Man locks in wife, sets house ablaze

REDUCED TO ASHES . . . Charred remains of the engulfed Dangamvura house

MUTARE — Residents of Dangamvura in Mutare were shocked on Tuesday night after a jilted man allegedly locked up his estranged wife and five other family members inside his in-laws’ house and set it ablaze after accusing her of ditching him.


REDUCED TO ASHES  . . . Charred remains of the engulfed Dangamvura house
REDUCED TO ASHES . . . Charred remains of the engulfed Dangamvura house

Six people who were sleeping in the house escaped unhurt although the alleged aggressor Victor Magorokosho sustained severe chest and leg burns after petrol spilled on his clothes and caught fire.

Family sources said Magorokosho and his wife Rose Muhonde had separated over an undisclosed matter and the latter was now staying at her parents’ house.

Although Manicaland provincial police spokesperson Inspector Enock Chishiri professed ignorance over the matter, survivors of the alleged arson attack said Magorokosho had been admitted at Mutare Provincial Hospital.

Magorokosho’s estranged wife Rose yesterday said she was in a state of shock and referred all questions to her sister, Faith.

Faith told NewsDay that her sister had received several death threats from Magorokosho.

“What happened is that at around 12 midnight, Victor came to our house and started shouting on top of his voice threatening to kill my sister following which he would commit suicide.

“He had a machete, pesticide and another big knife. He also had some petrol bombs in his possession,” she said.

She claimed that Magorokosho stormed into the house, sprinkled petrol on household property before locking the doors.

“The door was locked and it was difficult to open at that time. We struggled to open it and by that time the whole house was filled with smoke. We managed to open the door and we all escaped the fire.

“After that he (Magorokosho) grabbed my sister (Rose) by the neck trying to strangle her and that is when my brother came to fight with him.

“He (Magorokosho) was, however, overpowered and fled,” added Faith.

According to Faith, Magorokosho drove to Mutare Provincial Hospital and police later established that he was the one who had caused the fire and a statement was recorded from him.

Neighbours described Magorokosho as abusive and violent to his wife and in-laws.


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