New twist to Gimboki housing saga


THE Gimboki housing saga in Mutare has taken a new twist with the private company contracted to develop the area, Dreamoss Investments, accusing housing consortiums at the scheme of fleecing thousands of dollars from desperate home seekers.


Two splinter camps are claiming to be in charge of the seven housing consortiums jointly developing the Gimboki South area.

One group is led by the Mike Duru, a losing Zanu PF candidate in the Chikanga/Dangamvura constituency, and the other one is controlled by David Mafuru. Dreamoss Investments wrote to Mutare town clerk Obert Muzawazi on May 19 this year, accusing the Duru-led executive of fraudulently collecting money from home seekers.

“They are fraudulently taking from us instalments meant to develop Phase 1 and 2. The worst scenario is whereby beneficiaries are being asked to deposit money into a bank account other than opened by Mutare Housing Consortium,” reads the letter.

“They have vowed to cripple us financially despite Dreamoss offering them an office to operate from without paying anything. Our clients are seriously affected by the confusion caused by the Consortium and we, therefore, seek a communiqué from you sir to direct all those clients registered with Dreamoss to deposit their instalments into the Steward Bank account.”

Contacted for comment yesterday, Muzawazi said it was wrong to collect money from members and fail to account for it.

“At the moment the consortiums rushed to open accounts. Why are they rushing to open accounts?” Muzawazi asked.

“We gave the Duru executive a number of assignments to clear their records before anyone come aboard. They should finish the audit and clear the debtors.”
He, however, said the Marufu executive should wait until an annual general meeting before taking over.

Muzawazi said ideally, money should be deposited into one consortium executive account. Developers would be paid from that account to avoid confusion and theft.

The seven housing consortiums in Gimboki are Mutare Private Companies with 1 500 members, National Housing Development Trust (2224), CMED (50), Zimbabwe Prison Services (107), Zimbabwe National Army (300), Mutare Housing Development Union (1 500) and National Railways of Zimbabwe (135).


  1. Duru is a thief and mai Tsuro they both must be arrested,after all they were not even voted into office,they are impositions of the housing director Mapurisana,

    • It is long time since this project had commenced, 2007 to date and no substance is being witnessed on the ground. Contribution had since made towards but only to realise double allocation of stand numbers other than development. we had since engaged the Town Clerk to oversee the progress but bring no results. As I consider the majority comprising the consortium are the civil servants. why anti corruption are not being engaged in the investigation of the developments. If the town clerk failed to ascetain this matter then shall force the affected to fill their ground stands for accomodation because time had draged past without meeting the planned aggrement, in which it spelt the completion of the project by 2012 but not yet even the phase 1. Guys sanity had failed to prevailed in the project and it is high time the Government had neglected us. why why why failing to make a consensus concerning this subject. we need to develop our stands alone cause our masters had proved to be a failure since 2007. Thanks for publishing this rot and shit things bedevelling our city of Mutare.

      • Duru, Mai Tsuro, Dreamos Mapurisa and even Town Clerk are are creating confusion and benefitting from the the poor Gimboki beneficiaries. Nhai ngavarege zvido zvevanhu ziitike New consortium leadership should be alowed to take over

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