We are sorry for Warriors’ failure : Zifa


ZIFA, after a barrage of attacks from the fans and media, has apologised for the Warriors’ failure to reach the second round of the Orange 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) football qualifiers on Sunday.


The Warriors were expected to make light work of Tanzania after losing 1-0 away in the first leg, but fell short when they were held to a 2-2 home draw in front of an almost full house at the National Sports Stadium.

Fans have targeted Zifa president Cuthbert Dube to take the blame and resign, others have questioned coach Ian Gorowa’s selection while other fans believe the current players are just not up to scratch when it comes to bigger tournaments like Afcon.

Zifa’s statement issued yesterday reads: “The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) would like to apologise to the football fraternity and the nation at large for the dismal performance displayed by the Warriors in our 2015 Afcon campaign.This disappointing performance brought our 2015 Afcon dream to an abrupt end .

“As Zifa, we were optimistic that the Warriors would proceed to the group stages and go on to qualify for 2015 Afcon, but it was to no avail.

“We would like to thank the government, the corporate world and fans for supporting the Warriors through thick and thin.

“Going forward, we are currently drawing up a long-term plan that will guide us to the 2014 Cosafa tournament, 2016 Chan, 2017 Afcon and 2018 World Cup.

“We have put in place a High Performance Technical Committee that will meet the coach. A detailed report with recommendations will be produced and the board will inevitably implement those recommendations.

“As the football mother body, we are in the process of promoting vibrant programmes for the grassroots, the Under-17, Under-20 and Under-23 for both men and women.”

While Zifa are still trying to pick up the pieces from the latest tsunami, former Warriors coach and Zifa technical director Gibson Homela told our sister paper Southern Eye yesterday, that the nation should forget about playing in such tournaments.

“We must forget about Warriors and start development structures. Zifa must make sure there is quality and organised football in schools, where coaches are qualified. These developmental structures must start from zonal, district, provincial and then national. I don’t think the Warriors problem is a coaches’ problem. The fabric is not there in the juniors.

“Players that are being selected are average and the task ahead is very difficult. The quality of players from the Premier Soccer League is affecting our football. As a country, we are not prepared to compete at this high level. We are just short-circuiting things. Now that we are out for a very long time, it’s our chance to put our act together,” Homela said.

Homela, a member of the Zifa High Performance Technical Committee, said that body no longer exist as they were no longer consulted.

The committee appointed by Zifa in 2012 was made up of Homela, former board member (competitions) Benedict Moyo, former technical advisor and Warriors coach Dieter Klaus-Pagels, former technical director Nelson Matongorere, National Coaches’ Association chairman Bheki Nyoni, Aces Academy director Mark Duvillard and Cosmas “Tsano” Zulu.

The Warriors were without four key players — Knowledge Musona, Kuda Mahachi, Peter Moyo and Khama Billiat — who could easily have turned the game around on Sunday.

Between now and 2017, the Warriors have to be content with playing in the Cosafa Cup in Botswana in September. This is a competition for the locally-based players only.

Qualifiers for the 2016 Africa Nations Championships will take place next year. The qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup will begin in 2016. Zifa also has to put up a team that will take part in the 2016 Olympic Games qualifiers.

While the nation is in mourning, Taifa Stars head coach Maart Nooij says his side were the real Warriors on Sunday.

“I think the Taifa Stars were warriors today. They showed great fighting spirit. The way the game was played had a lot of quick turnovers. It was a fast game. That was magnificent,” Nooij told the Daily News of Tanzania.

Stars assistant coach Salum Mayanga praised his team’s defensive grit that ensured the Tanzanian outfit edged out the encounter to progress to the next round.
“Our plan was to defend because we were playing away from home. Zimbabwe are always going to attack us from the first whistle and we had to slow them down,” Mayanga said.

“I think we won this tie in Tanzania, but Zimbabwe is a good side and they played very well,” he added.

“Midfielder Kiemba was hugely excited at progressing to the next round and he believes that the Stars deserved their place in the next round.

“Football is a game of chances, we got our chances and utilised them. Zimbabwe are not a bad team, but the game plan was to defend in the second half and that’s why the coaches took off the midfielders and added defenders.

“But we felt the referee was always punishing us. I have never seen such kind of officiating,” said Kiemba.


  1. Nhai imi Mr Zifa president, Dr Cuthbert Dube, how do you have the GUTS to apologise for the failure of a WARRIORS team that you purport to lead when you are on record have never BOTHERING to go and watch the WARRIORS playing any game? Ndizvo zvamakataurirwa here na TB Joshua????

    • bvunzawo zvako iwe. for as long as that guy remains president of Zifa, the players will FOREVER pretend to put effort

  2. Lets stop the blame game, are you telling me kuti ZIFA ndoyakaita edefensive error, player yedu gave a short pass and lost possesion, everyone saw that live at the stadium and on tv, lack of concentration costed us the game, a poor pass and poor guarding, the defenders were meant to get onto the ball first when the corner kick was taken, poor defending from a defence that had lost possesion, the idea was to recover from the mistake, instead they were ball watching whilst the opposition rose majestically to head slice the ball through the porous defence makuti ndiCuthbert Dube, that is a coaching problem, how do you defend in the event of a corner kick, note our defence has difficulty in this instance, if you recall the loss in South Africa before a final, the oppositon scored through a cross, the goalkeeper does not come out to take or chop the ball like Japhet Muparutsa or late George Mandizvidza, The defence goes to sleep during a corner kick and wakes up to see the ball in the nets, surely the coach must have picked it up from previous games, go for a short corner if you have short strikers, the tall player goes on to take a long corner for the short strikers, a scoring chance down the drain, soccer is a game of chances, time will be ticking away as these mistakes are made. Dribbling is done when ther is noone to pass the ball and you want to go through, when someone is free, release the ball for others, shushine piano to be stopped, our shooting is so poor, someone creates good space for a shot and blasts the ball over, do we prepare at all, lets not use the platform for other things, our disgruntlement should be directed at the coach and players and not Cuthbert Dube’s inauguration as Zifa boss, do no shift attention, the team lost, where does the administration come in, they were dressed, had footwear, the ball had pressure in it, the nets were in place, the grass was good , the gate fee was good for a well consolidated crowd, the referee was good

  3. @tonderayi chanakira, it seems you dont like t.b. joshua. Anyway lets talk about our soccer. our problem is that from the beginning we have always ignored successful people through politics and tribalism if i have to say it. we are now trying to bring in these guys when they are old and useless. everything has been harare without truly considering other centres. it seems it has been easy to say anything from harare or dynamos is it and can do it. in chan the coach and his assistant tried to promote dynamos in their african safari, when they failed the coach tried to come up with another team and everything fell apart. lets stop this thing of looking everything with a harare and dynamos eye. lets try by all means to listens and carefully look for talent everywhere. lets try to listen to people especially those who seem not say much especially out of harare. what i have observed is even in phone in times, most people who call in are harare people and most of them say nothing while i walk around and i hear people from other centres saying sense.

  4. As long as Cuthbert Dube is on the reins, we shall be complaining and complaining. That post requires a soccer loving person to tell the real truth. It is not only a post of prestige ne nyembe. Dube is not leading with strategy. The most disappointing issue is that Zimbabweans truly love their soccer but they are always let down. Sorry – 2017 kure vakomana. You can see even nema responses mashoma kuti vanhu vakaguta nehasha.

  5. give money to the players and use the likes of musona , a guti ,zvasiya, jaure ,chipeta, o karuru, etc. and those who are under 17, 20 ,23 for 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018

  6. At election time we warned about Dube, mari ikafamba, mukamudzorera, the blame lies squarely with the ZIFA councillors, makatengesa nyika kuti muwane ma S2oo. The fans should target the board, all must go then we rebuild under 12,14,16,18, 20, 23, over the next years.Forget about ZIFA’s apology. Zvino mari yach muchinayo?

  7. We lost because of the carnival! Period, how can we prosper as a nation when all we do is spit in the eyes of God? That carnival is and was an despicable and abominable act in the eyes of God and unless we repent the rest assured we’ll not succeed in anything. Mark my words!

  8. Cashbet and his councillors are celebrating the nation.’s soccer funeral. They just have to resign all of them.Anywhere, how far with his idea of ZIFA FARMING venture ? This man is just a huge joke.

  9. Dube has never been part of our national soccer team. He leads Zifa, but seems unwilling to associate himself with the national team especially during preparations, and the actual matches. In this world, there is no other football association president who maintains such a great distance between himself and a national soccer team. I think it will easier for Zimbaweans to forgive Dube, if he resigns.

  10. Hebo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now please step aside for genuine administrators like Andy Hoges,Nigel Munyati,even firebrand Gwindi can do that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. the economic and political shortcomings are now being felt in our beloved sports….soccer,cricket,tennis,hockey ,swimming.People who are now managing sport ndevemusangano…zvimadhara zvega zvega…….So Zimbabwe zvemuno zvakadakwa…hapana hapana

  12. Dube wake up ! The Warriors perfomance is how Zim’s soccer standard is measured. When Dube entered the Zifa Offices, the Warriors Africa and World was higher than it is now. The current executive has scored a distinction of being the first executive to send the two junior teams and the Warriors on two years of soccer hibernation. The Zifa chairman has never watched the Warriors at home, away and possibly even on TV. What is his interest in leading a poor association he has constantly bailed whose prime product he has no interest in watching ? The Zifa Offices should not be a picnic where officers nd councillors take a nap on their way home. Whats our Chairman doing in office if he has no interest in soccer ?

  13. if the zifa boad selects the players who they want to play then dube and your squard plz resign,if the coach and your assistants u are given the authority to choose the players to use for the game then u select a midfielder zvirekw4 and use him as a right back which means u dont kn6w what u are doing resign strait away.

  14. Dear ‘Ticha’ who commented above. In defending Cashbert Dube you are in a minority of one. You must be Cuthbert in disguise

  15. Having apologised in this noble manner when can we expect some real music from the ZIFA end? Like perhaps ,Mr. Dube is resigning.

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