Vapostori, police clashes inspire humour songs, videos

The attack

THE battering of several anti–riot police officers who had accompanied Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) executive president Johannes Ndanga to effect a ban on a Johanne Masowe weChishanu apostolic sect in Budiriro 2 has inspired a litany of humour–laden songs and videos by local dancehall artistes.


The attack
The attack

Members of the Madzibaba Ishmael Mufani-led cult terrorised police officers, journalists and ACCZ officials last Friday, leaving several of their victims injured.

The videos, which have gone viral on social networks, made caricatures of police officers. Artistes behind the productions included musician-cum-producer Clarence Patsika, popularly known as Dr Clarence, who released a video titled Johane MaRasta eChishanu.

The video captures police characters clad in their official uniform dancing, with picture combos showing police officer undergoing severe battering at the hands of the sect members.
“Pano pasowe ramadzibaba Chiremba hapasvikwe zvedzungu, ukasvika pasowe redu zvedzungu tinokurova . . . Zvakatangira mubhaibheri pakati paDavid naGoliath zvakanoperera kuBudiriro pakati pamadzibaba neriot,” sang the chanter.
Dr Clarence told NewsDay yesterday that the release was a work of art in which he captured a real life situation.
“Art is in my veins so I try to as creative as possible over what local societies are becoming. The incident inspired me to compose the song,” said Dr Clarence. “I am not taking any sides between the two sides (the Mapostori and the riot police).”
He said the satirical song was a lighter look at serious situations and those targeted should not be offended because it was just comedy.
This is not the first time that local artistes have released songs shortly after an incident. Last year, several songs were released after the Chitungwiza mysterious blast that claimed five lives with Dr Clarence also releasing a hit single titled PaChitungwiza Chakaputika.
In 2012 when dancehall chanters Winky D and Sniper Storm clashed at a show that was headlined by Jamaican dancehall artiste Mavado he recorded a “diss” track titled Bongozozo PaVigilance targeting the duo.
When musicians Roki and Maneta were evicted from the Big Brother house in 2012, Victor D and Goridhe released a song titled Taneta NaManenta the following day, thrashing the Bulawayo beauty over what they claimed to be her fault for causing the eviction.



  2. I hope Ndanga will also ban Anglican church from operating Zimbabwe for their homosexual practice since this is anti christian and against the laws of the country

  3. Teachers must do the same against Lazarus Dofora. He is destroying the education system. Am looking forward to the forthcoming results……………………

  4. i dont see how this can be news.this is a newspaper not a You Magazine but since you have written the article we can just comment anyway.i dont see the creativity inevafana vanoimba ava my biggest gess is he ran into the studiobefore others could kuti anzi ndiye akatanga, in the process brings out a track that is not that good.there is a reason ana anatuku nanacharamba ari malegend pamusic

    • Imagine a whole newspaper and its team spending an entire week celebrating the beating up of police officers, an act tantamount to defacing our flag! In America, most of them would be buried by now! This Ndanga guy is a complete idiot. I suggest that riot police gave a backup of police carrying lethal weapons. This was a lesson well learnt by the police, and a everyone should be ashamed of such an act our country. Do not blame police for being trigger happy next time sone buffoons misbehave. Mr Editor, you should be ashamed! Cheap news, shame on you!! It’s like celebrating the beating of your own father. Clowns

      • but come on when has anything lyk this ever happened in zimbabwe. this is a live joke of the century. have a sense of humour.

      • I believe as an retired Gambian Police Officer, the Zimbabwean Police failed to study their approach to this matter professionally. Attacking people at their place of worship for anything is likely to bring serious chaos as those believers take the place they are worshiping as the highest and most revered place in this world and thereafter so they would do anything to ward off their detractors. The Zimbabwean police should have by now known what fanaticism and extremism means. I feel they should have invited the head of the shrine for a meeting then pass on their decision through that person(s) rather than physically go to the shrine and start a pandemonium resulting to such a disgrace. This is sacrilege and carries a serious penalty in court. Religion is a God given right for mankind so lets respect each others religion to achieve a peaceful coexistence.Above all these Madzibabas live in homes and the Police could have gone for the ring leaders at their homes or better still as I mentioned earlier use the country’s religious body to address religion related problems.Violence breeds Violence.

  5. Apa ndopasina zvakaitwa apa. Saka Dr Clarence you cant compose a song kana pasina the obvious zvaitika? Shame on you young musicians on lack of creativity……kutobragga hanzi art is in my veins!!!! maiweeee

    • ucan say that chirandu 11 wekure. kutadza kuimba kumirira kutanga kwaitika something, nxaa mhani

    • Mafanz munovenga tarenda. Clarence akagona takaseka tikafara. Ndokuti entertainment kwacho ka

  6. This is news gentlemen. Many do not know what was happening pasowe raIshmuel.1. He was saying if a man got married to a wife who was not virgin, the wife should get the husband another girl who is virgin. 2. People were told that going to school is demonic so they should not attend school. 3. They were told to burn educational certificates and NATIONAL IDs. 4. They were told to leave work because it was demonic to work for companies with demons. 5. All relatives not members of the sect were witch and should not be associated with.

    • no one is forced to join any church in Zimbabwe. Infact kana zvisingaiti unongosiya wani. can you burn your ID unless you agree namadzibaba. Wake up people this is a message to the whole Zimbabwean people that the Bible is the only standard for Christian living. Viva bhaibheri munya viva confusion

  7. pple in zim have freedom of worship.On whose door did Ishmaeri knock achiti vanhu huyai kuSowe rangu?Vanhu vaiitwa yamunoti abuse yacho iyoyo vairambidzwa here kubuda chch yacho?Ko pavakaipinda vaisaziva here mitemo yacho?……saka mukuti chii

  8. The vaostori myt have been wrong on thei contact as according to the ACCZ,but i greatly blame the police, the degree of proffessionalism and care they should excercise was negleted and therefore resorted to violenceto solve issues

  9. Kana madzibaba vakatiza vaine mari vachanotsvagawo zvombo zvokurwisa vavengi nokuti Ndanga anotove neyake.Ndiko kutanga kunoita hondo dzechitendero .Mapurisa ngaabude munyaya idzi vaudze ndanga kuti haana right yokuvharisa mamwe machurch.

  10. Dr clarence is not a singer mhani vana mboko he is a producer your misconception shld be repremanded wit ds contempt it deserves.after all music is for intertainment abd is not meant to intertain one generation.he composed da song to intertain after all wat is music?musicbis humanily organised sound.

  11. Akasarudza Ndanga kuti ave mukuru wedzisvondo munyika muno ndiyani? avakutoshoresa mapurisa eZimbabwe.Unotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei.Ndanga aifanira kutsvaga nzira pamwe nekuona kuti angagadzirise sei mabasa aiitwa nemapostori eJehonne masowe echishanu.Zvinonyadzisa kuona mukuru achitsvaga mupurisa kuti amubatsire kugadzirisa mabasa akadaro, iye mupurisa aripo pakusunga anetsa matare oita basa sezvakaitwa Gumbura.Ndanga better uende ibva pautungamiri uyu papinde vanokwanisa.

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