Mushaninga deplores models behaviour

Mercy Mushaninga

FORMER model and founder of Zim Gossip Models agency, Mercy Mushaninga, has expressed disappointment over the unbecoming behaviour of some local models who, she said, taint the image of the profession.


The local modelling sector has of late received a lot of criticism over some of the behavioural trends among the models by members of the society.

Mercy Mushaninga
Mercy Mushaninga

Over the weekend two of Miss Zimbabwe finalists, Hilda Mabu and Primrose Tshuma were booted out of camp for allegedly violating rules of the pageant when they sneaked out of camp ahead of the grand finale to be staged on Saturday at Mabvazuva Village (formerly Caravan Park) in Msasa, Harare.

Mushaninga said models were supposed to behave in a way that conserved local culture and morals instead of diverting from local etiquette practices.

“These ladies should know that being a model is no different from taking an ambassadorial role in a society thus they should always behave like representatives as they adhere to the desired ethics,” Mushaninga said.

She said modelling was a profession that brought food to the table, but required models to be disciplined and have a sense of seriousness.

This is not the first time local models have been associated with such allegations. In 2011, Miss Zimbabwe Personality, Lungile Mathe was dethroned for patronising nightclubs and failing to turn up for work on several occasions.

Mushaninga, who is also the organiser of the Miss Curvy Zimbabwe beauty pageant said 42 women across the country, had so far registered for this year’s third edition of the contest to be held on August 9 at Moth Camp in Kariba.

The Miss Curvy Zimbabwe pageant celebrates and recognises curvaceous African women and will this year be held under the theme Promoting Domestic Tourism through Beauty Pageants.

“Preparations for the pageant have been gathering momentum and we are promising a red carpet event on the grand finale,” said Mushaninga.

She added that they would be closing the registration of contestants on June 20 and would then conduct the auditions the following day.

Mushaninga said they were looking for 20 beauties that were naturally curvy for the pageant and the selected ladies would go into boot camp on August 4 while a bush braai pre-party would be held on August 8 at the Grill with lots of entertainment from various artistes like Roki, Judgment Yard Sounds and Baba Shupi among others who were yet to be confirmed.

“Most plus-size women lack confidence because of being stereotyped by society, but a contest like Miss Curvy makes it possible for voluptuous African women to participate in pageants,” she said.

Mushaninga is credited with grooming a number of models like Malaika Mushandu, who made country proud by flourishing in prestigious modelling showcases both locally and internationally.

Reigning Miss Carnival queen Gamuchirayi Kujeke and second princess Yvonne Nyamutsamba are both also from Mushaninga’s modelling stable.

“Any woman with brains, natural curves, physical beauty and who keeps a flat tummy is eligible to enter the pageant as they do not need to have a serious modelling background,” she said.


  1. Kuma night club kwacho who takes them there. We all know these modelling shows are simply breeding grounds for rich men to hunt for fresh flesh, haiwawoooo!

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  2. “Any woman with brains, natural curves, physical beauty and who keeps a flat tummy is eligible to enter the pageant as they do not need to have a serious modelling background,” she said.

    Oooo, honeybuns, can I enter as well? I have ALL the curves in ALL the right places. Since I came back from my change op, I feel all CURVIED and bootilicious….

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