Mutedza murder trial: Cameraman confirms video


UNITED Families International Church (UFIC) cameraman Ruzevha Mashata yesterday said the video tape that was presented in court showing MDC-T activist Last Maengehama in a church service was an original recording and had not been edited.


Speaking during cross examination by prosecutor Edmore Nyazamba in the trial in which eight MDC-T activists are accused of murdering police officer Petros Mutedza on May 29, 2011, Mashata said the original recording was never tampered with.

Mashata told High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu that according to the UFIC policy, all copies of recordings were preserved in their original forms and editing was done separately.
The former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation cameraman said he was not aware of any editing done to the video between 2011 and 2014.

As he was led by defence counsel Beatrice Mtetwa, he said he never had any interests in the recording — in which Maengahama is captured while in the service on the day Mutedza was allegedly murdered — until it was requested for purposes of the trial, so there was no way he could have tampered with it.

Although the date of recording is not indicated in the video, Mashata told the court that tape showed the date, venue and the cameraman’s name and some of its scenes mirrored those on the other dated recording.

Nyazamba, however, insisted that there was a possibility that the recording could have been tampered with between 2011 and 2014 since Mashata never had access to it.

He also queried the authenticity of the three–hour long video purportedly capturing a service that ran from 6 o’clock in the morning to 5pm  in the evening.

Mutedza died May 29 2011 at a Glen View shopping centre after an alleged attack from MDC-T youths.

At least 31 MDC-T members were arrested in connection with the case. All the activists, except seven, were acquitted at the close of the State case.

The court ruled that Maengahama, Tungamirai Madzokere, Yvonne Musarurwa, Lazarus Maengahama, Edwin Muingiri, Phineas Nhatarikwa and Paul Rukanda had to be put on their defence because they had a case to answer.

The trial continues on Monday.


    • No great escape here, it was common knowledge that this was a trumped up case based on hatred in the force, unfortunately with a nasty end….nyaya irimumapurisa imomo.

  1. we have the most unprofessional & useless police force in the world who are still stuck in a bush war mode after an incredibile 34 years of independence

    • Correct me if i am wrong – this tape should be declared inadmissible. The prosecutor is right in questioning the authenticity of the tape. The onus is on the defense to prove its a true copy and tapering was ever done. Mashata is not a subject expert matter on this. The prosecutor should be able to rip this apart.

  2. This week a tout died in police custody at Mbudzi. It’s very likely the police will hunt down MDC-T activists for this. This police force has a high propensity to murder hence the vapostori took the law into their own hands for fear of being murdered. The death of this police officer Mutedza is very unfortunate but the murderers are not the ones arrested but his fellow workmates.

  3. The good thing about the truth is it prevails. The same courts have tried no-one for the murder of hundreds of MDC supporters in 2008. We all know what is happening and the reasons for doing so. Muri n’anga vanhu be Zanu nema courts enyu.zvichapera chete.

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