Mutare man infects married woman with HIV

MUTARE — A cheating 43-year-old married Dangamvura woman has taken her neighbour-boyfriend to court alleging that he infected her with HIV.


Steven Chiduku (40) was not asked to plead when he appeared before Mutare magistrate Sekai Chiundura on Monday facing charges of deliberate transmission of HIV and Aids as defined in section 79 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act chapter 9.23. He was remanded to July 7 on $50 as bail.

Charges against Chiduku, who was in a love relationship with the married woman, are that on a date unknown to the prosecutors but during the period extending from October 2013 to June 2014, he unlawfully infected the complainant with the virus when they engaged in unprotected sex.

It is the State’s case that in December last year, the complainant went for testing of cervical cancer at Mutare Provincial Hospital where she also underwent HIV tests. She tested negative.

On a date unknown to the prosecutors in October, the complainant fell in love with the accused and since then, they had been dating.

Complainant allegedly told Chiduku her status, but the accused did not divulge his.

The two had unprotected sexual intercourse several times at different places, including the complainant’s matrimonial home.
According to the State, that is when the accused infected the married woman with the HIV.

The case came to light when the complainant’s husband suspected that his wife was cheating with the accused.

They went for an HIV test at New Start Centre in Mutare and her husband tested negative while the complainant tested positive.

It is at that point that the complainant revealed that she had unprotected sex only with the accused several times leading to the arrest of Chiduku on charges of deliberately infecting the complainant with HIV.

The State submitted that Chiduku had no right to act in the manner that he did.

Cuthbert Bhosha prosecuted.


  1. Zora butter. Not sure if prosecution of Chiduku will be enough compensation. Manga mafarisaka amai. Ndizvo zvaunoita mutambo wacho iwoyo.

  2. u have had the taste of yo own medicine.why kuhura iwe une murume.kkkkkkk

  3. Thank God the faithful husband was spared. If only this was the case that the partner who cheat is the only one to be infected.

    1. Window period. That is why he is negative. Am sure a test now will yield different results

  4. ‘The state submitted that Chiduku had no right to act in the way he did’ kkkkkkk reaaalllly? So he had the right to shag the neighbour’s wife with a condom, same way as the cheating wife had a right to being shagged safely!!!!!!!! joke of the year.

    1. Adultery is not a criminal offense. Deliberately infecting someone with HIV is (section 79 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act chapter 9.23).

  5. Isn’t this some kind of ‘test case’? Have we had a case like this before in Zimbabwe? Adultery is wrong. Did the husband keep his wife? Shame.

  6. Iwe une murume wako zvakana fani. Wohura uchinyepera kuva faithful to yo hubby. Wakazvitsvakira wega gona rako. Sure how can u hav unprotected sex before testing? Ah munhu wekupi aka pusa so? Wat abt if th lady is th one who infected th man if he tests +?

    1. I agree.

      Problem ne HIV is that it does not have a time stamp. Today she tests negative. Tomorrow she sleeps with Tendai and next week Aaron. Stephen comes into play and is told she is negative but already those two guys have given her the virus. Two scenarios occur here

      1. Stephen may have had the virus and well they reinfect each other.
      2. Stephen did not and after plenty sex he is infected. She then claims she was negative but she could have got the virus form Aaron/Tendai before she met Stephen.

      As for the hubby, chances are high he is infected though he tested negative. After window period he needs another test to confirm. The woman is a cheat. Chances are high she has done this before. She probably was infected shortly she went for tests which came back negative. Too many probabilities in these cases and if defended well, may not hold water at all.

      Bottom line. The test results are hazy. As explained above, today am negative, I sleep around for a week with 3 people infected. In the next 3-6 months tests may reveal I am negative. So are the tests reliable/trustworthy? Only you knows judging by your behaviour!

  7. Amai makavata kuti pfura sedabhwa rinovata pakati chaipo pomugwagwa unemotokari zhinji dzinomanya chose, Munozvitsikisa seiko? Vanhu vakaita zvamakaita izvi, vakaita semi so, havakodzeri kurarama nokuti muchavuraisa ruzhinji nokupata kwenyu. Makore ano okuti chero mwana wegrade four chaiyo anoziva kuti chinyi chinonzi hiv/aids, uye inouraya hairapiki, uye kuti inovhagwa sei? Imi munongovata zvenyu, motsondokotewa, muchizipirana nomunhu wamusingazivi zvenyu utano hwake, chokwadi Mutare shanyirai mai ava muvatambira kongonya jaivhi mamba pavo.

  8. Is this man guilty of infecting someone with HIV or having an affair with a married woman? If there was no HIV or an STI in the equation – would it make this affair and subsequent casual intercourse okay or just.

    this case must be thrown out. Both parties came to the court with dirty hands and as such the court cannot intervene.

  9. Haa, taivaona mai ava vachifamba nekutandara nemurume uyu pafront pemba wozoona avo vapinda mumba 2-3 hrs vakavharirana. At one pont vakaonekwa mumunda wechibage usiku nekumatank emvura ku area 3. Ini at first ndaifunga kuti ihama but zvakanetsa ndezvekuti zvaitika murume vavo vasipo. Its good anyway, kuti vakazozvionera vega and as we speak the man is saying they are on seperation. Haa, mai ava vanyadzisa raini rese.

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