Mutodi stole from housing trust: Court hears

THE trial of prominent musician-cum-property developer Energy Mutodi over a $2 million fraud charge opened at the Harare Magistrates’ Court yesterday with former National Housing Delivery Trust (NHDT) projects manager Chandafira Pasipamire alleging that the housing projects collapsed because his boss, who was the sole signatory to the trust, would collect beneficiaries’ subscriptions and convert them to his personal use.


Mutodi is the director of NHDT, which developed housing stands for mostly civil servants in different parts of the country.

Pasipamire, however, said over 300 Bulawayo families benefited from the scheme and managed to build houses as Mutodi was afraid of tampering with funds of the scheme in that city after members had insisted that their funds should not be diverted to Harare.

“Mutodi was the sole signatory of the company and would withdraw money deducted from SSB (Salary Service Bureau) willy-nilly for personal use,” Pasipamire told regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya.

“Bulawayo members were committed and vigilant, wanting to know how their money was used. Mutodi had no access to the Bulawayo housing project’s money because the members wrote a letter instructing him that their money was not to go to Harare,” he said.

Pasipamire said the company’s housing project in Gweru collapsed due to alleged mismanagement by Mutodi’s younger brother who also helped himself to the subscriptions together with his elder brother.

He said when he joined the trust in 2006 and was subsequently transferred to Harare on promotion, he established that $345 000 was paid for Caledonia Housing Project. ads Ads

“I realised that there was no paper work and I started digging deeper into the issue. Mutodi cautioned me that he had not employed me to carry an audit, but manage his housing projects,” he said.

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  1. aerial production

    so mutodi aiBowler nemari dzekuba, inga zvakaoma. Mukandei mujere, key yacho modonhedzera mucamp yeBoko Horam

  2. well done byo members for that of not allowing the thieves to do that. you have always been vigilant although people have always critising you for that.

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  4. Savious Gunda

    This Energy Mutodi idiot is a heartless thief who stole from longsuffering civil servants on the pretext that he was going to provide serviced stands to them. The fellow must rot in jail and all his assets must be sold to pay those who invested in his National Housing Development Trust (NHDT).

  5. Savious Gunda

    This is a clear example of conmanship. The fellow must have all his assets auctioned to repay those who lost money invested in his NHDT. All housing development trusts must be investigated so that the unsuspecting public does not get fleeced by well-connected conmen!

  6. Everyone with the chance and acces to cash are stealling.The ministers do it,church leaders do it.Even thieves steal money only these days.But wen caught do not blame evil spirist.

  7. kumeso kumbishi

    Kwasara mbavha dzinonzi Fundukwa naTrust Rutsvara vakabira vanhu mari paground raZIKO kuAmsterdam Harare South vachinyepa kuti iState land hameno kuti ivo ndivo anaState vacho here

  8. Ma civil servants kuvatawozve!

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