Police tortured, starved us, allege Vapostori

People get locked for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of expression

Twenty-four members of the Johanne Masowe weChishanu apostolic sect arrested last Sunday on allegations of being part of a group involved in violent skirmishes with the police in Budiriro, Harare, yesterday claimed they were tortured and detained for over two days without food before they being brought to court.


The 24 are part of the 27 sect members so far brought to court on charges of assaulting police officers and journalists following a raid at their shrine last Friday.

They appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe yesterday facing charges of public violence.

Their three alleged accomplices appeared in court on Monday and were remanded in custody to June 16.

The accused claimed that although they never resisted arrest, they were denied food and severely battered by the law enforcement agents while in police cells.

Said one of the suspects Emmanuel Sigauke: “I was assaulted by the police officers upon arrest and was also denied food. I only ate today on our way to court.”

Tichafa Madyegora raised the same complaint, adding that he received a severe beating on his ears and had since developed hearing problems.

“I was assaulted in such a manner that I have developed hearing problems. As I speak, I can hardly hear with my other ear since the assault, I started hearing with the other a short while ago,” Madyegora said.

The unrepresented accused appeared in court shackled in leg irons and handcuffs.

The court remanded them in custody to June 16 and ordered that they should be medically examined to ascertain the alleged torture claims.

After noting down the accused’s complaints, Chikwekwe remanded them in custody to June 16 and ordered the State to investigate the allegations raised against the police.

Chikwekwe later castigated the Prosecutor-General’s Office for being unprofessional after State counsel Francesca Mukumbiri said she was not opposed to the granting of bail to the suspects, hardly 12 hours after denying bail to the other sect members.

“I am surprised that the State is not being professional, it is blowing hot and cold at the same time. Less than 12 hours ago, the same State strongly opposed bail against members of the same church facing similar allegations, but now turns around and consents to bail, why is that so?” Chikwekwe queried.

“I am of the view that it will not be in the interest of justice to grant the accused persons bail at this juncture as this will endanger their safety. And further to that, releasing the accused persons will cause chaos and public outcry.”

Allegations against all the accused are that on May 30 this year they participated in the attack on 26 police officers, journalists and officials from the Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe led by Bishop Johannes Ndanga following the latter three groups’ arrival at their shrine in Budiriro 2.

Police had escorted Ndanga to close the shrine and ban the church over allegations of gross abuse of women and children’s rights.

Click here to see pictures of their court appearance


  1. Biased magistrate.u now the prosecutor and judge at th same tym?who is going to harm them?So u wanted to please the public instead of dealing with case without influence?who is the public in this case?so if the public say release them they are innocent u will do so?i bet u they are not going to have a fair trial and they will be further remanded in custody,though they wil get bail later.shame magistrate.

    1. unrepresented?asi vati they dont want the help of legal counsel here mapostori aya?i dont think hangu the judge was biased he made a fair judgement because all suspects should be treated equally .asi pafair trial i agree these guys will not have one they will be used as an example to others and in the process most of their human rights wil be ignored in the process

  2. Vakuru vanoti, “Ukatamba nemoto unofa nemoto”, imi mungarove mapurisa muti zvinoperea kupi nhai madzibaba. Some of the police force are in hospital struggling for their lives including the ZBC journalist and saka zvichinzi usaitire vamwe zvakaipa nekuti hwedza ndiwewo.

  3. release those people. havana chavakatadzira state or anyone. instead they are the victims because their religious shrine was invaded by some militias purporting to be police and now the shrine is even burnt down including some of their properties. what form of justice are you trying to exercise here you mere appendages of a patronage system that has outlived itself?

  4. Evn if the apostolic members wrongly assaulted the cops, justice must be seen to be takin its course without subjecting them to human rights abuse like torturing them and denying them food. Our police act like they r above the law, they must lead b example. Wat a disgrace our cops. shame i fell pity for these detained pple now

  5. I told you guys, maiti zvinoperera papi kurova muporisa. Mati madii!
    Dai makavatendeutsa apinde churchi yenyu kwete kurova nakirwai henyu. Ndini hama yemungonjo.

  6. everthing was done unprofessional,at first they should have summoned madzibaba and part of the leaders,ndanga was not supposed to go there.If madzibaba had not compiled to the summon then action to be taken without ndanga.ndanga only to be called when these people have been arrested.the commissioner,mai charamba should address this situation with fairness

    1. If it was your girl child or a close relative who was abused by those idiots.you won’t be saying that. Home dhuk

      1. human rights abuses are not corrected by barbaric behavior.

  7. they is no peace,fairness and justice on earth! TENZI ndivo chete vachauya nekutonga kwakarurama but beware ma judges nepolice in executing your duties tongai munhu maererano nemhosva yake nokuti kutongwa kwenyu imwi kuchange kuri stricter ipapo pachava nekugeda geda kwameno!

  8. Muchinyanya nemiwo.

  9. iwe mpostori ukawana nguva ukwane ,,,uda tikunzwire tsitsi ko mfrut wamakatyora maoko nekuponda msoro mait mukutyora huni..rohwa kusvika nzeve iyoyo yatyoka kkk kana ichityoka…

  10. Mapostori anyura sedambe yeeeee

  11. Hokoyo nenhamo I said it nhasi mamega muchitokisi ngavakununureika vaikupembedzai kupusa kufanana naambuya vakafira muhozi vachitya helicopter nyika yaani iyoyo inorohwa mapurisa makapusa stereki this s Zimbabwe not SA muchakaura

  12. Shame on the “justice” delivery system. Why did this Ndanga chap have a coterie of ZRP boys and reporters in tow? They wanted to dramatise the whole thing and got what they deserve.

  13. Kana makanyimwa food varovei fut sterek varikukunyimai iwawo msanzwa tsitsi,plus magara munotsanya wani nhasi chiizve chanetsa,mugoti unopuwa anyerere “keep quite”

  14. Kkkkkkkk

  15. This learned judge is saying if granted bail their lives r in danger from who enlighten us pliz

  16. mamama mapostori maiita basa rekufurrwa izvozvi chasara kuisirwa kafira mberi muchikafu mozofa zvenyu mabudamo. Issue yekutouture hamusati badii muchati bhu kusura

  17. give us the number of reported cases of abuse and children enrolled after the arrest of their abusers, if there are no cases reported or congestion in schools for registering children for enrollment what is Ndanga saying somebody help me.

  18. @nyanga they are now accused for beating up the police who them and ndanga started it anyway. as for the abuse forget about it because it might be there anyway. if it had been there the right channels would have been used because that is a serious case that does not need this over excited zanu ndanga man to be involved in.

  19. Mwari pindirai

    Ndezvepasi pano izvo ndavaponde zvavo asi ngozi ichatevera madzinza avo ndopaunotoona mwana achiti when i grow up i want2be a policeman nehutsinye ihwohwo sunday vamwe vanenge varikuchurch chinenge chichinamatwa chii manje?munhu asungwa ndaatongwe kwete kurohwa nekunyimwa chikafu

  20. Starving and torturing the mapostori in the jail will not change their stance. In fact Zanu pf has created enemity with the people who used to attend their functions and vote for them. When the western countries talk about human rights abuse in Zimbabwe some people do not understand what they will be saying. This is a good example of inviting sanctions unfortunately they will quickly start blaming MDC.

  21. mapurisa akadhinhiwa coz they didn’t expect kuti vanorohwa nemapostori, they are trying to regain their pride but vakatorohwa ende futi takaseka , tichiri kungoseka

  22. Mapostori ngadzidze kunamata kwete kurova Mapurisa eHurumende moti uri ani iwee mupostori zvako netsvimbo yako. Zivai zvekunamata musiyane nezvekurwisa maporisa.

    Saka tsvimbo maexhibits kkkkk.

    Madzibaba you dont retaliate to Police officers and think it ends there vanombokubikai kusvika maibva then they will refer you to court. By the way dont expect mercy from the magistrate.

  23. Wow. News from a country being led by a 90 year old idiot. Anyway this is an introduction to the real beatings this miserable police ‘force’ will have to endure when demonstrations for jobs start any time soon.

  24. Hoko pamunda uri dofo chairo.

  25. Vanovhota nei ivo vachirasa zvitupa?

    KuMDC ndiko kunodiwa vasina zvitupa vanowanza number paRally,kwete kuZANU PF tinoda vanezvitupa.

  26. Mungatadza nei kurohwa, fitness hapana mukuru wenyu achidonha sesaga paparade kudaro .Zizi zvatoonekwa kuti harina nyanga chenjerai kuramba muchirohwa nepovho.

  27. Mapositori aya ari kuti they were denied food in Police Cells. I don’t think that’s true. The truth of the matter is hakuna chekudya chacho. Hurumende yakaguma kare kuprovider food yemasuspects.

  28. hey mapostori were ecstatically posssesed y dnt u jus release y u act lyk u ddnt went to xul

  29. mapurisa akarohwa nemapositora ambori mangani, number yacho irikuchinja chinja zvichienderana nekuti ndiani anyora.

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