Man smashes baby to death, claims spiritual voice


MUTARE — In a matter that has left the Zimunya community shocked, a 27-year-old man recently fatally slammed his five-month-old baby to the ground claiming he was acting on instruction from the spiritual world.


Norest Seven of Dzere village in Chief Zimunya area was not asked to plead to a murder charge when he appeared before Mutare magistrate Sekai Chiundura on Monday.
According to the State, Seven smashed his baby twice against a hard surface on April 29, killing the infant instantly.

According to the State papers, the incident happened in the presence of some close relatives who are set to testify in the matter.

Seven is alleged to have claimed that he committed the heinous crime after he heard a mysterious voice from the spiritual world advising him to do so.

Seven was remanded in custody to June 17 after the State opposed his bail application, saying he was a flight risk as he lived near the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border.
Cuthbert Bhosha prosecuted.


  1. bt the state must consider tht he was mad at the moment and there is need for psychiatric checkup. No normal human being can act tht way

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