‘Murderous’ witch-hunter lived in luxury

Police carry the body of the late Eunice Kombo

SEKE traditional healer David Muzenda, who allegedly murdered his “mistress” Eunice Kombo in cold blood after stumbling across her nude pictures which she had sent to a “a boyfriend”, led a very controversial and flashy life.

Staff Reporter

Following the gruesome incident which occurred on Monday last week, revealing information has indicated that the 31-year old traditional healer-cum-prophet was living a flashy life after striking “gold” in Seke communal lands.

According to villagers, the young charismatic healer drove numerous top-of-the-range vehicles which included an array of Mercedes Benz models and all-terrain vehicles.

“People of means consulted him on a daily basis and they paid big. We saw amazing models of cars by his shrine and these people were obviously happy with his services,” a neighbour, Richard Mutema, said.

Echoing Mutema’s sentiments, another villager said the young man who came to Seke from Gokwe four or five years ago, was highly popular with well-to-do people who took him for cleansing ceremonies at their homes.

The Seke area is notorious for the infamous witch hunters who fleece villagers of their wealth purporting to be ridding them of “goblins”.

It is also claimed that Muzenda could enhance failing businesses and villagers claim that well-known politicians were frequent visitors to his shrine.

Muzenda, however, despite his glamorous life, was dogged by controversy ranging from numerous child maintenance cases to accusations of duping people. “He has many wives here in Seke and in Gokwe we hear he has two wives,” said Francis Chinhakaire, a local youth.

Last year, Muzenda was dragged to court by Julia Mujoma who was claiming maintenance for her minor child.

However, in a bizarre move, Muzenda reportedly phoned and threatened the reporter who covered the story saying he would cause her to lose her mind using juju.
“He is a fraudster and attempts have been made to eject him from here, but he has resisted. Villagers were constantly warned, but some would still fall prey to his tricks,” Ward 2 councillor Masimba Rubatika said.

“At some point he went about conducting a door-to-door consultation and Chief Seke himself ordered that he be evicted a long time ago, but he is stubborn.”

Meanwhile, Muzenda appeared in a Marondera court last Friday and was remanded in custody to June 6 and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

He was represented by Tendai Magaya-Mandizvidza and Gloria Sithole of Magaya-Mandizvidza Legal Practitioners.

In his warned-and-cautioned statement before Marondera magistrate Shane Kubonera, Muzenda claimed that he had a dispute with Kombo over an alleged boyfriend, but denied allegations that he shot her. Muzenda further stated that he had opted out of the relationship, but Kombo became suicidal and “attempted to throw herself into a well, but was restrained by my father”, read part of his statement to the court. “She later shot herself with my gun.”


  1. I grew up viewing nurses as professional respectable and fairly sound minded specialists. Zvanzi nurse aidanana na godobori…Vasikana Matsvagire amakuita mari!!!

  2. Uyu waerera. Nothing last forever true that is. You cannot hide your sins for ever coz one way or another the truth will always wins it’s way. The best thing to do is to repent and start over a new leaf. This guy has been warned of his misadmenors and look now where he is. I think he was also duping poor people. This trend of behavior cannot be separated from ZANU pf hoodlums. Hokoyo ZANU pf mwena wembeva unogumawo wani

  3. N’anga dzaita mari nekuda kwemamiriro aita nyika. Vana vezimbabwe varikutambura, kuvabvunza ndiya akutambudzai havatauri

  4. maenda baba you have a million facts to nail you down boy.pfuti yaaka zvipfura nayo wakaenda nayo…wakatizei….vashandi vako vakatizei….dai akazvipfura dai wakaedza kumumhanyisa kuchipatara asi wakatotiza….ko wakaenda kuma lawyer instead of reporting to the police dai akafa nekurwara mumba mako waienda kwa lawyer here.

  5. vakadzi vachinyanya kuda kudya zvavanenge vasina kushandira uyu wo muzenda achaona kuti mutemo hausi mumaoko ake ko dai akangosiyana naye zvaakanga aona kuti anemweya wekuzviuraya pane kuzvitsvagira ngozi?????

  6. Ihama yana Kombo vekuimba vaya vaya here??? Kufira kuda kuroorwa nawitch doctor?? Kana vaMuzenda vaiona chaizvo vangadai vakaona kuti gerofirendi yava nechimwe chikomba pane kuzomupfura nekuti waona maphotos ari mushwi!!!!! Where is the boyfriend give us your side of the story….if you are not already married!!!!

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  8. I’m surprised. In this day and age who still takes these lunatics called tsikamutandas seriously?

  9. he could not dream about his girlfriend cheating him but could take away bad luck from others. Its God who is Holy.

  10. ………muzenda is full of lies …. i wonder who is being referred too as ” restrained by my father ” .i guess thats another person akatotengwa.. it is believed that Muzendas parents passed away long back

  11. People must learn to respect the dead. Pachishona tinoti wafa wanaka. Let the woman rest in peace and remember her relatives are still in pain. Stop adding salt to the wound.

  12. I cant say Muzenda is a liar.Lets agree with him coz he was the one at the scene and he knows everything about this event.So do not assume or contemplate but rather listen to he himself ok.You may still asssume but not getting the true facts about murder ….you may better ask him to tell you the truth because he is only the one who can tell you what had actually happened ,he and she her wife …The real boss sorry for the passed body waparirwa basa nenjodzi zvese lets pray for it to pass..you will find another wife to replace the lost ok…

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