Mbada slashes salaries


THE National Union of Mines, Quarrying, Iron and Steel Workers of Zimbabwe (NUMQISWZ) yesterday accused Mbada Diamonds of unilaterally slashing salaries of its workers.

Feluna Nleya

NUMQISWZ president Enock Sithole said their members had received circulars advising them that their salaries were with immediate effect being slashed by 50%, a move the union said was illegal.

“We would like to advise Mbada Diamonds to stop the slashing of salaries of its employees,” Sithole said.

“We do not want a situation like the one that happened in South Africa where miners went on a strike, we want proper negotiations. Management should not just slash, but engage in negotiations with its employees and if the company is failing they advise.”

Sithole said over 1 200 families would be affected if Mbada went ahead with the salary slashes.

“On Monday there was a meeting of the work council where management said they would go ahead with the slashing of the salaries,” he said.
“It is a violation of the law to slash people’s salaries without following the right channels. If they are facing problems, they need to apply for exemption.”
Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions deputy secretary-general Noah Gwande said the slashing of the salaries had been brought about by poor management.
“The slashing of the salaries of employees not at management level shows poor management,” Gwande said.
“They should not just slash salaries abruptly like that, but negotiate with the workers so as to avoid a job action.”
Sithole said the union was getting at least $56 000 from Mbada Diamonds in membership fees.
But he said the diamond miner had for the past four months not been remitting employees’ subscriptions to the union.
Sithole said more mining companies were not remitting the monies to the union.
Mbada Diamonds financial director Sibonile Dhliwayo could not confirm the development.
“I do not know about it,” Dhliwayo said.
“You can raise your questions in writing and I will respond.”


  1. They would rather stop the sponsorship of the Mdada Trophy and pay the employees’ salaries in full.

  2. Last year there was a lot of noise by Zanu pf about the diamonds and share trusts, now that this company is failing to pay employees ,what now for the villagers. What is really happening?

  3. What do you expect when they engage failed HR Managers as HR Managers and Consultants. Wherever one of their so called consultants has been, his decisions have resulted in strikes.

  4. they were looting money paying for zanu pf election campaigns etc,and failed to realize that mining is a capital intensive business which needs a large some of reserves if you need to continue operating ,so whats happening now is its hand to mouth and they need to cut on salaries and remain with some to pay the debt they owe running to 125million apa ngoda yakupera the alluvial ones at least ,which means all their equipment which they had bought on credit for alluvial mining is no longer useful,they need more expensive equipment to mine the other diamonds which are deeper in the ground.apa chikwereti for the old equipment has not been serviced,apa hapana mari for the new equipment ,apa Dubai haisi kuunza mari yakakwana ,apa chairman we mbada continues to buy houses overseas,apa vamugabe vadzoka kubva kubolivia nhasi,algeria yakadyiwa,magetsi hakuna,town clerk mahachi akunzi ane the curios case of Benjamin button,he is getting younger than older,pfungwa dzinobva dzatotenderera

  5. The Chairman must be fired he is the cause of all these. He thinks mbada is his tuckshop he can withdraw money from at any time and now its us the employee who are to suffer for all that. He sponsored the ZANU PF conference, Elections, Kutuma school to buy Chidhakwa, Bona’s wedding and others. All these are for personal gains whilst we have to sweat and pay for that. I wonder the other board members are able to read and write to tell the company in sliding down because of his decisions, appointments and unilateral dismissals.

    I wonder if Professor Gudyanga is not part of the rot as his boss Chidhakwa. Can someone please tell the PRESIDENT that its not like what they say. Thank you.

  6. Look zmbos we have problems with our employers both private and GVMT, they milk working capital- buy properties register them in another name /s hence killing operations. You buy any asset at 950 000 to day 2morow the some company whilst paying the balance will be also paying rental to the new owner buy name. Company losses are on papers but owners are making a lot.

    Head office RECOVERY 10%
    Rentals to an asset bought using working capital 15 000.00
    Loan payment of an asset being rented 40 000.00

    Kana uchikama mombe uno dhonza muchatso kwete kukama nebanga ( kuvhura paunobva)

    May him the president address this for zimasset to flourish. Sale any asset bought by Company A and now in the name of asset company B and inject capital to save 1000 workers who want to be laid off. NEC ukuwo NEC uka bika ma figures ako ukati ndoda kiti vashandi vaende pashort time vanongoti hongu endayi muite saizvozvo. They dont even assess or meet employees to hear from them .

    President R.G Mugabe where are you please save employees. You are the owner of a company, HR manager, MD, Accountant, buyer, banker drower—– look, look, look, you can inflate every thing to achieve a loss go to NEC ASK FORSHORT TIME . (NEC go ahead sir)

    VaMugabe help

  7. taking working capita,l buy an asset, put it in another name, the company that bought the asset must pay rent at the same time paying loan given to by that asset— NOW THE COMPANY yaita loss.You are the owner, MD, BANKER, DROWER, ACCOUNTANT, hr manager, buyer, look plse cook your figures go to NEC ASK THEM YOU WANT all workers to be on short time. NEC will say go ahead they will not ask employees. DOWN WITH NEC SALEOUTS, President R G where are you. Companies are down sizing but the employers are stllng from their companies for them to retrch.

    • kukama mukaka nebanga, munyatso wadonha shasha yogocha, mhuru dzofa mai vacho vovovora kuchema apa nhubu (maemployers) vakadziya mushana dumbu richipenya ko iko kufemera pamusoro nekugutisa, employers are leting the president and Zimos down

    • you are the owner, md, hr, banker, buyer, accountant, you take working capital buy an asset register it in another name, let the company pay rent at the same time paying bank loan, put every thing as expenses including bank interest- take head office recovery of 10% OF REVENUE , cook your figures go to NEC ASK them that you want all employees to go on short time they will give you a go ahead, without meeting all those employees. Down with NEC. Employers varikukama mukaka nebanga, nyatso yadambuka vogocha, ivo vaguta asi mhuru dzofa. President R G help, ask companies that are clossing how many assets out side which were bought using working capital. You go for 2 years no dividend paid- kungotora mari- tata imali

      Zimasset pasina door to door with all companies that say things are not well is not right, kuchema zhara newakaguta,

  8. Zvinoita here? l buy an asset, put it in another name, the withdrawing an time when i need then company haiite loss here.

  9. Robert Mhlanga took mari ye nyika and :

    1. Bought himself properties in SA at inflated prices – he does not know how to valuate properties i guess.
    2. Bought properties in Harare.
    3. Started a mining company for Gold which failed dismally (Skyview).
    4. Bought gold dumps with a national resource in mutare and also it didnt survive a month, it went bust (Zonelig). [ All his failed employees were transferred to the Mbada wage bill which he is saying is huge]
    5. Started a metals buying entity (PME) which closed shop.
    6. Now he is taking money into his Safari new idea which is also showing signs of collapsing.
    7. Various pompous investments and splashing.
    8. His daughter was the CEO who only left when things became unbearable and no sign of recovery.
    9. List is endless but the bottom line is anything he does goes bust and his closest generals milk him.

    NB : I think someone must start an audit for the national asset he is abusing and make him accountable.

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