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Man kills girlfriend, stage-manages suicide


A MACHEKE man, Alex Siyanga, appeared at the High Court in Harare yesterday facing a charge of killing his girlfriend with a kitchen knife following a domestic dispute and attempted to divert public attention by stage-managing suicide.


The alleged incident occurred in Macheke on March last year.

High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu heard that after Siyanga had killed his girlfriend, Moreblessing Dhuwati, by stabbing her in the neck, he poured some pesticide into her mouth in a bid to convince the public that the woman had committed suicide.

However, his alleged cover-up was exposed when doctors conducting a post-mortem recovered a knife blade stuck in the deceased’s neck.

State counsel Henry Muringani presented through State witnesses that on the fateful day, Dhuwati had visited Siyanga at house number 572 Church Road, Macheke, demanding her cellphone back.

It is alleged that an altercation broke out, resulting in Siyanga stabbing her in the cheek and in the neck.

He allegedly left the knife imbedded and in the other side of the neck.

Realising the victim was dead, it is alleged, Siyanga took a 500ml bottle of lambdacyhacothrin pesticide used on tobacco plants and emptied it into Dhuwati’s mouth in an endeavour to cover up the murder.

Dhuwati’s body was, however, discovered by one Violet Bande on April 1 2013 by the side of the road and the pesticide container was also recovered at the site.

The matter was reported to police, leading to Siyanga’s arrest.

A post-mortem report concluded that Dhuwati died of haemorrhage shock, consistent with a stab wound on the neck.

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