Kereke $1,3m golden handshake: Gono hits back

FORMER Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor Dr Gideon Gono yesterday said his former adviser and Bikita West legislator Munyaradzi Kereke should stop tarnishing other people’s images and personalising institutional issues.


Responding to Kereke’s allegations that the former RBZ boss allegedly deducted tax $411 000 from his $1,3 million exit package, but never remitted it to Zimra, Gono said the legislator was ill-informed on developments at the central bank.

He said instead of creating imaginary scandals, Kereke should instead concentrate on “his pending matters” before the courts and endeavours to cleanse his name rather than “attempt to divert people’s attention from real and genuine issues”.

“Regarding the PAYE issue raised by my erstwhile former personal adviser, Dr Kereke, it’s instructive to note that RBZ, not Gideon Gono, is funded by government.

“RBZ owes hundreds of individuals and institutions a lot of money which when government eventually funds the bank, it will pay monies that are due to the said institutions and individuals,” Gono said.

“Trying to personalise institutional issues and present them as a scandal is in itself a scandal of unimaginable proportions whose real motive can only be to divert public attention from real and genuine issues the courts and publics are aware of which need my accuser to stand in the dock and cleanse himself of, and not to spend time misleading people.”

He said Zimbabwe was a nation of simple people and should be spared “these theatrics”.

“Kereke knows where to go in search of answers. There is a new governor at the bank who can assist him. Zimra knows where to go if there are any issues,” said Gono.

“With respect to his having written everywhere trying to soil my name, all I can say is that writing to heaven and replacing Biblical facts with Satanic teachings is unlikely to earn anyone entry into the Lord’s garden. The same principle applies to those excitable carriers of the message who do not take the basic precaution to verify facts about what they have been duped to carry. Facts remain facts and lies have short legs.”

Kereke left the central bank in 2012 smiling after he was given a whopping $1,3 million in terminal benefits, but claims he got a total of $950 000 after deductions by the RBZ.

He wrote to Zimra, the police and Prosecutor-General on Thursday alleging that his Rock Foundation Medical Centre Hospital was penalised after Gono failed to remit the tax deductions to the revenue authority.


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  2. Nhai vaGono hamusi kupindura chinhu apa. Kereke ari kuti watora mari yake as PAYE and u did not remit the money to Zimra. Confirm kuti u remitted it or not. We are not interested nekuti RBZ owns people a lot of money. No. We want to know where th money is period. Do u still remember when new bearer cheques were intercepted in Beitbridge and u pretended as if hauzivi nezve mari yacho. And above the case was buried under the carpet.

    1. Gono left the RBZ, he can answer this one, Kereke must go to RBZ. Anyway Kereke produce his terminal contract. What did it state as gross and what was stated as net.

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  3. Whateever…so what? Nyaya dziri personal deal with them in your houses. I now think that this so called kererke is an attention seeker and i think anodenha stereki. I agree with dr gono. If he has a peoblem, let him approach the new governor and tell him his handshake was deducted unfairly. Why do we want to sensationalise things all the time. I dont hv a job now and im embarassed at leaving my wife to take care of us and then waste time talking abt personal issues. Lets talk abt jobs and how we can ensure that zimbabwe recovers. We want affordable health care, education and we also want to oiwn houses and businessed. Not this bulldust dzana kereke who want attention, im really getting angry now by the day as thuings remain as they are in zim….kkkkk. God bless zimbabwe!

  4. To Kereke : To accuse Gono of tax payment issues is plain crazy. If you have tax issues you must go to your former employer RBZ not Gono.

    To the Editor: How far is the rape case. Why are you not reporting on it?

    To Gono: I now question your judgement; how did you appoint such a character? The guy is a mental case! How did you miss that?

    1. Mashoko makukutu chaiwo.

    2. Are you actually following his line of argument?

      The case against Kereke’s specification is his failure to pay taxes that is allegedly linked to his obscene package that RBZ(under Gono’s administration) awarded to him.

      Yet he alleges that he signed contract with RBZ that legalised the severance package and in the presence of lawyers, clearly stating the tax deduction which was to be remitted to ZIMRA!

      The lawyers have said they were privy and signatory to that contract but bound by a non-disclosure agreement relating to agreeing to the fact.

      Now Kerekes specification/garneshee, that has resulted in penalties that have extended to his “venerated” hospital, is on the basis that he did not pay taxes in his 2012 initial investment for his company.

      Yet that money was deducted as specified in the severance contract, with Gono as governor and with legal representation and witness.

      So if ZIMRA says that PAYE tax did not reach ZIMRA


      Kereke’s obscene package was given to him as net,after tax(PAYE)


      Are you following? I assume you are reasonably intelligent and if not,your brain gave you assistance

      The problem is within RBZ(under Gono).

      That money was not remitted!

      So it should shift the question of that tax from Kereke to RBZ(under Gono)

      And therefore giving strong argument that the garneshee order,on the basis of that severance’s tax should be dropped.

      That said,it is deeply grieving that these individuals (Gono and Kereke) were awarding and requesting such huge amounts 1.3million(gross) for one person when the RBZ owed companies money.

      Both Gono(governor) and Kereke(governor’s advisor) are looters and have questionable ethics.

      Gono just made the mistake of backstabbing the one person who was privy to ALL THEIR DIRTY LAUNDRY

  5. But $1.3 million was too much money. Aimbotambira marii iye Kereke wacho.

  6. This is happening everyone , money is deducted from ones salary for nassa, medical aid, funeral policies , taxes , alimony but never reaches the intended destination . This is nothing new

  7. Saints and Sinners

    After 30 years in the civil service my brother was given an exit package of $22000-00 last year. His last salary was around $400-00. I wonder then how much Kereke was earning to deserve $1.3million. How many years did Kereke serve at the RBZ? In this country we seem to abuse the USDollar, but worst of all we abuse the people,and always take them for granted. And it seems to be working.

  8. $1.3m or $990k is a lot of money but y is someone not saying something about this than talk about Cuthbert Dube and Geshem Pasi.Is this amount of money really neccessary to give to an individual while thousands of people with genuine reason that they were moved and relocated to Chingwizi refugee camp languish in abject poverty?Vakomana lets be serious aimboita basa rakakosha sei iye Munya uyu?

  9. giving Kereke $1.3million at a time yu retrenched 1500 employees and gave them a paltry $5000 each uchiti Bank harina mari. Hunhuyi uhwu. Even up to now, they haven’t been paid much of their packages. this is corporate satanism of the worst order. Gono you have a case to answer here.

  10. @Kereke: am glad u can feel the ‘Suarez’ bite of a system u helped breed. Thats how everyonelse felt when Rbz eroded their hard earned cash.

    @Gono: by the time his tax was deducted you were at the helm. So clear conscience tells us that you are better positioned to comment on that. You know wher the bag went. Simple.

  11. Timothy Thorton

    “RBZ owes hundreds of individuals and institutions a lot of money which when government eventually funds the bank, it will pay monies that are due to the said institutions and individuals,” Gono said.

    They took people’s money and they hide behind the corporate veil by blaming the RBZ for their individual actions. They devalued the country’s currency thereby destroying people’s savings. They would not allow people to withdraw their money while they used it behindthe scenes. They destroyed the economy but claim that they saved the same economy. The whole nation gets hoodwinked to believe this nonsense. Maivavo!!!.

    Kereke had his money deducted for tax purposes and someone took it and now its blamed on the RBZ/government but the same government through another department ZIMRA is destroying his(Kereke) business for the same money. Kereke does not want the money but the government to acknowledge that it was indeed paid through a deduction made on Kereke’s terminal benefits as required by the law. According to the law, it was not Kereke’s responsibility to take the money to ZIMRA but that of the RBZ. If Gono did not take the money then he should simply say so. If what Gono said is correct, then the RBZ owes ZIMRA and ZIMRA should have checked this with the RBZ before garnishing Kereke’s business.

    The nonsense between these two is going to unearth many unpleasant things which we have always known. People and institutions are awed money but the RBZ was dolling out money to members of critical institutions while those who worked for the money suffered as they had no access to their money. Money was used to buy tractors for rural councillors , cars that were not needed, materials for the so-called farm mechanisation, fertilisers that were not needed and other products all done to siphon money from the state.

    How does the RBZ owe people and institutions money if it was not those who presided over the bank who made the decision to take what did not belong to the bank. Surely the bank cannot be blamed for individual decisions that are not inline with the law or best practice. The economic performance of this country was at its best when the country was under sanctions from 1965 to 1980. If we had focused on government business which is policy making, then we would not be in this messy. Lets get real guys.

  12. Saka RBZ yacho yakadii kuvharwa kana yaitora mari dzevanhu zvaiita anaTrust nanaInterfin. Unozoshaya kuti zvinombofamba sei

  13. Gono is trying to cloud the issue so let’s recap.
    Kereke’s accusation is that when he left RBZ his terminal benefits had 411 deducted as tax.
    He then had his company accused and suspended by Zimra from business trading due to him not paying tax.
    Why was this? Because Gono didn’t pass on the tax to Zimra.
    Now Gono responds to say RBZ owes lots of institutipns money so id that an admission that RBZ didn’t go to Zimra and is part of other debts not paid?
    So then…..ejy was Kereke hounded out of business by Zimra for not paying tax?
    Answers on the back of a postcard…. x

  14. is paye nit deducted at source? what is zimra doing in kereke’s accounts, should it not garnish Rbz? hapazipo panoshanda tsumo yek uti “nyoka huru haizvirumi”. ciming to kereke , that word used in psmas , zbc etc salary gate is it not applicable here? to both gono and kereke washeni/laundry kurwizi

  15. Now the story is clear. As usual Gono tries to be verbose and wordy but the bottom line which he has publicly admitted is that they (RBZ) indeed withheld Kereke’s PAYE but decided not to forward the same to ZIMRA. But we all know that ZIMRA is Govt, Govt=ZANU, ZANU=Mugabe, Gono is Mugabe’s personal advisor. Therefore it is a Kereke vs Mugabe fight. No prices for guessing the winner. Ndiyoka inonzi QED paMaths.

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