We are just not good enough!


THE Warriors huddled in the centre of the National Sports Stadium pitch yesterday at full-time, trying to make sense of their mediocrity over 100 minutes against a Tanzania team that had arrived prepared for an onslaught.


Instead, the Taifa Stars found themselves playing at “home”.

They won the reverse leg of the 2015 Africa Nations Cup of Nations (Afcon) 1-0 in Dar es Salaam two weeks ago, but came to Harare and scored twice to stun an estimated 50 000 fans that watched yesterday’s horrible show by the Warriors.

The Warriors, what Warriors? One would be tempted to ask.

Three minutes of added time in the first half and seven in the second half did little to bring out the fighters in this class of 2014.

There was a lot to ponder from the 14 men given the duty to overturn the deficit yesterday — we were just not up to scratch. We lacked the aggression and the pace to trouble the visitors.

No friendly matches before the two legs — Tanzania played three.
The Warriors have no sponsor, Tanzania are powered by their Government and a major company.

Cuthbert Malajila did not deserve a place in the starting line-up — he has not scored for the Warriors in five years.

Denver Mukamba has been a part-timer at Bidvest Wits in South Africa and, yes, we need some creativity, but was he the right man?

Edward Sadomba has found the going tough in the Warriors colours despite impressive form at club level and in the Caf Champions League.

Tendai Ndoro rose to fame at the Cosafa Cup last year in Zambia and was signed by Mpumalanga Black Aces where he scored seven times in 13 games of the second half of the season.

Yesterday, he was just off colour.

Willard Katsande made a return to the team with a goal in the second half, but it was not enough to spur the Warriors to get two more goals to salvage the tie.

Katsande has been a rough rider for Kaizer Chiefs in South Africa and much was expected from him and his defensive midfield partner Danny Phiri, who had given the Warriors much hope with that sweet opening goal in the 13th minute.

But from there, we went to sleep and allowed the Tanzanians, as they had planned all week, to catch us on the counter.

Yet, it was the Warriors who had the ball and when Hardlife Zvirekwi turned his back on the ball, the Taifa Stars charged.

From there, they got a corner that we defended like amateurs and we conceded.

Sixty seconds after the restart, Eric Chipeta mistimed a clearance and TP Mazembe star Thomas Ulimwengu raced clear on the left and when George Chigova came out to narrow the gap, he was beaten by a simple ball to the near post.

And with that our Afcon 2015 hopes went up in smoke.

Zifa vice-president Omega Sibanda said the Warriors missed a number of chances they should have easily converted while player agent Edzai Kasinauyo was just at a loss of words after the match.

The fans were clearly disgruntled and took pot shots at the players with some water bottles as they went down the tunnel.

Now we know where we belong: invitational tournaments like Cosafa.
We don’t have the material to compete at this stage; we are not hungry enough for success.

Whether the players get paid $700 or $2 000 it’s neither here nor there, they don’t deserve it, at least for now.

The Chan hangover has taken its toll on the Warriors and we think we can beat any team in Africa, but look, we don’t have the likes of Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat, Kuda Mahachi and Peter Moyo to drive that dream.

From yesterday’s ashes, Phiri was the outstanding player as always. Kuda Musharu came in with some pace which has seen him score eight times in the local league, but it was too little too late.

Ovidy Karuru still has some touches and going forward, we still need him with the experience of Sadomba and Katsande.

With the Caf ranking system, it means for the 2017 finals, we will be starting at the preliminary stages with the likes of Comoros, Swaziland and South Sudan.

This is embarrassing to say the least. And worse still, Botswana, Lesotho, Rwanda, Guinea Bissau, Kenya and Uganda managed to sail through. This makes us the whipping boys on the continent.

What a shame!


  1. Who is benefiting from soccer in this country? Clearly not the fans clearly not the players. Don’t blame the coaches or the players. Neither of them gets paid for representing their country and as Sepp Blatter himself put it soccer is big business these days meaning everyone should get something out of it – not the administrators only who fatten themselves on Fifa grants.

    The players can not say it for fear of backlash but their actions speak louder than words. Why risk injury playing for a dysfunctional country and for nothing when sitting pretty at their foreign clubs. The local guys who rise to the occasion eg at CHAN just watch them when they secure foreign contracts. Zim has got some of the most talented players on the continent.

    The conclusion of the matter is those benefiting from soccer in this country should perhaps don the cursed green and gold kit themselves or alternatively let’s bury soccer at granville cemetery and maybe try resurrect it when as a nation from administrators to corporate world to government are willing to put our monies where our mouths are.

    • The players must play to sell themselves. This focus on their incentives misses the point. The world over players get far less for playing for their national teams when compared to what they can get paid at clubs. So these matches are platforms for players to aspire to the big bucks on offer around the world. If these clowns don’t understand that nothing can motivate them.
      Its also not helpful to hire inexperienced coaches for the national team. The most successful national team coaches, Sunday Marimo & Charles Mhlauri had won national premiership more than once before they went to the national team. Over the past few years Luke Masomera, Methembe Ndlovu, Misheck Marimo, Antipas, Pasuwa, etc has coached the national team. To what end? Gorowa, Mapeza, Pasuwa, etc are not yet there. They must not coach the national team.Its about strategy and tactics rather than coaching. BBy the time a player gets to national team they are past the soccer basics. They want to be told what their role is for each opponent and to rehearse that role.

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      • With zifa paying peanuts, they are just happy with whatever they can get. The experienced coaches and players all have a price that zifa is not willing to pay. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Love for your country only goes so far when you have to feed a family. In fact, with the cashberts raking in millions while failing to pay the national team’s bills (and Tanzania’s hotell bill too), it’s no wonder zim played with such a lack of morale. How can we go and beat a team was almost forced to asleep in the cold due to our incompetent zifa? I would have just forfeit altogether.

  2. no friendly matches ,no enough camping ,realy confused, no interest to local football for now

  3. We deserved that. How can a nation approach such a big match with out any serious training coupled with international friendlies? No sponsor no nothing giving players $20 per day in this day and age. Cathibert Dube getting all the cash

  4. We lack now strikers.Thats now water under the bridge.I think lets start planning about the next games right from the junior national teams and to include the world cup qualifiers.

  5. “we don’t have the likes of Knowledge Musona, Khama Billiat, Kuda Mahachi and Peter Moyo to drive that dream.” These players were also once there and failed in Angola. We don’t just have any better players. Why would you want Gorowa to field a player who is not there and is said to be injured. players for player in Zimbabwe those guys who did duty yesterday are the best we have so in otherwise we have no players to see us beat any team in Africa. Mentioning these names is just trying to find solace in players who also have failed. It was not our day the team played well except score its unfortunate but the way we want to treat players after a defeat means we will have no players to talk about because vamunoda vacho vachauya vorohwa futi. I remember the days of Fabisch, he had almost 3 quarters from one team and even recalled retired players but went nowhere but was described best.

  6. Dear Wellington Toni. I respect you as Sports Editor. You are an experienced journalist. However you seem to lack insight in today’s article. Very emotional. How many coaches must we change? How many players? Are yuou sure they are to blame? Why don’t you place the blame where it belongs? Cuthbert Dube. Anyone associating with the Warriors: Players, coaches, administrators, fans will be risking damage to their reputation. Be honest Mr Toni. All those players you are blaming are good players. The blame lies somewhere else and you know it. You maybe the only one who is not good enough, sir. How do you expect combinations without preps? Motivation without money? They all risked inkury for peanuts. They risked carreers playing Zifa social soccer

  7. Jonso some of the players played in the junior teams. Combination yes I can say it did lack but why is the question, it is because we not serious. We had some of the best players in the country. Picking names of players because they did not score is not correct because sometimes one would contribute to something. We all know what Sadomba does for his team, what Katsande does for his team. some where even point at Jaure but how many goals have Dynamos conceded when Jaure is at the back? Can anybody point where he put a foot wrong in this match? Eric Chopeta made a mistake even Gerrard did it but did Liverpool disband the team? We cry everyday about our chaoitic preparations but we all know ZIFA even the way they treated us supporters at the stadium was sign enough of what was in store for us. Disband ZIFA and make sure this squad is kept intact and add a few faces. We cry Musona Billart they are injured, others cried for Bhasera one even talked of Honour Gombani ask them about where these guys are playing and if they have game time, zero information and you want Gorowa to just pick them.

  8. ZIFA should resgn with emmidiate effect,kana kuregazve bhora muno tomboita zveminda zvaidiwa naCashbert Dube nekuti tirikungofa neBP pa every game remaworriors,moreover they nomore desarve to be called worriors but wonderers

  9. With money or no money the players are to blame and thats the reason why the national team have been firing coaches at every turn.The moment the players were exposed to Asiagate commitment fell to its lowest ebb.Gone were the days when a national team would sacrifice everything and play to win,and after winning demand what is due to them.Imagine almost 60 000 fans paying to watch a match whose result would turn out to be joke,its now time we resuscitate the abondoned junior policy and start rebuilding the national team team from under17 at Nash level,may be Bambo and Mutasa are good at that talent identification exercise.This young team should be given the opportunity to participate at all invitational tournaments like Cosafa so that they gel well.

  10. Vese ngavamboenda kunoshandirwa kuSowe rekuBudiriro kusanganisira na Cashbert Dube, Gwindi, Charles Mabika, Robson Sharuko, Reason Wafawarova na Dzikama Mavhaire

    When you go to watch the warriors take with you your medication
    20mg nefidipine and hct

  12. Hey bring back Mapeza or else include him in the technical team, that guy can bring smiles on our frowning faces, im not taking anything from Ian Gorowa but he needs to be assisted by people who have seen it at higher levels, look when tanzania employed the defensive type of play we didn’t employ an offensive type of play , how do you expect two strikers to score when there are five defenders waiting, zvinorwadza hey.

  13. I think the coaches are to blame; they are not good at all. Gorowa should have been appointed as assistant coach. Pasuwa does not have good coaching and leadership skills – I really don’t know the criteria that was used to choose him.

    We are arrogant. We should have hired a very good coach in the name of Pagels. The current black Zim coaches are not good, except for Charles Mhlauri.

    The players themselves are partly to blame because they don’t play like warriors. Real warriors should be proud of their country, losing a game is bringing a curse to the whole nation. Players should also be greedy for money that comes with competing at the tournaments like AFCON and World Cup.

    Vakomana here Zimbabwe kungongodzwa musoro naTanzania

  14. The players are scoring for their teams, some in Champions league. Gorowa has a good profile, a professional who sourced branded kit for Warriors (Zifa couldn’t do it). The problem lies deeper. Players risk permanent injury for peanuts. Cuthbert Dube will not leave ZIFA even when he has clearly been a failure. Bhora redhora chairo. You get what you pay for

  15. Its a pity again,I believe we lost first the coach lost the plot,he panicked,he should have stuck to guys who played in the first leg,surely bringing Mukamba who doenst even command a regular place at his team,and Sadomba who floods the newsrooms with his paid good stories.Its good that Gorowa quit ,I liked him but this time he just panicked.We need to accept that we need a foreign coach local guys just get incompetent players from their fav local teams.Its a pity again that Dube has closed up ears.He will never quit,he strives in failure!!!!!

  16. Well whoever expected the warriors to win is an idiot si mply because one cannot expect a single factor of the Zimbabwean whole to be functional when the rest is dying! Yes is Zimbabwe is regressing to 2008 levels and all you think about is soccer and winning/ Pitiful

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