Warrant of arrest for Mugabe’s neighbour


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s neighbour Michael Pazarangu (55) was yesterday issued with a warrant of arrest after he failed to turn up in court to stand trial for allegedly letting his dogs roam freely.


Harare magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti issued the warrant at the request of prosecutor Desire Chidanire after Pazarangu’s name was called out three times and he was in no show.

He was scheduled to undergo trial over charges of contravening Section 46 (2)(r) of the Third Schedule of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act.

During his last court appearance on Monday, Pazarangu, made an application through his lawyer Don Moyo for the matter to be postponed to yesterday as he needed time to prepare his defence after the State insisted on the trial as it had earlier indicated plans to withdraw the matter before plea.

Pazarangu, who was on free bail, had denied the charges levelled against him.

Allegations against Pazarangu are that on May 22 this year, Sergeant Mike Dheremete was on night duty at Mugabe’s house along Borrowdale Brooke Road.

After carrying out his routine perimetre checks, it is alleged Dheremete concluded that everything was well, but the following day at around 5am, he heard monkeys chattering and went to investigate only to find a buck lying dead on the ground.

The State alleges that the buck, which had wounds on its neck and genitals, had been mauled by Pazarangu’s dogs.

Dheremete is said to have informed his superiors before handing over duty to Sergeant Tarirai Mhere, who is the complainant in the matter.

Mhere allegedly saw Pazarangu’s two dogs near the carcass ready to devour it later in the day.

The dogs later fled into Pazarangu’s yard through an opening in the fence separating the two properties, but were later identified by officials from Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.


  1. Looks like it runs in the family because before independence, there was a notorious postmaster, Mudhara Pazarangu at Harare now Mbare post office near Stodart Hall who kept a number of dogs and did not hesitate to let them lose on anybody he suspected. This mudhara had a son named Mike. Like father like son kkkkkkk

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  2. did the dogs cause any security threat to the president or just overzealous pipo seeking a promotion by gettin angry on behalf of Mugabe

  3. My President should be a friendly man to live next to. The article says Sgt Mhere saw the “dogs next to the carcass ready to devour it later in the day”. This is no evidence that they had killed the buck. I think the buck died of other means and not dog bites, otherwise the dogs would have devoured it fresh if they were the killers. I am following this story and I thought the President would just come forth and say I am forgiving my neighbour, but he should take better care of his animals.

    Utwu twunyaya twemuraini twusingadi court or extensive newspaper coverage. Next time Pazarangu can also say tuhuku twaPresident twauya muyard mangu tukapara-para loni yangu. Please maintain the integrity of my President by keeping his name out of these village chit-chats. At least we are not talking about a person who was killed. For GOD’s sake this was a buck! By the way is the President keeping wild animals in town? I mean was it his buck or it was just one among many wild animals enjoying life in the President’s expansive piece of land? So does he also own the “chattering monkeys” that showed Sgt Dheremete the dead buck? Pazarangu’s lawyer should suggest that the dogs only wanted to feast on a carcass, but did not kill the buck. There is no law that your dogs should not feed on carcasses. Otherwise, the guys should learn to be good neighbours, full stop!

    • well said Gunguwo the name of the President was used simply for marketing the paper. rudzi rwevanhu urwu harusiyani nembwa pamwe pane akatoenda kunovhima usiku

    • Keep it up Gunguwo you have excellently feasted on this ‘carcass’ of a story…just make sure you are not doing it from one of Pazarungu,s tree tops or unoita nyama yemagora…

  4. ‘The dogs later fled into Pazarangu’s yard through an opening in the fence separating the two properties’

    There is a hole in the fence between the two properties? That doesn’t seem very good security.

    Jacob Zuma would not accept such a situation at his home in Nkandla

  5. Haichisiri nyaya yembwa iyi zvazvinhu. I do not think that our President is the one who is complaining here, but some overzealous CIO guys who wants to get recognized through petty issues like this one. Our President tino vaziva havadaro. The weevils have attacked again. Please spare our good President.

  6. Hoo saka kuBrooke kutoriwo nemaburi efence. Vapfana vaigadzira mota dzemawaya vakadambura fence! Hamufunge kuti purazenge (sp) uyu pamwe ndewe rimwe bato so sezvo ari mu clean citizen anga akateiwa and unfortunately imbwa dzatengesa! Anodzidiiko imbwa paruzen uyu iye akachengetwa neUN. Dai ndotorini iye ndichigarisa zvinhu panze kuitira mumba muite space coz kunobiwa nani, asi ana tsoko kani!

  7. And to think that this nonsense is making international headlines !!! Whoever made this a court case needs Gamatox in his lungs.

  8. Sgt Mhere is the complinant on behalf of the President. Why sgt? You are not even the owner of that buck, let alone the one who discovered the dead buck. Why did it took so long for the scavenger dogs to clear the environment of waste. What is the reading on the veterinary postimortem of the cause of death? i suspect to two officers, you wanted to prepare a braai over the weekend makakoneswa nembwa. sei makarega kubvisa mhembwe iyi kusvika masikati yakazoda kudyiwa nembwa? Is the animal registered with National Parks? The president if he not immune to the law has some questions to answer.

  9. kana pepanhau rachowo, dzimwe nyaya hadzisi nyaya. Yecorruption yakambopisa iya yakazotonhodzwa handiti?

    • Haiwawo why don’t you want the paper not to report on such an issue. It is the people who are tomrmenting these guys who have turned a trivila matter into a big mountain so papers are there to inform so that we know how people are being abused by those who pretend to be near Mugabe yet embarassing him. If they had killed the buck they should have devoured it early enogh saka kana makunguwo achasungwaka.

  10. This is actualy embarrasing, to whoever is pursuing this issue in court for the President just know you are doin the wrong things, degrading our nation to such levels, a President in a legal battle over a dead buck whilist the counrty faces serious problems…and you give news agencies like CNN and BBC to exagerate this issue and use it to potray the President as bad…..there is something called Alternative Dispute Resolution in Law
    no need for the public court

  11. Ah!! Ko Mugabe apindwa neiko nhai? Mugabe ari kuzhamba kuti mhembwe yake yakauraiwa nembwa dzemufakidzani wake. This issue is very trivial. Mugabe was just suppose to sit down with this neighbor and talk it out over the fence or having tea. There is no evidence whatsoever that these dogs killed this wild animal. Trying to eat it is worlds apart from killing it

  12. Apa hapana nyaya apa. The first family should learn to live with peace with neighbors. What are we going to learn from them. They are supposed to be examplery to the nation. Iyi inyaya yekutaurirana muri vaviri not kuCourt. Mhere wavakuda kutadzisa vanhu kugarisana.

  13. Inyaya dzekugarisana mhani….Mugabe hev 2 come out and defend his neighbour……plus it doesn’t mean kut kana imbwa dzakaonekwa dzichida kudya ndodzakauraya dai dzakadya kare padzakauraya nhai….Robert hev 2 come n defend his neighbour simple

  14. I cannot believe there is a hole on the fence sorrounding the president ‘s house! Really, who is the security man!

  15. saka mukureva kuti mhembwe yakasvika kuurayiwa pasina aona kana kunzwa imbwa ichihukura.so vanochengeta pamba pemutungamiri avasikuita basa vari kurara nguva dzebasa.saka mutungamiri anogona kupindirwa ka ivo vakazongoona akuvadzwa semaitiro avari kuita. vavakidzani ngavataurirane kana zvaramba mozoenda kumatare

  16. Why didn’t the dogs eat the carcas the day they killed it? They just want to have an excuse of removing this guy from close to the president. Another case of ‘gandanga kurova povo’.

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  18. Haiwawo gondo rikapotsa nhiyo rinokumba chero marara makamushaira mhosva mufana uyu makutii hee imbwa dzake _____ kasi pamba paMugabe pa game park here??? Pluz itwo tumapurisa twenyu dzungu ndosaka tuchizorohwa nema postori kuda kuipusa Gushungo muneshuwa imii itai mushe mhani kuraiwo nxaaaa

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