State ordered to investigate assault on theft suspects’ claim


MUTARE magistrate Waini Makamera has ordered the State to investigate the alleged brutal assault of two theft suspects at Chisamba Police Station.


This was after the suspects Shingirai Gomba (24) and Owen Dennis Maranze (31) told the court last Friday that they were tortured while in police custody and were experiencing walking difficulties.

Maranze appeared in court wearing blood stained clothes.

Makamera said the suspects’ plea would only be recorded after the pair has been attended to by a medical doctor to ascertain the extent of their injuries.

Gomba told the court that he was assaulted last Wednesday after he visited his alleged co-accused Maranze at Chisamba Police Station in Sakubva.

“They made me to lie on the bench and they took off my shirt and assaulted me with a baton stick on my soles. Police also assaulted me with open hands too and one of them stepped on my neck with his foot,” Gomba said.

Gomba said police wanted him to admit and divulge where he had put some stolen items he allegedly received from his co-accused.

Maranze said: “I was handcuffed with my hands tied at the back. Police took an iron rod and put it across my legs and arms and then placed me between two tables. They took off their shirts and jackets and started to assault me with baton sticks on my soles, joins and buttocks.”

The court remanded them to June 6 and ordered the State to have completed its investigations then.


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  3. i thot munhu kana atova kupolice station haachafaniri kurohwa until aenda kucourt. From the word suspect it means they were nt even sure

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