Mutare woman sentenced for concealing 8-month-old baby


MUTARE — A 26-YEAR-OLD woman was lucky to escape jail after she was sentenced to a wholly-suspended six months in prison for concealing birth of an eight-month-old baby.


Betty Mukombero appeared before Mutare magistrate Sekai Chiundura on Thursday and was sentenced to six months in jail.

The sentence was, however, suspended on condition that she would not be convicted of a similar offence in the next five years.

Charges against Mukombero   were that on June 4 in Dangamvura, she felt labour pains as she was eight months pregnant.
She did not seek any assistance or alerted anyone as she chose to remain silent and conceal the birth.

It was the State’s case that she gave birth to a live baby in her room.

She then took the baby and placed it in a plastic paper and hid it underneath her bed.

She did not tell anyone about the birth and the child later died.
Thereafter, she went to take a bath.

The matter came to light after another tenant went to take a bath and suspected that the accused might have given birth.

Upon interrogation by other people, Mukombero admitted that she had given birth and narrated all that had happened.

The matter was then reported to police leading to her arrest.

The State said she had no right to act in the manner that she did.
Cuthbert Bhosha prosecuted.


  1. Our courts are full of incompetent fools,six months wholly suspended for concealing birth/murder and then three and half years for attempted murder!!!

  2. Mr editor pse be serious, is this n 8 mnth (old) BABY or PREGNANCY…..????????? Disgusting & misleading!

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  4. Really !!! A lighter sentence for murder?justice system yedu ndaitipewo ma serious nxaaaaaaa

  5. this is murder .well kombi driver had 3yrs for cupable and this one for murder walks .lots of inconsistencies in these judgements that we here of in newspapers.

  6. kkkkkk wrong shld read mutre woman sentenced for concealing birth and ultimately death of the baby.

  7. This is called infanticide and carries a lighter sentence. It is known that for some psychological reasons some women kill their babies in the first yr of life- wc is abnormal- women should have the so-called mother’s love.

    • @doc isnt it murder as well this child was born breathing had life(human being) then the moment she killed the baby intentionally….but if this is the law then all ladies who dont want their babies might as well kill them on the day they are born and they get off with a warning.

  8. Doc is right, The circumstances surrounding this case constitute infanticide. Infanticide is committed by “any woman who, within six months of the birth of her child, causes its death intentionally at a time when the balance of her mind is disturbed as a result of giving birth to the child.

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