Mnangagwa house burnt


A FARMHOUSE belonging to the son of Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa, Emmerson Junior, went up in smoke yesterday afternoon due to a suspected electrical fault.


The fire broke out at Eastclare Farm Plot 8, about 20km outside Kwekwe along Mvuma Road, razing the grass-thatched house to the ground.

A farm worker who refused to be named said he suspected that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

Mnangagwa’s younger brother Patrick, who appeared to be in charge at the homestead in the absence of Emmerson Junior and his family, refused to comment.

“I am not speaking to the Press because this is not my house,” said Patrick while attending to the police and fire personnel.

The Kwekwe City Council fire tender, which was first at the scene had no water and was bailed out by a Zimbabwe Alloy Smelting Company (Zimasco) fire tender.

It took the Zimasco firefighting team over three hours to battle the raging inferno, which destroyed all household property.

Police officers at the scene refused to speak to journalists saying they had to first file a report with their bosses.

The farm was wrestled from the Fritz family some three months ago and handed over to Emmerson Junior, who was yet to move to the property.


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    • i also wonder if this was properly done or ndoojambanja racho irori. netusati twazvarwa tuchapiwa mapurazi nhaka. itai inguva yenyu. pada maitakura pfuti shanu shanu kuhondo.

  1. Mwari vanoona shuwa all thoz idiots who ilegally possesed other people asserts will surely way the other

  2. And this is news? A farmhouse stolen from it’s rightful owners and then burns down? I wish they were in the bloody house when it burnt down!

    Vana vembavha vakudya mari yedu.

  3. inganyika yaparara weduwe yangova minana yega yega wotoshaya kuti zvirikumbofamba sei.

  4. In your anti-zim anti-ZPF anti Chimurenga anti RGM anti warvet ideology, you leave us with a sad and sickening feeling that given a chance there is a generation of reactionaries and political malcontents which would gladly return all land to whites because “they are the rightful owners.” Ivo vakanga vatenga kunaani? Less speed vafana, tichipo in our numbers, Varungu ngavaende kumusha kwavo.

      • @Zvinhu, Vakoma, ndoenda kupizve ini ndiri wobgo, ini ndiri chizvagwa che yainzi Vhitori kare.Handina kana passport! Kombi ye Chomuruvate ndiyo yandakwira mangwanani. My wish is to hear your generation demanding land for youselves kwete kuti dzorerai vepfumo jena vakati gara matundundu kubva 1896 kusvika 1980. Imi munovadirei ivo vasingakudii?

        • don ungazvinetsa nemaboora ngoma aya vana vemabrandaya. rega zvakadaro zvichafa zvichingo pisika shure yevarungu nokusada kuzvitonga nepfungwa dzakapfukutwa nehungochani mbwa idzi.

    • Don Wezhira Until you change the way you think Your Country Zimbabwe will never succeed. We Zhira mauraya Nyika nehuzhira whenyu ihoho we chivitori. Please Tribalism nehuzhira ngahupere muvake nyika with all the Zimbabweans BLACK OR YELLOW OR WHITE.

    • So, what makes Emmerson junior the rightful owner of the farm in question ahead of the millions of peasants still crammed in over crowded communal areas?

  5. So the father owns a farm with a farm house and a cottage. The son also owns a farm with a farm house and a cottage? So the whole clan benefited from the ‘reform’? How generous life can be?

  6. wealthy improperly earned does not last.pfuma inotevera wene wayo,ndosaka toona pfumvu yese iyi.ipai ngana zvinhu zvake VEDENGA Vafare,,,,,,,,,

  7. the city council fire tender didnt have water becoz it doesnt carry water on only has a pump that provides pressued water collected from a fire hydrant nearby.the ZIMASCO fire tender was there as per request since the council water tenders were all broken down…u reporter must note this point of correction!!!

  8. You will find that the father, Emmerson, owns 10 or so farms and each of his children owns maybe 2 or more farms each while the ordinary folk own nothing. There should be a land audit to see who owns what. This is precisely why ZanuPF refuses any attempts to have a land audit.
    There is no reason why Emmerson or members of his family should own farms. It was our votes which got Zanu into power in 1980 not the nonsense that Zanu fought for land – they never defeated anyone. They are lucky we felt pity for them and put them into power. We are let down by some ignorant morons who have no clue what happened in the political situation before 1980. Black rule was not brought about by Zanu or Zapu. They claim falsely that they “liberated the country” these crooks but we did not see that. Without our votes Zanu would not be in power. Their fighting has no connection whatsoever with bringing black rule. The MDCs were unable to bring about LAND AUDIT despite being in the silly GNU for 5-odd years.

    • Musona, the LH conference was forced on Smith by the war, you know the Lochinvar tanks were on fire, ZIPRA had downed two viscounts and were operating freely in the countryside, all whites left the farms, travel on highways was by convoy under heli cover, we bombed the hell out of Mutare, Masvingo, Gweru, Gwanda.All airstrips were cratered…At ceasefire guerrillas were at Zimbiru school, pa Mverechena and in Umguza on the outskirts of Byo….woshoora. Yes the country was liberated by blood.Yu included

      • Don, so now its time to liberate the country from the clutches of the few who have spent the last 4 and half decades enriching themselves at the expense of the majority who also played a significant role in the fight against white rule.

    • Rega mwana wamai tivataurire zvakaitika, Ma criminals who absconded jails during the Rhodesian regime, are the mostlly the surviving ministers, president, cios, commisioners, and commanders of the army.

      They were so cunning and trecherous during war that they would not encounter fire battles but would strategise the mass and low level comrades to taste the fate of war. It is the same with what they do nowadays, they send the youth to kill maim, lest they face the consequences.

      They are very selfish with land, money national shrines, parliaments, security bodies so as to ensure their thriving and success.

      Some are very fury about Baba Jukwa because they are being exposed seriously

      No female could have the bravity to face the Rhodesian Front, they were simply sex objects but have turned politicians of the day so what good can we expect of such maroons

      Lets watch their numbers and see reduction

  9. Yes,’easy come,easy go!!
    Zvino varungu zvavakaenda kumusha kwavo,ko imi povo muchamhanyira kupi??
    ZANU chiwororo haina demo rinoera muti. Sezvaakuda kuitwa nema civil servants zvokuchemera pay izvi vachazvimhanyira.
    All comrades went without pay for years so chefs & their children or girlfriends could enjoy,NOT what this povo are doing.
    All the Mnangagwas should each have a free farm house. The same goes for all other chefs. Ndiyoka hondo yeminda yacho.
    Look at what is happening kuMazoe.. Arwadziwa ngaabude!! Tiri munzira……

  10. @musona, you are pathetic because Zpf and Zapu defeated uanc and its sister puppets in elections held at independence, after having defeated the settler regime

  11. Mwari vanoona uye Mwari ndewe munhu wese , kutora upfumi in te name of empowerment . Now you must own madota , Lets Have empowerment for all

  12. @Musona, your comments are generally on point most of the time but why are you so bitter and vulgar? The land audit is long overdue but as we all know land grabs are an everyday phenomena across the country from Mashonaland to Matebeleland by the very same people who have the authority to appoint land auditors. Just as corruption in government is beneficial to the very same people, expect no action.

  13. @musona. I wont reduce myself to your level of name calling and lying about what happened before independence. I was born and bred in Harari now Mbare and not Highfields like you.

  14. Musona you are always spot on. Only that these idiots in power will make sure that no audit will come out. all these ministers own more than two farms and their children too and it is a fact. Hondo ye minda was done to benefit a few not the majority. busy enriching themselves at the expense of the poor. these thieves are heartless, but they shall never go unpunished

  15. Exciting debate/discussion. If the politicians read this they would be shocked how much people DO know. The folly we make is that we ASSUME we are the custodians of knowledge and information and that others either know nothing or know very little

  16. A week of pure drama. We shall drop at his by Chihuri Wrongshoe band, Back dance legs up by Police Mapostori band of Budiriro, Lucifer likes fire by Kwkwe Mnangagwa Farm Raid band. Well the next one maybe Mazoe Oranges Milk Burns by Glace Mkabe Band. And to add to the finale? We March to Heroes Acre by Pope Francis Band.

  17. Blessing Mhlanga should take note that the city council Fire Tender has no water tank, it has an installed pump, this tender was donated and where it came from there are hydrants at every turn to feed the pump, which then increases pressure for the water jet to go far. Get yo facts straight sir. Zimasco is also called Zimbbwe Mining And Smelting Company. Their vehicle is installed with a 2000-litre tank. The city council’s fire tenders that have tanks are always on breakdown. Give your readers proper information, not to say that the city council had no water. I am not employed by council bt am privy to the goings-on at the 2 institutions, council and Zimasco.

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