Will Chihuri fall bring maturity?


SHONAS have this wisest of sayings: “Seka urema (or hurema) wafa.”


This is roughly translated into: “As long as you live, don’t laugh at someone’s physical disability or misfortune because it may be visited upon you or afflict you before you die and you will suddenly find yourself in the same boat with those you have mocked.” Indeed, tomorrow never knows.

Like urema, illness can strike at any time That is why ordinarily people don’t take sick leave in advance unless they are going for a major operation. The rich, the poor, the powerful, the weak, your friends, your enemies, whatever political hue, from MDC-T to Zanu PF — no one is spared from illness or misfortune.

An identifiable section of the media went into overdrive early last week over opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s alleged backdoor getaway from a private hospital without paying his bill.

There were a few takers of this obvious exaggeration. Such distortions offend common sense. When a story sounds too good to be true, then it’s indeed too good to be true, especially with the graphics in one newspaper which reminded me of the make-believe Batman, Superman and Spiderman comic books which I avidly read as a six or seven-year-old boy.

Such comic book stuff should not make it to the front page of a newspaper.

They could have simply told the truth, but they did not.

They could not let facts get in the way. We know that Zanu PF and MDC-T are not the best of friends, but the media, unless it has abandoned its role as a stand-alone Fourth Estate or Fourth Pillar in society of checking and keeping on their toes the other three estates of governance — the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, making up the Government — must not get entangled in such partisanship. The media cannot be part and parcel of the Government.

They owe the nation some honesty and integrity.

Whatever happened was not of criminal intent. Tsvangirai, his entourage and the nurse who has been — to all intents and purposes — victimised for “aiding and abetting his escape”, might be stupid, but not that stupid.

In an ironic twist of fate last week, Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri — not necessarily that he had anything to do with the stage-managed sting operation to expose Tsvangirai as a bilker (one who evades paying one’s debts) — collapsed the very next day at a police passout parade right in front of President Robert Mugabe.

As far as illness goes, there is no political divide. From the pictures, Chihuri’s fall was indeed spectacular, but not a funny sight. It was a fall, but not a fall from grace.

The inclination of level-headed, mature people is to rush to help, not derive pleasure from someone’s suffering like the many sadists among us.

That this happened so soon after some newspaper’s insensitive reporting and cartooning of Tsvangirai’s illness and “escape” from hospital shows how small and powerless we are — each and every one of us — in the scheme of things.

Many things are out of our hands. That you are the paragon of physical fitness today does not guarantee that you will not be in a wheelchair tomorrow. Accidents and debilitating illnesses do afflict people. A person’s life can be completely changed in just a few short months as the disease progresses.

A former Central Intelligence Organisation director-general, who suddenly went totally blind, is a sad, but real example.

Not to be left out in this onslaught was University of Zimbabwe Department of Political Science chairperson Dr Charity Manyeruke, who bought the story hook, line and sinker, saying with obvious relish: “As a political leader, you are supposed to lead by example, but what he (Tsvangirai) did by leaving the hospital without paying was tantamount to being a criminal . . .”

This can only be from somebody who has already made up her mind that everything to do with Tsvangirai is stupid. It’s a reflex — not academic-based — response. What about the biggest defaulter of all in this country — the government itself? Ask Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa. Ask the International Monetary Fund. And those Cabinet ministers owing power utility Zesa and water utility Zinwa millions of dollars?

Manyeruke’s value-laden comments have nothing to do with political science because there is no comparative analysis. “Value-laden” is used in communication and education/training to mean statements that impart a personal value of the speaker that may not be true in the strictest sense, but based on personal opinion/values. The statement in question is filled with Manyeruke’s values — this can lead to contamination of all her research.

She ought to make explicit her own values and incorporate other contrary values because good research comes from a conflict of values.

Now, if you condescendingly dismiss other people’s values, you don’t belong in academia. This cannot be beneficial to impressionable first-year undergraduates. We have more credibility if our views aren’t hopelessly biased by our personal or political motivations.

To quote blogger Coach T: “By making our values speak and compete with each other, we have ample opportunities to reflect on what our research is missing, or how it might be mistaken. There is also a chance that our values may change or grow by incorporating insights from other values . . . [but] this isn’t going to work for your local doctrinaire . . .”

A doctrinaire puts common sense aside and says what his party, church (Johanne Masowe weChishanu Vapostori?) or whatever affiliation says. Such ideologues close their ears and eyes to any evidence that may contradict this.

Vimbai Chivaura, Tafataona Mahoso and Sheunesu Mupepereki are the first persons who come to mind as examples of that.

Has Manyeruke joined them?

Let’s hope Chihuri’s unfortunate fall — not fall from grace – will bring a sense of proportion, reasonableness, magnanimity and sanity into our politics.
What goes around comes around.


    • Well said. Zanuoids were shocked from Chihuri fall and the vapostori bashing because all along they thought their leaders are mortals who shall abuse forever.

      They are shocked to realise that those they pin their hopes in abuse are after all made of flesh and they die.
      Wait for nature to turn the tables soon.
      You shall see most of them run

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  1. Well said Mr Jurno! Some papers are so obsessed by exaggerating facts to suit their agenda. Brewing a storm in a cup

    • Erudite piece of articulation that should assist state media ‘journalists’ and the ‘academic’ ‘Dr’ Charity Manyeruke to reflect on their shameless partisanship. May they be informed that introspection is not a disease but a panacea to foolishness assumed to survival tactics. Thank you. Tutani. Your articles are always refreshingly sober in this leaderless country.

  2. People rush into saying things,but for journalist who are bound by their ethics,its too much,Now what are they saying about Chihuri’s sudden change of events,of course they are symphathising.Trying to get a scoup for something people won’t fall for is bad for business,and for your integrity

  3. Mr Conway Tutani, this is a ridiculous story that l have ever read least to mention how it insults my intelligence. What do you take your readers for?

  4. ceazar zvayi never learnt a lesson when he was suspended after needlessly using the herald front page to batter Gono. he did those foolish graphics on the purported tsvangirai escape from hosp without paying, and he even went on to waste editorial space the following day trying to defend his shit. mediocre, mediocre, mediocre.

    • @mediocrity- Yes mediocre unlimited! And this Caesar guy is supposed to be some editor…PURIZI TINZWIREYIWO TSITSI

  5. Mr Tutani, if only we could all appreciate voices of reason coming from knowledgeable and unbiased citizens like you. Im not simply glorifying facts in this article alone,no, you are a ‘veteran’ writer and over the years i have been following your scripts. Your msg was loud and clear seka urema wafa zve’shuwa.

    • Balanced you say but the same people go over drive about Mugabe health yet seka urema when its Tsvangirayi ha ha how many reports have been written about Mugabe’s ill health how many times has he died in the press and you thought Morgan ndewe simbi now it hurts.

  6. thank you very much for such an article. i particularly liked the reference to Mahoso n Co of the Zvevanhu infamy. those guys irritate my intelligence t th very core. and t think they imagine themselves t b repositories of th truth is laughable.

  7. Is this a story about Chihuri or Tsvangirai? This reads like a hate article. look into the way your paper tackles issues Tutani. How is Chihuri linked to the Tsvangirai story? Show us that first and then this story might start making sense.

  8. tutani…. both sides of the media i.e private and public shld be blamed…ko kwenyu hamu celebrate kana mudhara vakanzi vaenda kumedical check-up?
    uverenge ma comments aana ibbo mandaza on such dvpts tigoona if he deserves to be called an academic..SO SAME FANANA….diff is on which side are you standing chete

  9. You are dead right..comics should not pretend to be national newspapers. I suppose the difference should manifest itself in the fact that national survival appears to be at stake, so a little seriousness in a national newspaper never hurt anybody! It is fast going past sickening.

  10. Excellent piece, just excellent…by the way Manyeruke joined Mahoso and co way back, if anything she is worse than the three ‘gentlemen’. And this is not being sexist! She is of course entitled to her opinion but one weeps how much damage she is doing to that school where she is employed.

  11. well writen balanced article.its all abt jonos when they wrote abt tsvangirai it was blown out and when they wrote abt chihuri they tried to defend him

  12. Cartooning someone’s illness is inhuman, heartless and devilish. Can only be done by a mad man. Whats wrong with our paople ? Where else in the world does this happen?

  13. Cartooning someone’s illness is devilish, heartless and inhuman. Where else in the world does this happen? What is wrong with our people?

  14. I should think that Dr Charity Manyeruke should be chased away from UZ . What kind of products is she going to produce for the nations . She is a spoiled cat really. Can UZ please withdraw the program that she teaches and at the same time the university she schooled at must also close . That Doctoral degree she has is fake

  15. As we’ve always come to expect, another good article from you Tutani and very well balanced. It reminds us to look at our ubuntu/hunhu, I do not read the Herald and I wonder what they are saying about the police boss who passed out at a pass out parade.

  16. MT is ZANU PF’s number 1 enemy. They have failed to bring him down politically & so desperately discredit him for falling sick. Mahasos,Vimbai Chivaura,Mupepereki&Manyeruke are part of the blind enemies of the people’s struggle for true freedom.
    But ZANU PF is a green snake which came in 1980 & we relaxed.The green snake is now biting.We’re fighting a very long,tiresome&gruesome battle with those expecting quick results falling by the wayside or even quitting.

  17. As we’ve always come to expect, another good article from you Tutani and very well balanced. It reminds us to look at our ubuntu/hunhu, I do not read the Herald and I wonder what they are saying about the police boss who passed out at a pass out parade. Could it be there is something wrong with the name ‘Charity’, we have Charity Manyeruke and Charity Charamba always shooting off the mark.

  18. BY the way are Chivaura, Mahoso and Mpepereki still appearing on ZTV? Each time I watched their programme I would take a dose of stapyne at the end. They were real irritants, BP triggers. And I guess they thought everyone was a fool. That was undiluted propaganda, out of proportion. The result was that they chased most people away from ZTV, including me. I last watched ZTV in 2005, and I dont miss it. Ceaser ZVayi, Munyaradzi Huni, (no)Reason Wafawarova (or is it Wafawanaka-whatever) all contributed to chasing me away from reading the Herald. Such are the effects of sustained biased propaganda

  19. MT is ZANU PF enemy # 1 & they have failed to bring him down politically.They’re so desperate&will try their very best to discredit him even in illness. Mahoso,Vimbai Chivaura,Mupepereki&Manyeruke are part of the desperate lot.

  20. Once again, a very good and well balanced article as we’ve come to expect from you Tutani. This article reminds us that we need to respect our traditional values, our ubuntu/hunhu. Charity Charamba and Charity Manyeruke, you have something in common and it’s not just the first name-you’re both sick in the brain and all your statements always testify to that.

  21. who is Manyeruke ? is she that one who sometimes go to …..hotel with ……’s husband ? i think she is the one if she works at the Univesity

  22. Here is a an openly partisan journalist trying to portray himself as objective. It is common cause that at every opportunity Tutani fires salvos against Zanu PF while singing praises to MDC-T. Tutani, you are not the solution but part of the problem. Your articles are reflective of the kind of gutter journalism that we have had to contend with for the past 15 years.

    • You Gudo , are you paid (perhaps a CIO) to make nasty comments on pvt media sites? You do the same at the Daily News site. Just get this – no matter how you attack journalists or authors, they will NEVER stop expressing their opinions to suit you! You can waste your time!

  23. I thot Changlong11 knew all along that you are not intelligent and therefore no intelligence to be insulted. Sorry Godfrey Gudo for asking CT to explain what he well articulated in the article. Unenge uri gudowo iwe. Good day Zimbabwe.

  24. not herald alone every news hse lie in favour of state ne it cnn; bbc etc journos are fired if they do opposite….just like you newsday u cant be pro state donation will vanish. There is no news which isnt biased even you you were biased in this article..why didnt you condemn not paying as agreed ? Dol yhou want pple all to sneak when they shld pay ? Why did u lie to us as if newsroom bring truth all are the same..its all about who gave them money if its state like bbc they wont copver horrors of war in iraq..if it is private like u you cover govt failures

  25. in yr article you never mentioned wether he payed on time which is stiking issue…yes its funny if popular figure sneak even you if you do it it will be headline. So you are showing bias by hiding in big words and phrases and example..the bottolm line is if Obama or who ever sneak it will be headline…this is about morals not sickness. Its documented that yr very editor was fired for lying on Mbeki issue…so which intergrity are u preaching. My verdict is Herald lie like u newsday both of you are brothers in lie only herald for ruling and u oppossition. No one is better betwen you.

  26. Mahoso & Co’s ZTV programme Zvavanhu should be prefixed with “Zvituta” as Tony Namate once put it in one of his brilliant cartoons

  27. Good article. Mr journalist your writing is a wonder. It is factually correct and highly inspiring at the same time. Once again im impressed and inspired.

  28. Pathetic article from a journalist pretending to be objective and firing salvos at those he takes to be partisan, whilst betraying the very same level of biased “analysis” that has become part of his DNA. Manyeruke analyzed the information that she was given, not meaning that she agreed to it that Tsvangirai had actually run away from the hospital without paying! You must know that Manyeruke is an analyst and not a journalist, so it’s not her job to verify whether the story is true or false, but an analyst analyses provided information. And you are lambasting chivaura and mahoso because they are partisan towards zanu pf, but unfortunately you are in their league because all your warped articles are pro-mdc-t. Stop being partisan and subjective!

    • The Taliban, we are still waiting for Manyeruki to analyse what it means when the president of a country does not pay for electricity. Mugabe now owes in excess of 500 000 yet Manyeruki got excited over less than $3000 which was paid the same day.

  29. an idiotic article from a puppet journalist,
    who is tryin hard to cover up Tsvangirai’ s
    mental iliness.

  30. Many in Zanu never thought the riot police, Chihuri, and even Mugabe are human whose legacies and oppression come and go. God has taught you a lesson this week. Treat all humans as equal. You wil never know what tomorrow is like.

  31. the sense behind the article is objectivity, being humane, and responsible. Its retrogressive to have ill wishes for your competitors otherwise how would you measure your performance. I wish mugabe, tsvangirai and chihuri all good health

  32. Manyeruke’s problem is the propensity to comment on everything, even what she does not know. An intellectual ought to be specialized and confined to some field of expertise. One needs to stop ZANUfying in the name of academics. Manyeruke as rightly observed by Tutani will always say ZANU is right. I think she must be getting some political kick backs in the process. A sign of how intellectuals sink so low because of poverty or political patronage.

  33. Rear gem of peace of work,especially during the era of jonopoliticdom.you definetly leading the way!

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