Jonathan Moyo seeks army generals’ intervention to save skin


INFORMATION, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo has reportedly sought the intervention of army generals to save his skin following his public ridicule by President Robert Mugabe on allegations of fanning divisions in the ruling party.


Mugabe also accused Moyo of recruiting journalists with a soft spot for the opposition MDC-T into the Zimbabwe Newspapers stable.

According to the ruling Zanu PF party insiders, Moyo reportedly appealed to the security chiefs to intervene on his behalf after he was dressed down by Mugabe at the funeral gathering and burial of national hero and former Information minister Nathan Shamuyarira last week.

Moyo was yesterday not reachable for comment while Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo professed ignorance over the matter.

“I don’t know anything about that,” Gumbo said.

But the officials said Moyo was sticking out until the differences were ironed out than to resign.

The officials said Moyo was almost off the hook after excitable party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa hinted on Sunday that Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and Moyo should be expelled from the party as they were divisive elements.

Mutasa reportedly belongs to a faction led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru. Both Mujuru and Mnangagwa have repeatedly denied belonging to factions.

“You said there are two factions, one led by Amai (Joice) Mujuru and the other one by Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Mutasa said. “Let me say what I have always said that Mujuru has no faction.

“Mujuru faction, if it is there, is all of us because she is our leader. If she wanted factions she should leave her post first and do factions. She is not doing that. There is only one faction led by Mnangagwa because a faction is described as a group of a few people who will be working outside the majority.”

In his address, Mugabe said unlike Moyo, Shamuyarira was a model Information minister who always made efforts to ensure that the party’s views were given prominence.

“The views that he published were the views of the party. I am saying this in light of what is happening now where our Minister of Information wants to pit leaders of the party against each other,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe described the journalists that have crossed over from the private to the State media as “counter-revolutionary people” who used to condemn Zanu PF, but were now “at the forefront” of the public media.

It is understood that Mugabe’s tongue-lashing of Moyo started at the party’s politburo meeting last week after some Zanu PF heavyweights expressed displeasure with the role of the State media which they said was now in the hands of “former MDC-T journalists” who were “peddling the regime change agenda”.

The party gurus allegedly accused Moyo of using his foothold in the State media to dig into his Zanu PF rivals.

Mugabe further said he was very angry with his ministers whom he said were dishonest and deceptive.

“This opportunism is crooked and deceptive, this is an angry time, a time of real anger, a time where I am terribly, terribly disappointed by some of our leaders, I can count them, they are proud of what we suffered for,” Mugabe said.

On the flipside, journalists and analysts have come to Moyo’s defence saying his reformed stance towards the private media and his anti-corruption crusade should be applauded as they set the tone for economic recovery.

Media academic Pedzisai Ruhanya described Mugabe’s public attack on Moyo as distasteful.

He said the veteran leader should be grateful for the hard work Moyo had put in for Zanu PF to win the July 31 2013 elections.

“The attacks are disgusting coming from a man whose party and personal political career have been saved by Moyo,” Ruhanya said.

“I have seen a lot of celebratory comments by some equally misguided social commentators when we should actually condemn Mugabe for hate speech against Moyo. Whatever Mugabe does is immaterial.”


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  2. Its a cheap shot to try to humiliate someone simply because you have a mike and no one else can speak. Prof Moyo’s stature is now elevated after this because it has now forced everyone to state the obvious – twice – Zanu-PF was a sinking ship – and twice – prof Moyo used his intellect to repackage Zanu-PF and win elections. We all know the slogan “The Land is The Economy”, “Zimbabwe will Never be a Colony Again”, “Chimurenga 3″, Bhora Mughedi / Ibhola eghedini”, and ZIMASSET – all slogans that Moyo came up with to rally support behind a sinking Zanu-PF.

    I only have one vote, but Zanu-PF will lose my vote if they abandon Moyo.

  3. No you guys have fabricated this story to fill in your pages. All you said in this story was in yesterday’s paper. You can’t even mention how Moyo sought army intervention. Actually there is no story. Itai zvimwe muchikurawo!!!!!!

  4. He is simply seeking protection from his faction. Ngwena is supported by the security forces. Jona was promised the second vice presidency in the event that Ngwena takes over from Bob.

    • If he is seeking protection and he needs it and also it can be given what is wrong with seekin it? Handione chakashata ini. Kana ane pokupotera ngaapotere

  5. So wher is the story? Which generals? How did it happen? Then what happened after he tried to seek their intervention? im left with more questions than answers from this story. Please to assist us with informed articles and not to complicate things…y cant you investigate first before publishing because seriously i dont see the story here….Please do us a good favour and provide adequate information.

  6. The hero against corruption is simply being punished for spilling the beans.RGM clearly knew who Jonathan Moyo was before recalling him to the politbro& appointing him minister. The guy helped ZANU PF steal the July 2013 election & continues to do his job. You cannot employ a witch kill your enemy. Killing is a witch’s job & won’t stop because only your children remain. Basa sebasa Jona.

  7. Kkkkkkkki Jona saved ZPF from defeat in 2013 yet he failed to save himself from the same humiliating defeat in the same plebiscite rejected by his constituency brought into cabinet through the presidential mercy. Saka unotoshaya kuti zvinhu zvacho zvinofamba seyi.

  8. Jonathan Moyo has proved that he is irreplaceable in the liberation movement, where were the so called heavyweights when Tsvangirai and the MDC stole the election in 2008?

  9. This is a bizarre story – what are the army chiefs going to do? Nothing of the sort happened. Who are these ZanuPF party insiders? Not true.

  10. Wat jona is duing is good for us pple in zimbabwe president why is it that you want to have corupt government oficials , go on jonah a job welll done ramba wakadaro

  11. Pliz Jonathan don’t resign. Ride the storm. They wont fire you! There are too terrified to imagine a life without you. ZANU PF will never win any election without Jonathan Moyo. Tarisai kuMashure

  12. “The attacks are disgusting coming from a man whose party and personal political career have been saved by Moyo,” Ruhanya said. Wrong baba, Moyo did not disband the DCC’s it was Webster Shamu who did away with the DCC’s who instigated the “Bhora Musango” of 2008. Webster made them powerless hence the success of the “Bhora Mugedhi Project” It was Shamu not Moyo. by the way who hired Joram Nyati?

  13. Moyo appears to have the proverbial nine lives and I do not see anything happening to him. If anything he will probably be promoted..he is strange as it may seem the best the government has at the moment. He is not the most popular but many are saying like Voltaire did those many years back..”I do not agree with what you are saying but I will die to defend your right to say it” He has smartly read the mood in the street and the exposure of the corrupt among us was a mastersroke for Moyo..Letting him go would be a huge losss to ZANU and ZANU is smarter than many think. The president was just making his usual noises like he did with the Ministers who were demanding 10% from would be investors. This according to him he was told by Mbeki they were demanding 10% Closer to home the issue with Masimirembwa. comes to mind It does sound strange for me to say this, but Moyo is ZANUs trump card at the moment! If antthing here is one guy who has done his utmost best to earn his stripes.

  14. Moyo has been shouting about corruption and the most corrupt people are the army generals. It cant therefore be true that he appealed to generals. Our generals are multi-millionaires and are holding the One-eyed-one by the balls. The rebuke of Moyo could infact have been demanded by the generals

  15. moyo to moyo
    in this mufani advised world of no brief all songs are possible but were you in my same shoes right now i would celebrate hooffully as in known karanga bovine style of escape from monotony yekutenderedzewa nekutsikiswa mhunga pamaware avaRozvi the destroyers of unity zvakaoma keep at it unity unity !!

  16. Good litmus test here. Now we can see who has the real power in Zimbabwe, Mugabe or the army generals. I think it’s the latter and presume nothing will happen to the nutty professor, he must be home and dry after all the empty rantings.

  17. Dzoinda nhete vakomana, kwava kumapena uku. Jona womozoona hunyoka hwake nhasi maisahuona pamakamutora. Unotoshaya kuti zviri kufamba sei muZanu (PF)#prayingformybelovedcountry#

  18. Who crafted the draggon AIPA? Jona you are a serious opportunist. Go back to your friend baba jukwa. Svukuviri!!!

  19. Haiwaho! , the real issue is that Zim economy is in a freefall and that’s a sign that reads danger ahead.Even maChaina chaiwo haachada kudealer nesu vaakuda cash upfront.So newsday team please , I know you can do better than this.The Whole nation won’t be fooled by Jona’s tricks to divert the nation’s attention again . I think the guy think he’s got 9lives like a cat , he works for Zanu fullstop. ko tikangofokasa nemaIssues and not maTissues zvakaipei?

  20. Ii I remember well, on his appointment as Minister, Jona declared that he would work according to what his leader would have told him to do. Has he done what he was told to do or he has taken his own route and has taken advantage of being in cabinet. Remember your words Jona, zvokuzvimbira manje. kasoro kanoputika ako.

  21. All my past votes were Zanu PF and my future votes remain Zanu PF. At the same time i applaud Hon Minister Jonathan Moyo for a job well done in highlighting Salary gate scandal. Why should we victimise him,instead , we should all emulate his stance in uncovering such corrupt practices. Those saying he errored ,are you saying its Ok for Muchechetere and company to pay themselves all those amounts while their subordnates and families dismally fail to make ends meet ? Are you part of the corrupt ?. If uncovering corrupt practices is a sin in Zanu PF,then Moyo is the only genuine Zanu PF cadre left but, he wont be alone for long.ABBASHA CORRUPTION. ABBASHA FACTIONALISM.ABBASHA CHEAP POLITICKING. VIVA HON JM. Keep up the good work and expose more of the corrupt people irregardless of their political affiliation .

  22. While Jona has his own political ambitions, he has totally failed to see that there are those who are more clever than him who use his childish ambitions to propel their own ambitions. ndomanyemwe edhongi remu Bible ka aya. he thinks everybody likes and favours him not knowing they let him do the dirty work yet still they wait strike him down at the right time. Kuwachiswa Jona bcoz you are too pig-headed. Bvepfepfe mdhara Jonso munowacha.

  23. Is this where it has come to. I remember Mai Mujuru lamenting that by exposing corruption, the media was working against ZANU PF. Almost all forum commentators lambasted her for trying to cover up. Is ZANU PF synonymous with corruption? Why can’t this party just deal with this monster once and for all. I stand with JM. I stand with journalists who are investigating and reporting corruption in our beautiful land. We are tired of newspaper headlines that scream about Mugabe this, Tsvangirai that everyday. We want to read about how people are stealing public funds in hospitals, schools, colleges, etc.

  24. MDC-T Youth League please stage a demo to support Jonathan Moyo, zvazvanzi he is using MDC people, am sure it will help the wise old leader make a decision fast.

  25. Its like a sabhuku shouting at one of his leutenant pamberi pevanhu parufu, then the lieutenant oenda kunoreva kune machinda asabhuku kuti ndatukwa parufu pakazara vanhu……..kkkkk village politics for sure

  26. The real issue still stands, Zim economy is falling fast. AGAIN. Yhooo yes AGAIN. And Ofcause its normal thing if Zanu is in power. So I guess we must talk but Moyo instead

  27. The real issue still stands, Zim economy is falling fast. AGAIN??????????????. Yhooo yes AGAIN. And Ofcause its a normal thing if Zanu is in power. So I guess we must talk bout Moyo instead

  28. Lets pray for our nation,Zim’s answer is in God the Almighty.They shall be right time for our country.educationalist, proffesors,and so called so on they have no solution for God’s people in Zim.Only the creator of this country has the best:Heavenly Father we commit everything to you.

  29. I’m afraid to think that we people of Zimbabwe are the victims of the calamities affecting our society of today.Were there is no substantial story to disseminate to the people ,it seems some people seek to see people attacking each other in the commentary page. They write a story in order to get a story from you. What pains me most is the fact that we have been made to fight against own brothers. We are from the same country, race and even colour and yet we are always fighting one another. The same applies to the political politics of not only our nation but many. Is this normal? We should be doing the opposite, coming closer to each other as brothers and sisters who are living in the last days of our lives on this first life hopping that we will all enter the second life as sound as God wants it to be. You cant leave your brother to die in sin because you may be punished for that but rather you rebuke him that he may repent .And if you are rebuked and you decide not to listen without putting proper thinking on it you may risk God’s last rebuke. Some may tend to relax on such simple matters thinking that they will receive God’s favour through hook and crook simply because of their positions or influence in our society yet they don’t realise that they are God’s instruments therefore should play to God’s tune. They choose to go wayward and when they are told they are getting lost anger seem to be the only option. Wake up Zimbabwe and see the road we are travelling in and compare it with the road to Heaven. Which road are you in.At least don’t lie to yourself. You are even told to pray for those who are tossing and persecuting you even for any reasons best known to them. God’s reward is not easy to achieve. Those who stand for the truth even when it means death will inherit the kingdom of heaven ,not being ruled by any once man but ruling together with the owner of the kingdom. I say the OWNER for some of us have actually become blindfolded to think that they own a country, this world and its people. I wish everyone to stop, look around and see if you are in the right path and don’t be moved by such tribulation as newspaper stories which we know will pass and be forgotten. Some of these make make stories are the devil’s plans just to temper with you. Lets be earnest in our prayers and God will let us pass through. God bless us.

  30. During the out reach of the first constitution draft whose leader was moyo which zimbabweans rejected, a 76 year old madala in bulawayo told moyo that he was a fool .The madala went on to say he was worried because the more zimbabweans become educated the more foolish they became. Spot on madala up to today moyo can not realised that the problem in this country is a party led by 90 yr old Malawian , can’t see that zanu only needs him during elections Can’t fokolo .

  31. Moyo has a rare ability to survive even life threatening political terrain. Concerning the discharge of his duties he has proved to be a superior administrator of our time with a rare ability to read the national mood. At party level he has unmatched intellectual capacity and to call him divisive and ignorant is foolishness from an exploding party that has survived on his strategies. To Moyo i say ‘your landmark footprints a clear to the wise and progressive’. Its not about selfish partisan interests but about the national good.

  32. this is just an act jona and baba Bob are good friends, its called politics,history coming round again.


  34. It is actually Mugabe himself who is the Father of Corruption since he is stifling efforts of Jonathan Moyo who is exposing it . Bob is now senile and insane.

  35. Mazuva ema kambeni gore rapfuura iri,,kana ndichirangarira zvakanaka..mukuru wangu vaitaura zvekti..,”..Pasi ne Corruption!!!”..saka chaipa apa chii nhasi??!..bhora mberi mugedhi Jona..uwire pasi mu18 area tiende kuma pena

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