Problems rocking Mutare need God: Mayor


SCORES of Mutare residents and council employees convened at Mutare Hall on Wednesday for a day of prayer seeking divine intervention over the problems haunting the eastern border city.


Mutare mayor Tatenda Nhamarare told the prayer meeting that the situation currently prevailing in the city would only be “saved” by God alone.

“This city is for all of us and this programme is a product of many people starting from churches, council employees and officials as well as the residents. We have gathered here to pray to God that He helps us on a number of problems that we are facing,” he said.

“From council employees to residents, all is not well and we have decided to seek God’s intervention. We expect that after prayer, our challenges will be a thing of the past.”

Mutare is facing many challenges which have resulted in council failing to provide essential services including water, refuse collection and street lights, while roads are now dilapidated.

Council employees have gone for about seven months without receiving their salaries and as a cost-cutting measure, the city has trimmed its workforce.
Various church organisations also attended the prayer.


  1. Thank you Mr. Mayor. That’s a step in the right direction. Allow me to share with you some words of wisdom from the Russian speaking world…YOU CAN TRUST GOD BUT YOU MUST ALSO DO YOUR HOMEWORK. So after the prayers let’s take concrete action to resolve the decay. They say, James Brian was chiefly booted from the Council because he ordered an Audit of Municipal Finances. Tinozvisikira Moto muziso. Thank you for organizing the prayers meeting. But LETS DO OUR HOMEWORK.

  2. you must confess first for colluding and voting for a Zanu pf deputy mayor.Also siyana nekuenda kun’anga nevakadzi vevanhu

  3. its good to ask for divine intervention but clean yourselves first. God help those who help themselves so go back and start from the basics, first by auditing council books.

  4. This is tantamount to grossly abusing God’s Mercy! You have a council and ratepayers who pay rates. You take the funds for a wk-long seminar at Leopard Rock, you pay yourselves handsome allowances, send your children to pvt schools, buy your wives ma Email, you dont pay the workers, you fire James for demanding an audit, you dont repair refuse trucks nor faucets then you call everyone for a prayer! Mwari havazvidi zvamuri kuita.

  5. What? praying for God’s intervention where there is mere incompetency. Can this mayor be serious. Even those that joined him must be crazy. You are reaping what you sow in the last five year of MDC governance there. Mutare yaora, masvingo yaora, Harare yaora Bulawayo yaora pasara ndepapi. MDC should have been exemplary in the urban areas where they ruled for five years kuti vanogona basa. Now its messy everywhere. Mwari havapindire patsvina dzakadai. You are cursed.

  6. Each one of us alive today, will have to reap what we have sown! Our Lord is not a respecter or persons. Watch out! Your time is nearer than you think.

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