Tsvangirai labels rivals ‘opportunists’ seeking own enrichment

Morgan Tsvangirai

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has described MPs who broke ranks with his party to join the leadership renewal team led by “expelled” secretary-general Tendai Biti as “opportunists” seeking personal enrichment at the expense of democratic principles.


Addressing mourners at the burial of Japhet Karemba, the party’s Mashonaland West provincial chairperson in Zvimba on Sunday, Tsvangirai said some MDC-T “martyrs”, the likes of Karemba, did not fight the democratic struggle for money or positions, but stood for what they believed in.

“I hear some MPs who say they want to join the renewal team. Some of them got to where they are, including being able to sleep in hotels, because of the MDC. They are kicking themselves in disbelief now because of the MDC,” Tsvangirai said.

“Some are opportunists who want money. Young people who look only at the monetary aspect are sacrificing their future. Until we achieve democracy, we will not tire.”

Tsvangirai loyalists accused the Biti faction of being used by some elements for monetary gains at the expense of the struggle.

Ten legislators have so far ditched Tsvangirai accusing him of clinging to power and contravening the party’s guiding principles.

These are Biti, Solomon Madzore (Dzivaresekwa), Paul Madzore (Glen View South), Moses Manyengavana (Highfield West),Willias Madzimure (Kambuzuma), Samuel Sipepa Nkomo (Lobengula), Bekithemba Nyathi (Pelandaba Mpopoma), Evelyn Masaiti (Proportional Representation), Settlement Chikwinya (Mbizo), Reggie Moyo (Luveve) and Watchy Sibanda (Senator, Matabeleland South).


  1. Tsvangirai lacks insight to realise that he himself is actually what he think Biti is. An “opportunist” seeking personal enrichment at the expense of democratic principles. VaTsvangirai, you ceased long back to be a good example of a democratic person. You are now the opposite.

    • You have said it all Alas! Our politics in Zim is not about ideologies but is about branding and it goes without saying for MDC or Zanu. If Chematama resigns from politics, that’s the end of strong opposition politics for Zim. On the other hand, if kedu akaBob kekutora mkadzi wemunhu dies, that’s the end of Zanu pf

      • Tsvimbo, you are in fact inadvertently acknowledging that Tsvangirai failed to build a formidable party which can survive whether or not he is at the helm. You are saying if he drops dead today that will be end of the party. You are admitting that Tsvangirai’s supporters have created a personality cult in the way Zanu has done in respect of Mugabe. That is what got our country into the huge mess in the first place.

        To his credit,Tsvangirai was aware of the danger of overstaying when he was chosen to lead in 1999. He is on recording saying he would leave after 10 years. Now he has blissfully forgotten, enjoying the trappings of power symbolised by staying in a $4 million mansion in a city with no running water, a country with no medicines in its hospitals and schools with no text books. The irony of accusing others of seeking self enrichment is lost to him.

        Imagine OK Zimbabwe falling apart because of the resignation of its CEO. Competent leaders, irrespective of the nature of their organisation, groom successors. That is how they survive. Once a leader is deemed indispensable, Tsvimbo, he or she is a failure.

  2. Tsvangirai is 100% correct. How can pple want to remove a leader without congress via some silly letter? What kind of democracy is that? The MDC constitution is very clear on the process of leadership elections. We will never be fooled by such greed & political stupidity

    • As long as we still have some idiots who still believe in Tsvancry, then Mugabe will continue to shine despite his shortfalls, Anyone else besides Tsvancry can see Mugabe tumbling, am looking at a coalition led by the professor. Watch this space.

      • reason, the reason Mugabe continues to “shine” as you put it, is that, to use your own language, there are idiots who still believe in this incompetent 90 year old. I am not sure why anyone would use the word “shine” in respect of Mugabe given that his only claim to fame is managing to stay at the helm by hook or crook in a country where people continue to die from medieval disease.

  3. @ John you must be a fool to think like that. Why dont u just go back to Ncube or u r waiting for another split?

  4. its so sad that as educated as we claim to be,we are foolish.How come someone says our politics is not of of ideologies but branding?That is why Mugabe has stayed in power long because people condone this nonsensical politics of branding.After all what will happen when Tsvangirai and Mugabe step down?Ah don,t be stupid people anyone can be president,if Tsvangirai and Mugabe did it why other mortals fail?

    • @bob,which ideologies have ever won an election in Zimbabwe. Are you sure Zimasset won an election and try to enlighten us which ideologies Zanu pf stands for if any why did they loose in 2008 where the ideologies any different from now? Its branding baba,politics is how you brand your leader that’s why the herald tries to trash tsvangirai`s image left right and centre.but build mugabe`s and biti`s image

  5. Tsvangirai dont beg these idiots. Vanotoita manyemwe.
    AnaBiti vane zenze becoz elections are years away but they truly know this is the end of their relevence in Zim politics jst lyk tekere, Mtambara, Ncube, makoni

  6. Fully behind you Tendai BITI aka President , Mashambanzou or not tinewe . Ana Save havachada kubva pachigaro chemusangano vamakatanga mose . Pakutema munda makatema mose iyezvino Chematama oti party yave yake kutoiti MDC – T kani kunge party yekuBuhera kkkk . Iye ndiye anotoda personal enrichment , akabva paParty President anonoshanda kupi ????

  7. the way Biti and company orchestrated their plan tells a lot about them . any normal minded person would see the ample evidence of lack of common sense. As the SG had all the instruments to out smart Morgan like what Mugabe did to Sithole.he lack strategy, patients and everything. for now Morgan is the best foot forward.

  8. @ Stokononzi, instead of calling me a fool, tell me why you think Mr Tsvangirai is not an “opportunist”
    seeking personal enrichment at
    the expense of democratic
    im just a fellow Zimbabwean who is now sick and tired of unemployment, corruption, poverty etc. we trusted Tsvangirai to bring the meaningful change we need and he has failed. tomupa dzimwe 15 yrs here??? kweteka, ngaachisiira vamwe vatungamirewo

    • John you are wrong if you thing Morgan will single handedly hand you the Zimbabwe you want we have a part to play as individuals. Morgan must be supported and make sure everyone is mobilizing the people of this beloved nation to vote this clueless party. come on John

  9. Idiots think that because RGM has failed,so will Tsvangirai.Just because RGM personalized ZANU PF & the liberation struggle,so will Tsvangirai do at MDC-T. Well,we are not moved by the empty,baseless accusations against innocent Tsvangirai by ZANU PF & the selling out RENEWAL TEAM..Zimbabwe does not need a plethora of opposition parties just to show that we are a democratic lot. Let ‘s see BITI handing over to Mangoma,then Mafume,Sipepa etc to demonstrate their meaningless democracy. Unlike ZPF, MDC will never die with Tsvangirai. Those for BITI&co may go while we keep our MT as long as he continues in this direction. The struggle for true freedom is obviously long,tiresome & gruesome;hence traitors fall by the wayside..

    • Sando, which direction is this? How far has Tsvangirai taken the party in 15 years? Compare the number of seats the MDC had in parliament in 2000 and what the party has now. Without getting emotional, what is the party’s strategy to regain lost ground?

      It is not just about rallies because Tsvangirai’s rallies before the July 31 elections were even more impressive than the ones happening now but that didn’t get him to state house. Granted, Zanu p.f. plays dirty. The point is, how is he going to counter the underhand tactics that have kept Mugabe in power? We are talking about someone who is so naïve that he was prepared to go into an election without setting eyes upon something as basic as the voters’ roll just because the rallies were huge. What will he do differently? Simply hurling insults at opponents is not a winning strategy.

  10. John you are wrong if you thing Morgan will single handedly hand you the Zimbabwe you want we have a part to play as individuals. Morgan must be supported and make sure everyone is mobilizing the people of this beloved nation to vote this clueless party. come on John

  11. Sando, ndiwe wega,fundisa vana Jonny avo zvinoreva revolution,does not come over night ,it will take us years,perhaps decades to get exactly what we want.We budgeted for a marathon and not a relay. We will one day get there,handifambi naMafume nekuti he is selling-out

  12. John you are wrong if you thing Morgan will single handedly hand you the Zimbabwe you want we have a part to play as individuals. Morgan must be supported and make sure everyone is mobilizing the people of this beloved nation to vote this clueless party out .come on John

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