Macheso gets temporary reprieve


SUNGURA ace Alick Macheso appears to be getting a reprieve from his acrimonious divorce with second wife Tafadzwa Fortunate Mapako with his 46th birthday bashes continuing from last week.


The musician held a party at the Glamis Arena last Friday and will tomorrow be taking the celebrations to Budiriro 1 for a performance at New Life Nite Club.

According to Fidelis Ngove, organiser of the show, the event would be a way for the sungura musician to appreciate his ghetto fans.

“It is a tough time for him like it is for anyone else going through a divorce, but we are happy to be hosting yet another party for him. We are not there to interfere with his family issues, but just to cherish our beloved musician,” Ngove said. “New Life is Macheso’s home and his fans are waiting for him as it has been long before he performed at the venue.”

Ngove, who has in the past pampered the musician with gifts at every chance, said he would also be presenting the musician with a birthday present on the day.

The parties, however, appear to be calm before the storm as Macheso is awaiting results of paternity tests of two children sired with estranged wife Mapako.

To his fans’ advantage, however, Macheso is known to come out of such situations stronger than ever as evidenced by his Zvinoda Kutendwa album released after another gruelling experience with the exposition of his relationship with Mapako in the media.


  1. Famabai nebhora baba Va Shero, kumuchato wa Shero in August we will be there supporting you.

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  2. aaaaaaahhhh maiti mukadzi wembavha ngaende kujeri kune muface wake iyewo imbavhawoka yerudo akasara pachena haaiwane futi yababa shero anoionera mutv aida bag saka zvakakona murapwi achida akawana bag remadiaperz chete anoda zvinhu kupfura arikumutambidza sascomu chairo kuvhiringidza hupenyu hwevanhu vange vakazvigarira zvavo

  3. Mazano chitubu vanochera anodzinina waniii. Simba mukaka vanokama unosisa waniii. Maoko varanda hama dzangu tisambochemaa.famba nebhora cheso

  4. Its a pity that many people seem to be sympathising with you. Just be faithfully to one wife and all this will be stories of the past.

  5. Nechaya yekadora kake kakataurwa naTafadzwa, kuMbare vanhu kana vachida sadza nemadora vavakungoti “Ndipewo sadza namacheso”……..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  6. Vamwe ndivana ngaudinhe tiwane tsotso mbuya . . . . Vamwe vanoda kukugumburisa kuti iwe urasike gwara rako . . .

  7. This man is vastly talented,problems do come and go.We are all human beings we sin and the most important thing after sinning is repentance.I encourage you to repent and concentrate on churning out hits papa.Prove in your forth coming album that you are the sungura king and silence critics.

    “Variko vachakusvibisa moyo,kuda kumwaya tsito mumukaka moyo yavo ivo yakasviba”

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