Seke boy (18) sentenced for raping sister

AN 18-year-old Seke teenager boy was on Friday slapped with a 5-year jail sentence by Chitungwiza Magistrate Estere Chivasa after he was convicted of raping his 5-year-old sister.

Vimbai Marufu

However, the teenager boy will serve an effective 3 years after two years were suspended on condition of good behaviour.
In passing sentence Chivasa said if the accused was over the age of 20, he would have slapped him with a jail term of more than 15 years.

“Since you are still a juvenile and you pleaded guilty, I will be lenient with you,” the magistrate said. “However, the girl suffered a lot and this will affect her for the rest of her life.

You are her brother and you were supposed to look after her, therefore, a custodial sentence is necessary.”

Circumstances of the matter were that on May 3, the complainant’s aunt left the accused in custody of his two younger sisters.
The court heard that at around 7am, the accused summoned the complainant into his bedroom, leaving his other sister outside and forced her to lie down on the bed.

Further allegations are that the accused forcibly removed her pants and had sexual intercourse with her once.

The court also heard that the complainant’s sister then entered into the bedroom and saw the accused putting on his trousers.

The matter came to light when the complainant narrated the story to her aunt when she came back. A police report was made leading to his arrest.
Loveti Muringwa prosecuted.



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  2. Sorry boy you were caught! Being a juvenile & a boy is not easy. If we had been caught too we could be history. Come back stronger & wiser

  3. ingorooraka shaa uzvipedze

  4. mfana iwe tendeuka.hauchisiri mwana mudiki iwe.ukatifira usina kutendeuka unonotitsvira kugehena.nxaa mwana anoda Jesu muupenyu hwake uyu.

  5. tendeuka chikomana.wakariwanepi zimoyo rakadai

  6. This boy is not a minor and deserved a stiffer sentence for ruining his sister’s life. Anyone 18 years and above is an adult and should be tried as such. This Magistrate is wrong!

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