Nathan Shamuyarira dies


Former minister and retired Zanu PF Information secretary Nathan Shamuyarira died on Wednesday night at West End Clinic in Harare. He was 85.

Shamuyarira died after a long illness.

Born on 29 September 1928, Shamuyarira fought in the country’s struggle for liberation and was to later serve as an information minister before retiring to focus on his role as Zanu PF secretary for Information.

In 2010, he left active politics and was out of the limelight until the time of his death.

Details of his funeral and national hero status were not immediately available


    • It was not all about carrying a gun. Some carried guns and did the fighting, but guns did not grow on trees, someone had to source for them. Some were fighting on the diplomatic front, some were cooking for the guerillas, and others were providing information and clothing for the fighters. The struggle was a broad project with one objective.

      • Tha’s so true Machakachaka, many people think that those who carried a gun are the only ones who fought. What about the women who cooked for the guerillas and on top of that some were raped by the same guerillas that they were feeding. What about those who provided clothes for the guerillas risking to be killed by the Rhodesian fronts if caught carrying khakis also known as “sting” clothes for the guerillas?

        we all faught for this country!

        • Exactly! So why were a few rewarded with 50 grand? Why were another small batch only rewarded with farms if all fought the war?

  1. Condolences to Shamuyarira family, The old guard is perishing bit by bit, we await the big day when the big dog is also put to sleep then Zimbabwe will be free

  2. Shamuyarira has gone for good. Mike Campbell may see him up there and ask him about stealing farms, burning houses and almost beating him to death.

    • Too right. Hero my backside. Sent his own thugs to beat up and half kill and elderly couple and their son in law. Trust me, his time for punishment has come at last. Try to explain yourself at the pearly gates.

  3. Him ,Perence,Enos,RG responsible for Gukurahundi.I cannot with a clear conscience say RIP,not now maybe never

  4. RIP Cde Shamuyarira. Wafa wanaka. Asi hamuna kurwa hondo maive ve UANC (Dzakutsaku) makazoita Frolizi just before independence, kwakukuchipinda mu ZANU PF. Vanhu ndavasanyepe ne zita renyu

    • @Eddy. So only those who were with Zanu fought the war? Why was Frolizi formed? What does Frolizi mean? check ypur history, Frolizi, fyi, was formed to unite ZANU AND ZAPU. UANC, was fighting internally. Compare what the South African ANC and the Boers did, with what Mzorewa and Smith did, is it not similar. The routes may be different, but they all wanted blacks to be liberated, some through the bullet, some through negotiations

      • The South African internal arrangement was completely different from the Zimbabwean one. In South Africa, the internal negotiations resulted in the war stopping, and elections that included everyone were held. In Zimbabwe, UANC negotiated with the whites and a few other internal parties, excluding the Patriotic Front (PF ZAPU and ZANU PF). UANC got into power and began sending white dominated troops to bomb PF ZAPU and ZANU PF. The whites believed that, all they needed was to defeat the guerillas and remain with political and military influence in this country. With a black prime minister (Muzorewa), Zimbabwe-Rhodesia would then strive for international recognition. The internal lot only agreed to internationally mediated inclusive talks when they realized that ZIPRA and ZANLA were gaining the upper hand in the war zones.

        • machakachaka the scenario in RSA is the same. mandela was negotiating whilst in RSA whereas some of the leaders were in Zambia and were even accusing of selling out, Muzorewa was negotiating whilst some of the leaders were in Zambia and Mozambique, because we are power hungry we did not accept it and now we all know why as can be seen by what is happening now. These guys could have stopped the war and joined the elections early and who knows we would have a real democracy not this dictatorship with a fake democratic regalia.

        • When Frolizi and UANC negotiated for an internal settlement, how many seats were reserved for whites, out of how many? When the Lancaster house discussions were completed, how many were reserved? 20 out of 100, 20%? The internal settlement reserved10 seats in the Senate and 28 seats in the House of Assembly for the white minority, and a quarter of the Cabinet positions. So the guys went to war for a mere 5%.
          The main reason the internal settlement did not work, was because Smith declared UDI, and was therefore not recognised, so any agreement initiated by him was not recognised. At the end, in Lancaster, his demands were met…

  5. It’s is only that Mugabe has distorted history and abused hero status. You did not have to have fought on the side of Zanu to be declared a hero coz it is not the only part that was anti-colonialism. Whether from Ndonga or from Frolizi, the objective was to rid of suppression and a good gvt was supposed to have noted that as citizens everyone wanted a free Zimbabwe. Mhanda, Ndabaningi Sithole and the like deserve to be recognised for the role they played towards emancipation, not this zezurilisation of the national shrine. Who has not erred in life and is Mugabe a God. We all know where he has blundered big time, but can we say he does not deserve to be recognised? A big no. Do we have to consult him of hero status of those who will follow after him? Does it mean the shrine will be closed after his departure? He is not the alfa and omega, and so should not judge others as if he is divine.

    • If the Hero statuses is granted for those who fought during the liberation along Zanu PF only, so then it means in 20 or so years to come the heroes acre shall be closed as all the so called Heroes will be finished by then. hahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. if you need reference to imagery of an honourable minister this was it no question he personified all the proper universally acclaimed credentials one has to have and carry while in political power including mastery in soliloquy.

    RIP !!

  7. Death is letting Mugabe down, how could it rob everbody he has ever known and live him with strangers?

  8. National Hero for doing what? For being elected into power? Preposterous. Do not be fooled by these crooks – it was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 after Muzorewa’s reign. Zanu or Zapu never won a single skirmish against the Rhodesian army or Zimbabwe-Rhodesian army. Let me hasten to add – we were a BILLION times better off under white rule than we are now under ZanuPF. Rhodesia was the second most prosperous economy in Africa. We had many black millionaires in Rhodesia. Most of these people in ZanuPF were living outside the country for years and do not know what was going on inside. In Rhodesia, we blacks, were exempt from paying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation tax. Only whites and white businesses were compelled to pay these taxes. But in 1980 Zanu paid us back for voting them into power by compelling all to pay income tax at 45% of take home pay and all businesses to pay corporation tax. What is that?
    You will told lies by these lying morons that they defeated Ian Smith – where and when you should ask them. There was black rule before Zanu came into power. ZanuPF does not like this because they falsely claim credit – they know a lot of the people in Zimbabwe are hopelessly gullible and docile and will believe anything. Yes, they are in power and can do and say what they like but to us who witnessed all the events it is a lie to say Zanu “liberated the country” because they did not. Black rule was negotiated by Olivia Muchena, now ZanuPF cabinet minister, Muzorewa, James Chikerema, Silas Mundawarara, Ndabaningi Sithole, George Nyandoro, Enock Dumbutshena, Chief Chirawu, Chief Ndiweni, Simpson Mtambanengwe and others resulting in Muzorewa being elected the prime minister taking over from Ian Smith. ZanuPF will lie to you that Ian Smith was forced to the negotiating table by the war – that is untrue because Ian Smith had been involved in negotiations with various black political parties since the late 1960s including Joshua Nkomo and Zapu.
    Ian Smith was leant on by S African Prime Minister John Vorster and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to accept majority rule in 1976 in Pretoria. After a meeting with John Vorster in S Africa Ian Smith made the following statement,
    “The proposals which were put to us do not represent what in our view would have been the best solution for the Rhodesian problem.
    “Regretfully, however, we were not able to make our views prevail. … The American and British governments, together with major Western powers, have made up their minds as to the kind of solution they wish to see in Rhodesia, and they are determined to bring it about” – We all knew black rule was inevitable.
    I have never supported any political party but was a reluctant member of the NDP in 1960 and then later Zapu in Highfield so don’t start saying I am a follower of this or that party because I am not.

    • the guy never went to war. instead he formed the FROLIZ party which was actually against ZANU PF. he was part of the UANC yaMuzorewa but he immediately crossed floors at independence on realising that muzorewa will never win. even Patrick Chinamasa, who now masquerades as a diehard ZANU PFF, he actually was dzakutsaku yaMUzorewa (UANC). he was a member big tym but crossed floors because he saw a benefit in doing so and now he is in the politiburo yet his UANC fought against ZANLA and ZIPRA in 1977, 1978, and 1979. ICHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    • Imi munofanira kunyora bhuku chairo, “Did the white man ever hunted for slaves”

      • @Chokwadi – you are showing your ignorance. All you are aware of is white slave trade but not Arab slave trade or black slave trade where the local traditional chiefs at the time were complicit in selling those subjects they did not like to slave traders in exchange for trinkets. Whites took slaves, Arabs took slaves – that is when they built Zimbabwe Ruins now Great Zimbabwe. Blacks also took slaves – Matebele took slaves from the Fort Victoria area, now Masvingo, which is why you have the Kalanga in Matebeleland. Kalanga is a mixture of Zezuru and ChiNdebele.
        Fast asleep.

    • Yu have sung your song but we are not listening so why dont just shut up. Not withstanding your prepostrous assertions, one thing is clear iwe wanga uri DZAKUTSAKU! Yes, we defeated Smith’s army hands down, we mined the roads,ambushed convoys…yu want examples? Ko paMavhonde? Your army had to retreat leaving equipment, the dead and the injured. Muno munyika, Pachief Marozva kuBikita pakona yedam paya a platoon ye RAR was enganged and assaulted, tikatora mawatch, maradio, pfuti dzavo ne ma jombo. Zvimwe zvacho hazvinyoreki. Dai wakanga uripo dei usipo izvozvi. That battle effectively cut the Masvingo Mutare Road.Thats how and why power changed. “Never in a thousand years!”

  9. @musona. The morons you talk of are Magret Thacher, Jimmy Carter, John Vorster and most of western world who forced your beloved Ian Smith to Lancaster House conference talks for a genuine independence for Zimbabwe. Your anger should be directed to the British, especailly Queen Elizabeth and her govt. Direct your verbal diarrhoea to them Blacks did not pay taxes before independence because salaries were determined by one’s colour and not qualifications. Black businesses were too few and were not formalised and hence uneconomic to collect tax from them. Please dont comment on matters you dont have expertise on least you show your ignorance, although ignorance of the law is no excuse. The late George Nyandoro who was also part of frolizi lies at the National Heroes Acre and Cde Nathan Shamuyarira will join the gallant sons and daughters there. RIP gamba remagamba

  10. liberation was won through various negotiations that were held. THE LAST negotiations to be held were the Lancaster House Conference negotiations. UANC, RF ,ZANU, ZAPU ETC were involved. ZANU HAS claimed credit at the exclusion of other parties. It’s a shame.

  11. It’s very sad for the family, party people and the rest., personally I think it was time., Rest In Peace big guy.

  12. My condolences CDE. But at least mwafa mwahla. Mochitiona henyu muri kudengatichitambura isu van vamutota. masiyira vamwe vezanu mafuta enyika CDE.gara zviya vashamhu gwendo gwapera diamond makange mariona here imi? i never heard yua name in the diamond looting spree?
    Kasukuwere nampofu havagoni kana kugara nekufuta mufunge. chiwenga and crew mutsipa kuzvimba nekufuta! iro diamond iri? mukoma nhingi vekumanicaland vakatozovhura kari ka account kawo so that he makes’timely’ withdrawals. Inonzi Boko Haram iyoyo asi kana muri muzim inenge yave kunzi zanu pf!!

  13. I’m so touched. Death is cruel. It has robbed us of a galant son of the soil at a very tender age. He was still so young hence he’ll never rest in peace but in turmoil. Maiwee zvangu.

  14. He was supposed to be writing Mugabe’s Biography now who writes it, tichverenga ngano instead of the real Biography. Mugabe himself cannot write it now since he can barely see or has the energy to write, hopefully Chatunga can start now using oral story from mudhara. Rest In Peace Shamuyarira you were the only one who at least decided to take a rest when these other oldies still think they have the stamina to loot.

  15. At least he enjoyed the seeds of liberation with his friends but a lot are languishing in poverty and hopelessnes. He must go answer for his sins

  16. @Gandanga – Stupid lying bastard – a man called John Ruredzo owned Ruredzo Motors. He employed WHITE diesel Mechanics to fix his buses in Rhodesia. He paid these white guys who in turn paid income tax but John Ruredzo himself did not pay income tax or corporation tax. Solomon Tavengwa was company Director at Rio Tinto in Rhodesia , he earned more than the white miners at Rio Tinto who paid income at and Solomon Tavengwa did not pay any income tax in Rhodesia. Muchadeyi Masunda, ex-Mayor if Harare, was a Senior Partner in Gill, Godlontons and Gerrans (Lawyers) in Salisbury, and was also Cmpnay Director of Duly’s. He earned more than the ordinary white motor mechanics at Duly’s who paid income tax in Rhodesia. The late Amos Chirunda (lawyer) was Director of many companies in Rhodesia but paid no income tax. Honor Mkushi was a Company Director of many companies in Rhodesia but paid no income tax but white employees paid income tax in those companies where he was Director. Abner Bosch (black business man) was Director of many companies, lived in High field – paid no income tax. Lawyer, Chihambakwe, was a Director of many companies but paid no income tax – whites employed at the companies where he was Director paid income tax even when they earned less than Chihambakwe.

    Edgar Tekere shot a white farm manager employed by Philimon Murambiwa aka Machipisa – the man who had the first shop in Machipisa, Highfield. The white farm manager paid income tax but his employer, Philimon Murambiwa did not pay any income tax.

    There were a few black doctors at Harare and Mpilo (late Dr Zhou and Ushewokunze) who were earning more than the white nurses at these two hospitals. The white nurses paid income tax and no black doctor paid income tax in Rhodesia.

    The first BLACK MULTI-MILLIONAIRE in Rhodesia, George Tavengwa (owner of Mushandira Pamwe Hotel, Highfield), Solomon Tavengwa’s father, owned 150 buses, 9 Commercial farms where he employed white farm managers who paid income tax and George Tavengwa did not pay income tax or corporation tax on his businesses.

    There were thousands of black businessmen who had more money than some whites but they were exempt from paying income tax and corporation tax.

    In the mid-1970s I was a manager with white trainees under my wing who were paid less than me but they paid income tax, I was exempt from paying income tax. I was working for the same company right up to 1991 and in 1980 I still got the same pay I was getting before 1980.

    In Rhodesia you got paid what you negotiated with your employer. If you chose to be a garden boy you got garden boy’s wages, full stop.

    If you were clever in Rhodesia – the sky was the limit. Race was never a big issue.


  17. Aiwa at 85 years akambodya meZanu. To me its only a few genuine heroes at that mountain grave yard. Shamuyarira was just a opportunist guy he was not a freedom fighter. RIP.

  18. MUSONA,
    Thanks for having the guts for telling the true story for what it was. Yes there were bad things, very bad but why do we Africans never ever see the very good things that helped convert us from stone age into the so called civilised world . The baton was handed over in 1980 with lots of help ” financial and moral” from our oppressors , but as Africans, collectively, do we ever appreciate that fact. NEVER. I know you and I do, that’s for sure, but we seem to be alone, very alone, on this one.
    Taona na.

  19. @Musona thank you for the detailed information. Some people were brainwashed to the extent of believing that white rule was oppressive and blacks were all disadvantaged.

  20. @musona. Muchadeyi Masunda is still alive and can testify against the nonsense you are preaching. Please can you avail the records of those you claim did not pay tax and show us under which section of the Income Tax Act they were exempted, given that the same Income Tax Act currently in use is the same act that was introduced in the sixties by your beloved Smith administration. Before independence, I worked for a commercial bank and I paid income tax and I have a coupla my pay slips which show income tax was deducted. Blacks were forced to do national service during the reign of the puppet Muzorewa. Maybe musona was not forced to do national service or was exempt, kkkk as he was born in Highfield. Musona was not allowed to stay in Highlands and even the first black millionaire, Tawengwa were confirmed to Highfields and not Highlands

  21. @musona, Muchadeyi Masunda was in nineteen fifty four according to his biography. This means he must have started primary school in nineteen sixty one at the age of seven and at that primary school was eight years, ie sub-A to standard six. I was a year behind him. His six years of secondary school means he only went to varsity in niniteen seventy five. A law degree is four year study at the then University of Rhodesia. This means he graduated end of nineteen seventy eight and started working in nineteen seventy nine and you claim he was senior partner in law firm before independnce but was not paying tax. There is no way a fresher from varsity can become a partner in a white or black owned law firm. Lawyers have always being regulated by law under the Law Society of Rhodesia and later Zimbabwe. The above facts on Muchadeyi Masunda show a you are a pathetic liar. Anyone can verify with the Law Society of Zimbabwe and see who is telling the truth. This one case proves you a damn liar. I rest my case with bambo musona of Highfields.

  22. @musona, Muchadeyi Masunda was born in ninenteen fifty four according to his biography. This means he must have started primary school in nineteen sixty one at the age of seven and at that time primary school was eight years, ie sub-A to standard six. I was a year behind him. His six years of secondary school means he only went to varsity in ninenteen seventy five. A law degree is four year study at the then University of Rhodesia. This means he graduated end of nineteen seventy eight and started working in nineteen seventy nine and you claim he was senior partner in law firm before independnce but was not paying tax. There is no way a fresher from varsity can become a partner in a white or black owned law firm. Lawyers have always being regulated by law under the Law Society of Rhodesia and later Zimbabwe. The above facts on Muchadeyi Masunda show a you are a pathetic liar. Anyone can verify with the Law Society of Zimbabwe and see who is telling the truth. This one case proves you a damn liar. I rest my case with bambo musona of Highfields.

  23. Mr editor please kindly accord Mr Musona and Gandanga space in your widely read newspaper to debate,we seem to enjoy this piece.Thank you sir

  24. zanu pf haina kutombogara yanaka zvachose Yavanoti freedom ndeya Mugabe nematop officials ake chete whilst the rest the country is languishing in poverty

  25. @Musona Great Zimbabwe was not built by Arab slaves as you purport but by the Karanga speaking people. As for TjiKalanga being a mixture of Ndebele and Zezuru, that couldn’t be further from the truth. the Kalanga language was in existence in this land long before the Ndebele speaking people arrived around 1840

  26. Nematambudziko,mhuri yekwa Shamuyarira,hama neshamwari,pamwe nevana veZimbabwe!Ticheme netariro inehunhu uye yakaruruma.Hazvina kunaka kupemberera rufu,uye tisatarisire kufa kwevamwe kana umwe wedu sedanho richaunza budiriro kwatiri.Budiriro inouya nekushandira budiriro,kufa panzvimbo budiriro,uye kusandura mashandiro nekuita kwatinoita mazuva osetakanangana budiriro.Titenderei gamba redu zororo murugare vana veZimbabwe.

  27. @ Musona. Excelent presentation of facts. It helps some of us who were born after 1980 to understand that colonial rule was not as bad as it is being painted.

  28. Dear Readers,

    It is with deep sadness that I extend my condolences to His Excellency, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe & the people of this Great Nation of Zimbabwe on the passing on of the former Honorable Minister Cde. Nathan Shamuyarira.

    Being a born free Zimbabwean, I cannot comment much about WHAT WE USED TO BE as a Nation, however, being a progressive Zimbabwean I have much to say about what WE CAN BE as a Nation.






    (Make A Difference ZIMbabwe Arise)

  29. Can we be true to our culture and respect the dead. I don’t think its a proper platform to air unnessary political views. May his sole rest in Peace.

  30. Great Zimbabwe its controversial on who built it that led to the coming of two theories 1 eurocentric view 2 Afrocentric view.l rest my case your worship

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