Sudan apostasy: Meriam Ibrahim rearrested with husband at Khartoum airport

Woman sentenced to death for allegedly abandoning the Muslim faith has been detained by security services, just a day after she was released from prison.

The Telegraph Online

There were dramatic scenes at Khartoum airport on Tuesday as Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman released from prison earlier this week following worldwide protests at her death sentence for apostasy, was detained for several hours while trying to leave the country.

The 27-year-old was held along with her American husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children, Martin, almost two, and Maya, two weeks old.

Their lawyer, Elshareef Ali Mohammed, who was with them at the time, said they were given no reason for their detention, but there were reports late Tuesday night that Ms Ibrahim faces charges of falsifying documents and statements after trying to leave the country via South Sudan for America.

Hardwired, the campaign group, was investigating reports that she was being accused of attempting to travel with false paperwork after presenting the documents provided by South Sudan with US assistance.

The group has been told that she was released on bail conditions that would mean that the unnamed person who provided the surety would be charged with the same offences if she left Sudan before the case was resolved.

Sudanese officials told their US counterparts that the family were questioned about their paperwork for several hours but not arrested.

The State Department said that Sudan had assured them of the family’s safety, and that the US was working with the Khartoum government to help them leave the country as soon as possible.

They were initially thought to be planning to fly to South Sudan – the birthplace of Mr Wani and now an independent country – as their paperwork to travel to the US was still being processed.

Ms Ibrahim and her family were taken to the airport in a US vehicle accompanied by American diplomats after South Sudan issued emergency travel paperwork for them. But the security officials at the airport apparently found problems with the documents.

Mr Wani is an American citizen and supporters of the family, backed by the senators from his state of New Hampshire, have urged the US to grant a visa to Ms Ibrahim and citizenship to their two children.

Ms Ibrahim was released from Omdurman women’s prison on Monday afternoon after state media announced that the Supreme Court had annulled the sentence.

She had spent six months in a jail cell, sentenced to execution by hanging for abandoning Islam, despite her protestations that she was raised a Christian by her Ethiopian Orthodox mother after her Muslim father left.

Accompanied by her two children Ms Ibrahim was taken to a safe house in the Khartoum area on Monday afternoon. In Sudan, which imposes Sharia law, apostasy is a crime punishable by death – and earlier this month Ms Ibrahim’s own brother called for her execution unless she “returned” to Islam.

The May 15 sentence also included 100 lashes for adultery related to her marriage to Mr Wani, a Christian. Sudan does not recognise marriages between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Some people saw the charges as the result of a family feud – and an attempt by Ms Ibrahim’s family to gain control of her successful small businesses.

The sentencing caused outrage around the world, and led to an international campaign to secure her freedom.

The first photos released after her release show Ms Ibrahim, dressed in a vivid green traditional Sudanese outfit, cradling Maya on her lap.

Next to her, in his wheelchair, sits Mr Wani – an American-Sudanese citizen, who suffers from muscular dystrophy.

On Tuesday morning Al Sudani, a government-owned newspaper with good security sources, reported that the family was expected to leave Sudan within hours.

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  1. This woman has suffered so much for her beliefs. Is there no end to her persecution?

  2. our God is a TRUE GOD lets wait and see.for sure she will be free.

  3. So the stupid brother thought he would inherit the businesses after her death? Silly him. He must be jailed for conniving to kill his sister!!!

  4. sharia law sharia law what is sharia law nonsense. we only know the blood of Jesus that knows no sin. surely the lady is our hero how many of us are prepared to die for the gospel.

  5. The Christian Religion, unlike islam, is not a religion of shame, where people are forced to join. From the story above, it appears that islam is a religion of fear, insecurity and general lack of freedom. In Christianity, the Word of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is preached in a bid to communicate with the inner man( soul). When the inner man is convinced, we then have a born-again Christian. Our God does not rape his way into people’s lives. It’s a pity that where ever this so called sharia law is practiced, it’s by declaration, not by constitutional means. We don’t live by stringent laws but by faith. I wish this lady and her family the best in their lives, and may God bless the American government for taking them in at a time of their need. To all Christians all over the world, herewith lies the devil, let’s tread with the greatest of care and aggression. I pen-off.

  6. havangarwi naMwari waIsrael vakakunda pse people lets pray for our Lord fights silently.this is the time that Our Lord should show who he is as he said in ” Exodus ndichava iye wandichava

  7. praise be to god

  8. mwari makatendeka

    I speak the blood of jesus upon this lady , l say to those holding her back let that woman go now in the name of jesus


  10. Whats wrong with this religion called islam??? Seriously, it all religions acted like what thgese isalmists do, i believe this whole world wld be hell…much mire than it is now. Seriously al qaeda, el shabab, boko haram, isis/isil are all related to islam. Talk of this court that sentences a woman to death for being a christian?? And a speaker od parliament actually justifies that sentence. Islam makes me sick at times….276 girls are still missing, 56 boys killed by boko haram. Suicide bomber kills sos much in kenya etc etc, list is endless. In zimbabwe we get sanctions for abusing human rights simply because we took land that was stollen from us way back….when some religions and countries can liberally kill like this…whats wronge with this religion??? May the bllod of jesus cover zimbabwe and may God give peace to zimbabwe. To this lady, God bless and protect her in Jesus name!

    1. When a religion uses force to have adherents /follows that’s a key sign that that religion is wrong and ought not to be followed.

  11. Mukadzi wakashinga pashoko rashe.Dai jehovha amurwira pahushingi hwake. Zvinokana mwari achitirwira ndianiko uchatirwisa kana nyama ikauraiwa mweya unezororo dzvene.

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