Vapostori saga: Public calls for Zanu PF youths’ arrest


LAWYERS yesterday called for the arrest of Zanu PF youths who destroyed artefacts at Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani’s Johane Masowe Echishanu shrine in Budiriro on Monday.


Human rights lawyer Alec Muchadehama said the youths should face charges of malicious damage to property as they violated the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act by destroying the artefacts.

“This is lawlessness. The youths should be arrested for malicious damage to property,” he said.

Muchadehama said Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (AACZ) president Bishop Johannes Ndanga should also be held as an accomplice as he was said to have been present when the artefacts were destroyed.

He said police should not have acted in a manner which showed revenge over their battering by members of the sect.

Nine police officers, two journalists and an ACCZ official were injured last Friday after they were assaulted by marauding members of the sect who were protesting an ACCZ decision to ban their sect over allegations of human rights abuses.

“Police were supposed to investigate, arrest and bring them [sect members] to court than resort to tit-for-tat behaviour,” Muchadehama said.

Another lawyer, Jessie Majome, criticised the police for allegedly escorting the youths who were committing a crime. “They were supposed to get a court order to destroy the property. What they did with the Zanu PF youths was unlawful. This was totally a form of punishment,” Majome said.

A non-governmental organisation, Heal Zimbabwe Trust (HZT), also weighed in saying the “sudden involvement of political party cadres in the dispute serves no one, but has the potential to escalate the conflict and violence”.

“Destruction of property is a form of violence that is offensive and is equally bad as the beating up of police and journalists. No violence is good or better,” HZT said in a statement yesterday.

Lawyer Obert Gutu said authorities should act on the Zanu PF youths or risk the country becoming a “banana republic.”

He said the use of party youths by the police was tantamount to the privatisation of the force into an armed militia of a political organisation.

“So the police have found it fit and proper to sub-contract and hire a bunch of Zanu PF hooligans, thugs and hoodlums to deal with Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani’s apostolic sect?” he asked.

Analyst Alexander Rusero said the demonstration by Zanu PF youths was stage-managed.

NewsDay readers also condemned the destruction of the artefacts.

“The youths had no right to destroy Madzibaba Ishmael’s property, they should be arrested and charged with malicious damage to property and also the police who led the youths to Madzibaba’s shrine should be arrested as well,” a reader, Onismus Sithole, said.

Nelson Mhlanga said it was unheard of for police to lead a group of youths to burn a shrine.

Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said anyone with complaints over the destruction of their property should make a report to the police to allow investigations to take place.



  2. you are a shame Ndanga there was a better way of dealing with the issue but Zimbabwe is well known for solving a problem by creating a worse problem no wonder you get ZTV coverage

    • public cn say all it wants asi mapostori aya vakachera gomba ravo voga.the police were obviously going to revenge thats comon knowledge.well at least to me and others on this time hamuite manyemwe the zanu pf youth haikona kushandiswa semadhongi imi chii nemi.

      • The police service is capable of law enforcement without the assistance of any political party youths from anywhere. Indications are that Ndanga thinks ACCZ is a department of Zanu-Pf, which everyone knows it is not. Police should have dealt with the issue on their own, without appearing to be force-marched and commanded by Ndanga. They could have then obtained a court order to face the sect. The police are a service, not a force as Ndanga and his thugs think. They don’t read the constitution of the country. It is also interesting that the police spokesperson wants the vapostori to report damage of their property to the same vindictive police who hired Ndanga thugs to destroy their possessions; or, accepted to be driven to regularise the commission of a crime by Ndanga’s illegal ACCZ. Ndanga’s illegal organisation and irresponsible personality should not be allowed to feign legitimacy by hiding behind Zanu-Pf and the escort of the police.

  3. The same manner that nigerian youth militants began is budding here in Zimbabwe. These acts should not be allowed to continue.

  4. Mob rule. Rent-a-mob. Where is this country heading?

    What has Robert Mugabe, the man of God who recently visited the Pope at the Vatican, got to say about ZanuPF thugs taking the law into their own hands? Once you have party vigilantes/thugs/militias usurping the police then you have problems.

  5. Hee Banana Republic…hee this…hee legal that. Manga makanyarara vana vachibviswa muzvikoro vachitwa vakadzi, in my opinion thats fast becoming a banana republic. Hapana hapana vakoma, you can stuff your legalistic intepretations. No Boko haram muZimbabwe. How does a shrine become personal property?

  6. Barbaric and primitive ZanuPF regime starving and beating up mapositori as revenge when the country has got law courts.

  7. Kushaya basa kunoitisa vanhu zvese izvozvo. Kutopfeka party uniform kundoparadza. Party iyi ngeye vanhu vasingadi kushanda vanoda zvehumhondi chete. Mapurisa acho ngeemussngano ndozvavakaita kuAnglican Church naKunonga. Ndanga atangawo. Nguva inokwana.

  8. Imi machinda, ndaona Madzore na Biti pa picture iyo, ko vakajoiner ZPF Youth riinin? Unobva watoshaya kuti zvinofamba sei.

  9. people should start resisting arrest by these police-cum-militia for what ever crime because indeed, these people no longer have a moral standing to call themselves police given their apparent barbaric and weird conduct. i wonder if there is still any form of leadership in this organisation.

  10. I want to know the name of church inopindwa na Ndanga and where they meet. How many people are in the archbishop’s church? Charity Charamba’s response to this crime by zanupf youths is not helpful at all, just resign musikana basa watadza zvachose. Mayutsi ngaasungwe.

  11. Charamba ngaatipe maserious, anogona to order an arrest if its a police officer akanganisirwa kana ari an ordinary person haana basa navo so seiko aripachinzvimbo ichocho

  12. Guys kana mukataura hazvishande zvitori bhoo izvozvo why is it those children were abused but u were silent? Dont blame coz zvaitwa neZanu PF ok

  13. Robert mugabe is quick to jump into internal squablings of mdc and yet he says nothing after two farmers were killed and now zanu youths destroy vapostori shrine not one person is arrested ,MURUME MUKURU KUSANYARA .

  14. Something is wrong with this Charamba figure, she appears to be so embarrassingly incompetent and lacks common sense. In this situation, as a commissioner she should have handled this matter with care since it involves politics in it, now she says ” anyone with complaints over the destruction of their property should make a report to the police to allow investigations to take place.” Thats what the police should have done before invading the madzibaba holy shrine, investigate and then arrest, not ur arrest and then investigate strategy. I dont blame the madzibaba, our ZRP are bunch of losers….

    • Don’t try to hide from the truth, you are clamouring for the arrest of these youths not because you care about justice but because you are just against Zanupf and the police. Of course charamba in her wisdom knows exactly the motive behind those saying the zanu youth should be arrested. When these apostolic thugs beat up the police why didn’t you clamour for their arrest if you care so much about the rule of law? you are even arrogantly saying you don’t blame the madzibaba for beating the police and how do you expect the police to respond to such arrogance?. You are the one who is incompetent if you think Charamba cannot see through your facade of concern about the rule of law.

  15. Let Jessie Majome & Aleck Muchadehama go & arrest the ZANU PF youth & be reminded that the Police have rights as well.

    • Ndozvitoripo zvacho mufunge nekuti Zanu pf committed crime live on camera but according to mai Charamba no one will be arrested kusvikira paita maposiyori ayenda kukamba kunomhan’ara. That’s Zanu Republic Police for you

  16. i can put my signature to this as well and underline it with what a funny name this mufani man of yours is.
    boys you are creating monsters here that will carry potential to create a new culture of impunity and violence mufunge think about it. THINK and you may see you have taken us back to maedivelity and haitiful idiosyncrassy.
    wattashame on yah !!

  17. charity be serious for once. the pictures are replet with evidence. what more do you want. when a kombi driver hit and killed a 4 yr old running from button stick weilding police you made sure that he was brought to book. now your officers lead zanu youths to commit a crime such as this and you call for investigations, you nust be brain dead or insane

  18. A cliche works for a very limited period, this one has had its time and its now boring

  19. When a police unit that is trained to handle violent clashes is beaten up by worshipers and then hire street hoodlum thugs for reinforcement to destroy private church property, you begin to wonder from which comic book this is all coming. Every police detail that was involved, every hired thug and their handlers need to be brought to book. And to Charity Charamba, sometimes it is wiser to say nothing than issue out such a pathetic statement as you always do. Violence is violence whether it is coming from a church leader, the police, worshipers, thugs or anyone and they should all get arrested.

  20. Those who mas*acred over 40 000 unarmed civilians in Guk*rahu*di those years back have still not be brought to book. Those who bombed the Daily News Printing Press have not bee brought to book. Those who threw a bomb at Tendai Biti’s house have not been arrested. The list is endless. This is a predatory, primitive and barbaric illegitimate regime.

    • @Musona, Yor reactionary disposition when it comes to matters Zim is shocking, your favourite verbal cuisine and hate terminology has become so overused as to become predictable. The Gukurahundi issue is best left to history, just like the Dzviti issue, 40 yrs of plunder raids. Sad chapters. Zvinokanzurana and we move on as a nation.Biti’s house bombing was an amateurish hoax by disgruntled MDC whoever, that was NOT a bomb.A regime is legitimised by an electorate, if the majority of Romans want Ceasar, thats democracy, the minority can pine and squeal all they want. As for barbaric….i get a feeling you dont mean what you really want to express, your anger is toxic and and ZPF,RGM, Warvets are good venting targets. .

  21. the problem with our country is that its too political.everything is centred around politics.ehe thoz positoriz were wrong in beating up the police but why then should police allow such acts by the so called party youths….dai pasina ambuya vane zambia avo vaitonzi ndeve MDC izvozvi

  22. Hey people,don’t forget the slogan which says,”THE PARTY IS BIGGER THAN GVT.” No wonedr the PARTY youths took the law as prescribed by the PARTY……..

  23. This ndanga . Where did he get the authority to ban other did he manage to engage the escort of the police to go and ban the church.if at all any crime was committed the police should have gone there to investigate and arrest not to escort ndanga to ban the church
    .ndanga ihoro ye zanupf

  24. Though I am not a ZANU PF supporter I think the youths were very right in a way just to demonstrate against this apostolic sect which is alleged to have violated children’s rights among them child marriage, right to education and right to proper health care. I think besides ZANU PF youths more youths should have been organized to demonstrate against this evil religion.

  25. Charity said’anyone with complaint with the destruction of their property should make a complaint so to allow investigations to take place’.so wese angomhan’ara atova suspect pakurohwa kwemapurisa that’s what she mean by saying their propty it means wangautoripo pakarohwa vanhu they still need more suspects

  26. Povho inongotumwa kurova nekupisa vobatana nezvikwambo nezvidhoma. Kana vava kupenga nezvavabata hapana anombovabatsira kurapwa kana kuripa. Ngwarirai kutumwa kuita zvese zvese

  27. There is no escalation of conflict here?? These vapositora will be dealt with zvekuti havazodi kuona chinhu chinonzi ZANU futi. Hw they say they want to kill an officer of the law in uniform…..vakanyanya kufarisa……

  28. saka vana vacho vakuenda here kuchikoro, ko zvavakasunungurwa vangani vaendesa nyaya dzavo dzeku abuswa kumapurisa kundomira sehumbowo, wachikutya chii idzo mhandu dzavo dzave mumaoko emapurisa. handisi kuramba zviri kutaurwa asi ndiri kuti take it from this angle

    • There is no proof that such things happened. Just like any other Johwani masowe these people converge on the open, where anyone is free to come and leave as they please so it doesn’t make sense to say people were being abused there every day, or at least investigate and show us the evidence

  29. ZANU-PF never changes . In the 1980s the youth were used to terrorise opponents including killing and burning their properties in Harare townships. Now this…..and yet we are crying for sanctions to be lifted in the midst of all this lawlessness

  30. saka ndanga mupurisa here, mukuru waChihuri here, ndewe zanu pf here anonwa doro herendiye avakuita take over from Mugabe here, chii chinonzi ndanga, iradio here chii chizvo

  31. matimadii makafarisa kusvikira pakubika rupiza nemutundo. Kwasara kupisa dzimba dzenyu dzamunogara. Imi muchatakatika nekushaikwa zvose mark my wordz.

  32. These people are very stupid. When the Mapositori bashed police officers they saw no evil and were silent. Now that the rubish which they scattered all over the place polluting the environment was bunt they sympathise with the Mapositori. The Lawyers Cum political activists have now awaken from their deep slumber. Why cant you just remain silent ?

  33. Iwe zvako Kufakurinane unoziva maitiro eZANU PF. Jambanja ndizvo. ZANU chiwororo vakomana.Mapostori vachamanya kusvika kuparliament chaiko. Vanozozorora havo kana Bob avakuvhura parliament….

  34. Where in this world have you seen a police force that owns a flea market and turns spot fines into its own use without remitting the money to treasury?.Nowhere else except in Zimbabwe were some people wear police uniform but act as political party representatives.

  35. this is getting out of hand seriously can the army get involved because the police is always biased.

  36. Ngavasungwe vagarewo kuremand prison. It is unfortunate that some parents allow their children to do such dirty jobs. I wonder what is going to be the future of them. Destroying such a sacred place without fear. Maybe they are fulfilling Zanu pf manifesto Job creation. Ko iyo mbuya irikutsvakei pamayouth? Zvichapera izvi. Farisai Dictator wenyu ava ne 9+1=10years achiri mudiki chaizvo.

    • There is nothing sacred about a place at which people gather to plot the absue of women and children under the guise of worship. You want people to be arrested for destroying a mere shrine and yet you are quiet about the many children who are being denied education, the many girls who are forced into early marriages with older men, and the many women who are being abused by the owners of the said shrine. your priorities are so twisted and unfortunately they are a reflection of everything wrong about this country.

  37. We are all missing the point. Most people rejoiced when police officers were beaten up by vapostori. The powers that be should conduct an empirical study to establish why ZRP is hated by the people it polices. Address ZRP’s short-comings/failings and build bridges. What ZRP did by a) escorting Johannes Ndanga to ban the mapostoli b) escorting youths to destroy the shrine defies logic! Which arm of government does Johannes represent? From which statute does he derive his powers? There was no court order to effect the ban of this particular sect hence the obvious and natural resistance by the vapostori. Again, the shrine should have been destroyed by a messenger of court on the orders of a legal entity. It is interesting to note that having arrested and secured the ‘wayward’ mapostoli the police went on to exact punishment. You should have seen the mapostoli when they appeared in court for initial remand. Vanhu vakarohwa ivavo zvekuti magistrate akaona zvakakodzera kuti vaendeswe kuchipatara. To sum up, Johannes, police and the youths took the law into rendering the courts redundant. We should not cry foul when people say there is no rule of law. Lets not give our detractors ammunition to destroy our beloved Zimbabwe. I love my Zimbabwe despite the self-inflicted trials and tribulations!

    • Of cause that is what the police force was supposed to do if they were educate; To reflect and conduct an empirical study to establish why ZRP is hated by the people it polices. Unfortunately public opinion doesn’t matter to them.because they can always get it their way through brutal force

  38. Charity’s statement is outright irresponsible. Does she mean that the police does not move in to act on despondence unless a formal report is brought to them? I suggest that she resigns because this undoubtedly and undeniably selective law enforcement.

  39. Perhaps Ndanga should have sought the assistance of known madzibaba/mapostori such as Shamu,Kasukuwere,Muchinguri to accompany him in full white regalia to symbolize a peace mission but not riot police. Today these youth burn a shrine .What will they burn down next in the presence of the police ? where is the difference then btwn the mapostori and these youths ?

  40. Charamba thinks people are fools! Does it need a report when it is all over the media about the youth burning the shrine. Once you make a report then you get arrested. People know you organization than yourself! Pliz God help.

  41. Vanhu vasatye havo pane zvaitwa nevapisa zvinhu zvanga zviri parenje izvi uye kupwanya mbiya dzemuteuro. Zvinhu izvi kunyanya mbiya idzi hadzina muridzi pasi pano anodya sadza. Ndedzebasa rinoitwa nengirozi. Saka zvese zviri mumaziso engirozi. Renje harina muridzi nderaBaba Jowani, nderaMwari. Iye pachake ega acharatidza masimba ake makuru. Nyika ichamuziva Mwari. Tinotenda Muchadehama naMajome. Ndingafara kana mukagona kumirira vapositori ava nokuti munenge chete muchingoshandiswa nengirozi. Tisakanganwe kuti china manenji hachifambisi, chinomirira kuti mavara acho aonekwe. Mwari anogona kuita zvake kunge asipo kana kunge asingatombonzwi kuchema kwevanhu. Haapiwe nguva nevanhu kana kuseterwa matargets nevanhu. Achaita sekuda kwake zvichaonekwa nekuzivikanwa nenyika yese. Izvi zvaitika kuti basa raMwari riri paBudiriro rizivikanwe. Iye zvino asingazive kuti kune sowe rinonzi rekuBudiriro ndiani. Kuna Mwari hapana chinoitika pasina chikonzera. Ngatitarisei tione kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe. Avo vakasungwa vanobuda harisi dambudziko. Mutumwa wavo Baba Jowani akasungwa wani. Saka kana uri mupositori anotevera Baba Jowani ziva kuti unotofamba nepavakatsika. Vachaita kuda kwavo Baba vedenga.

    Kune vakapwanya zvinhu parenje kana kusvika nebhutsu hameno kana ngirozi dzave kuda zvinhu zvadzo kana kuti dzobvunza mibvunzo muchati kudii. Vamwe vakatombotumwa kuzopwanya mbiya parenje iroro munguva yapfuura havana kuita masvondo vasati vatanga kuhukura. Pavakauya vakaudzwa kuti ngirozi yacho inogona kukurapa inouya panyika kamwe chete in 10 years. Hapana chisina mubairo.

    • Ndosaka takanzi tinamatire parenje pasina muridzi. Ndinotoshaya kuti vaipwanya zvinhu parenje vari kurwadzisa mapositori papi nekuti mbiya dzavaipwanya dzakaumbwa nevhu kwete negoridhe. Zvaifanira kuve pachena kumunhu wese ane pfungwa dzakakwana kuti kana pane ari kuzonyatsogumbuka nekukanganiswa kwerenje ndibaba vekumusoro kudenga kwete mapositori epano pasi nekuti mapositori atoriwo nebasa guru rekuyedza kugonera renje

  42. The barbarism of chipangano is supposed to be punishible.zanu ichaenda soon .any zanu affiliate deserves to go to jail.chipanganos killed many for no reason .the so called ndanga must rot in prison.

  43. Ndanga ndewe church ipi if he’s of the marange sect his church needs to be banned also coz they r the worst abusers of women and children bcg chaiyo vana havabaiwe basa rekungorota vana ve vamwe uchiti sisi ndakurotai mave mukadzi wangu ngaasungwewo Ndanga iyeye

  44. zvedu zvese zvakangodhakwa.nemutemo vacho hapana, unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofambiswa sei?Ndanga ngaapindewo mukati.

  45. I am this very close to renounce my Zimbabwe’s citizenship. I came here initially only to study so that i can go back and work in my country. i then decided to obtain a work permit to work here thinking that things will be alright at home by the time it expires. I was left with no choice but to get a PR card. Now I am thinking of taking up the citizenship.

  46. VaMugabe nyika yoenda kumawere iyi makatarisa makangoti zii. Can’t you, for once, address the nation pointing to what your government is doing to deal with all these crises, from economic to law and order? Your failure to be proactive makes those who blame your inactivity on old age vindicated. It seems you are just sailing with the current, wherever it is going, hoping it will land you to some safe destination. A country is not run like that, you have To drive it through proactive policies and a relentless adherence to the rule of law. Once you allow one section of the society to break the law, the country is finished. I am saying it well in advance, the country is on the brink, thanks to ZANU PF.

  47. I Igree with yu G Lifa keep it up.

    Vamwe masanyore zvenyu chirungu kana muchitaura nezvemapositori ekurova mapurisa aya. Kudzidza kwenyu hakubatsire kana muchireverera vanhu vari kutadza.

    Ok ko dai vaizivawo kuti kune mutemo vakadii kuita apeal nekurambidzwa kwavo,vasina kurova mapurisa.

    Hatidi chikwata chevapanduki vechitendero muno muZimbabwe. Vakatanga kupandukira mapurisa chasara vachapandukira Hurumende.

    Uyo anga achitaura zvengozi nemweya yetsvina pakirawa hakuna zvakadaro unless huri hurombwa haaa.

    • Ko nhai tsano dscipline,,, makange muripo here pachiitiko ichi. u wantd them to appeal what? were they properly served with legal papers? ko maybe pane provocation of some sort from the Ndanga crew that ddnt go well with vapostori? most likely riot police was hired as bodyguards not law enforcement so in that case they wer vulnerable to defensive action. do you know tht if a cop budges in your yard without a court order or search warrant you may as well exercise your rights to defend your property? how you do it is up to you and any misdemeanor arising thereof will be deemed collateral. mapurisa shudnt be agents of personal mischief to settle scores by some more than equal citizens.

  48. Vanamati vezvokwadi vanozvininipisa kwete kuita hondo.
    Shoko rinoti ivai pasi pevatungamiri venyu nekuti vakasarudzwa naishe.

    Vamwe muri madofo akafunda chaizvo ,nekuti hudofo hausi pakutadza kunyora kana kuverenga, asi pane zvaunoita nezvaunotaura.
    Tongai nyaya kwete bato kana divi . Aaah madofo President vapinda papi apa?

  49. Without fear or favor the situation is getting worse. It’s clear to see who the real criminals are. Don’t tell me that you don’t know it by now. Some have the law makers and enforcers of the land on their side but above all is the ultimate law and undisputed enforcer.

    Watch the space brothers and sisters, it’s the end to wickedness…Check your newspapers and watch out for more shocks coming out. ChiZanu nemapurisa anehuyanga zvakuzopera manje…Vapinda munda usiriwo. Mirai muone kwazvichanosvika.

  50. You celebrated kurohwa kwemapurisa maifunga kuti zvichazodii? In any country the police are not allowed to lose a fight because once that happens there will be anarchy in the country. Ikozvino makutanga kutaura nezvemutemo nekuti shrine yemhombwe idzi yapiswa but you were silent about the law when the police were beaten. hapana watakambonzwa achitaura kuti mapostori ngaasungwe nekuti arova mapurisa saka tese tirikuzviona kuti you are biased, you are always against the police, gvt and zanupf saka zvamunotaura hazvina basa. I support these zanupf youth because at least somebody needed to show these abusers of women and children that not everyone is in support of violnec aginst the police. You only want to invoke the rule of law when you feel you can manipulate it to bash the gvt. Mungabatikane nenyaya yekuti shrine yapiswa muchitadza kubatikana nenyaya yekuti vana havasi kuendeswa kuchikoro, vana vasikana varikuroodzwa kumadhara vari vadiki. Saka munoti chiShrine ichocho chakakosha kupfuura the education yevana here kana marights of the women who were being abused by this sect. ndosaka nyika ino irikufa. To be always anti-Zanupf, anti-police, anti-government hazvivake nyika

  51. So Charity Charamba want report on malicious damage of property. She should resign because the organisation she is saving is not a political party.Please look for someone else she has failed the nation. She is more into politics than her position. You go to investigate putting on riot gear. Dont politicize your position.This ZRP is now confused Ndanga is an investigator Charamba commissioner, what do you get out of this.

    • It is only procedural for an offended party to report to ZRP. Isn’t it. What offence has Charity committed by giving you guidance

  52. Kkkk..haa ndakanzwa happiness chaiyo kuti mangonjo akakiwa..holy beating chaiyo..nweiz since I was not there looking at the unfolding of events from start..this holy beating could have been avoided had those responsible followed proper channels:
    1)allegations of child and women abuse were reported..we know police always investigates to bring those reponsible to book.
    2)If this sect was to be banned because of their immoral wayward ways …again the rule of law could have been followed so as to convey the message in a clear and concise manner using the courts and going with a court order..etc because Zimbabwe has a rule of law which even our president follows to the book..
    Nonethless, since I do not read of any of the above procedures having been followed, I personally think whoever chose not to follow the correct procedure had a mindset of superiority,superhuman, big brother towards other fellow citizens..
    As educated people lets not take short cuts to defined processes and procedures lets do everything according to the book which is what I think our president follows,in dome instances he doesn’t comment because maybe he has no legality or framework to base his actions on.
    Yes I agree it’s wrong to beat the police but I think left their police badge at their camp the moment they decided to accompany an individual without proper papers to such a gathering, we all know our police us known for being the custodians of the rule of law but on tht day can those knowledgeable shed some light which rule where the police enforcing on that day?
    This is one example where as educated Zimboz we should learn to do things according to the rule of law if constitution, this mentality of having more powers than others or feeling more human then others will always create a chaotic environment because no one wants to be looked down upon and as a nation we are all governed by the constitution yo which our president swore to uphold..if is that simple, I hope all our arguments are not emotional but factual and our PIVOT is the constitution which applies to all of us regardless of affiliation.. I am not more human than u reading this post, it will be wrong for me to treat you in any manner which violates your rights enshrined in the constitution ..Mrs Charamba plz rise above emotional intelligence and respond with professionalism,since you hold a public office and are meant to protect us the public without fear if favor..

  53. These lawyers need to further research the law.
    All legal practitioners in Zimbabwe are bound tom promote the law in terms of the legal practitioners act.
    When as a lawyer you defend the acts of demonstrators who perpetrate violence against police officers you contravene the legal practitioners act which is a criminal offence.
    Again supporting criminals makes you liable to conspiracy charges in the same offence and you could and should be arrested and charged – there is a great need to jail lawyers who behave as activists contrary to the legal practitioners act as they promote violence by so doing.
    All lawyers have a choice be an activist or promote the law and be a lawyer – you cannot be both!

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