Mathias Mhere launches DVD tonight


RISING musician Mathias Mhere launches DVD for his last album Nguva yeNyasha at the Harare International Conference Centre tonight.

Entertainment Reporter

The event will also coincide with the young musician’s 26th birthday celebrations that will be held jointly.

Speaking to NewsDay yesterday, the musician said the DVD will present an acted version to aid listeners who may not have understood his messages on the album released last year.

“We made sure that the DVD would not have the ordinary gospel videos, but will instead have the message acted out for the benefit of some that may not have understood the message,” Mhere said.

Expected to perform at the event will be Mudiwa, Flem B and Sabastian Magacha while Pastor Charamba, Sulumani Chimbetu and Jah Prayzah would be some of the musicians that are expected to attend the event while Zimbabwe Union of Musicians patron ICT minister Webster Shamu will be the guest of honour.

The DVD will also feature comedian Sabhuku Vharazipi (real name David Mubaiwa) who features on the track Pamazuva Angu.

Mhere’s effort will either make or break him with the general quality of videos having improved on the local scene.

Videos by artistes like Soul Jah Love and Ba Shupi (Muridzo), Tendai Manatsa featuring Stunner (Ndichifema) and Pee Kay (Ma1) have already set a bar that will leave most sweating.

This is unlike last year where there were just a few notable videos worth mentioning by year end.

By any measure most video producers would be seeking to surpass Jah Prayzah’s standard for the DVD Tsviriyo, which apart from being well scripted, had an exceptional picture quality.


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