our true colours just wait and find out you who is Dennis Sima go you where even not voted for in the first place Morgan till the right time comes.

  29. Hey! You MDCs are busy nikuving,weevilling,gamatoxing and devil incarneting yourselves instead of putting together bits and pieces of your tattered and shreaded movement. Remember 2018 is fast approaching and you will be caught napping. That is when you will start singing your usual song which has become your national anthem “ZANU PF RIGGING”. Do not say i did not warn you.

  30. What can you expect from the Newsday. Poor and baised reporting. This is the most biased paper Zimbabwe has ever seen. Worse than the Herald. It’s not a surprise that they are failing to pay their workers.

  31. of those 6 so called youths only one cloud is still below the age of 35.the other 5 guys are close to journey comrades all the best

  32. VaBiti vagopihwa mukana kuti vanogona here?Zvemari nougweta yes kwete kutonga nyika ino nenharo dzavainadzo dziya dzimwe dziri baseless.vaTsvangirai ndivo vachatogara pachigaro avo makore mashanu vapedza ndipo patichaisa vamwewo kwete Biti kwete.Zvekutonga izvi hazvidi degree vehama asi ropafadzo inobva kunaMwari saVaTsvangirai.Modyiswa mari dzengoda neZanu imi kwaakubvuma shuwa??sAKA mose varikuenda kunaBiti murivatengesi uye makagara muri vatengesi zvino mucharamba muchiibata nekumuswe hamulume.MEDIA YEMUZIMBABWE ndinoiziva uye inoda vakangwara nokuti unofira mafufu segonzo wangu vamwe vachidyiswa neZanu kkkkkkkkk hero bhora mugedhi renyu riya makawanei uye murikubasa here??

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