Grade 6 pupil falls pregnant


A 12-YEAR-OLD pupil at one of the primary schools in Mt Pleasant, Harare, has been forced to drop out of school after falling pregnant at Grade 6 level.


The development comes amid concerns by the Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of the Children (ZNCWC) of increasing cases of child abuse in the country.

According to the girl’s aunt, the Grade 6 pupil, who is now over six months pregnant, used to be picked up from school by the culprit whose identity has been withheld since the culprit is yet to be brought before the courts to face justice.

The girl’s guardian who stays at a house along Robin Place, Mt Pleasant in Harare, confirmed to NewsDay yesterday that the matter was being handled by Marlborough Police Station. But she failed to locate the Criminal Reference Number of the matter which the police also declined to supply.

“I can confirm the girl that you are looking for was raped and we reported the matter to the police at Marlborough Police Station. We are waiting for the police to investigate the matter,” the girl’s aunt said.

Asked to shed more light on what actually transpired, the woman said: “I do not want to talk much to the media, the girl is an orphan, she lost both parents and someone used to pick her up from school and abuse her.”

ZNCWC national director Taylor Nyanhete yesterday urged the police to quickly act on the matter arguing the child’s future had been destroyed and that the perpetrator should be brought to book.

“The issue of child abuse is a cause for concern. This is why tomorrow (today) we are going to hold a march for what we are calling Zero Tolerance Against Child Abuse and it is against such background that we are calling on the law enforcement agents to be strict with perpetrators of such offences,” Nyanhete said.
“It’s good that the matter was reported to the police and parents or guardian must desist from a culture of out-of-court settlement in cases where children would have been abused.”

When NewsDay visited the primary school (name withheld) which is situated near the University of Zimbabwe, the deputy headmistress Stella Tsakai Mathe professed ignorance over the matter, saying she had been on vacation leave.

“I am not aware of that incident if it happened at all and I am hearing it from you the media people for the first time.

“I have not been here for some time because I was away on vacation leave. The headmaster would have been in a better position to comment had he been around, but he is away attending a workshop,” Mathe said.

Statistics from the Zimbabwe Republic Police show that at least 240 children were being sexually abused monthly in the country. At least 27% of the reported cases were perpetrated by neighbours while 41% were being perpetrated by relatives.


  1. When NewsDay visited the primary school (name withheld) which is situated near the University of Zimbabwe, the deputy headmistress Stella Tsakai Mathe professed ignorance over the matter, saying she had been on vacation leave.

    Ndo chii ichochi, we now know the school because matura zita ra D/H plus location, zvima Green Bomber zve ma Journalists izvi ka?

  2. ny’asire dziriko vana vakunyengerwa lollypop kana memory card, whats app chaiyo..lets all be responsible usually vanosara naidzo nherera.

    • tete vacho ngavasungwewo futi. how can she say someone was picking her n she never reported.ndookuda zviro sebin ikoku.

  3. Who is this person who monitored the culprit picking and dropping the gal? why did this observer keep silence whilst seeing dangers and consequences of such acts?This person was suppose to report the perpetrator to police before these results of the acts……custrate the culprit

  4. 1. Asked to shed more light on what actually transpired, the woman said: “I do not want to talk much to the media, the girl is an orphan, she lost both parents and someone used to pick her up from school and abuse her……..isnt that shedding more light Mr Reporter???????

    2. When NewsDay visited the primary school (name withheld) which is situated near the University of Zimbabwe, the deputy headmistress Stella Tsakai Mathe professed ignorance over the matter, saying she had been on vacation leave……..isnt that revealing more detail than withholding the name?????????

    CONCLUSION: I hate this kind of journalism!!!

  5. What sort of journalism is this? Naming street names, location and identity of deputy head – how does this protect the identity of the minor involved in this case? Pathetic journalism, do people still go to college to become journalists? Nhai vaMahoso, are these your products?

  6. All these fools castigating journalism done by news day crew are also culprits of raping minor children, instead of feeling for the matter, they are busy looking at hw the matter was reported in the press.Pasi nemabhinya viva journalists who brind these matters to the world’s attention.

    • @Soldier, please note that those castigating journalism are right because the way it has been reported exposes the abused girlchild, whom it purports to be protecting. In all honesty, I think the editor or sub-editor did not go through this report before going to print, or the wrong report went to press! Sad.

  7. obviously yo paper has given a hint to the suspect. he is already on the run becoz of yo journalism.

  8. poor kid, noone even noticed when she lost her virginity. Maybe she was 10 then. Guardians?? It’s nobble to take care of these opharns,but I think we the gurdians need to do more. It’s not only about giving them food&shelter or just paying fees. We need to love them as our own. That way you notice these small things,like behavioural changes,illnesses and most importantly these kids will open up to you when facing problems. Six months pregnant??? Where were the guardians from day 1?? Or should we say the girl was so smart to hide it from them that long?

  9. Soldier 1…you are a disappointment. I am no jurno but l can smell the stench in the report above…..reporting is not wrong, but failing to hide a victims identifying parameters is downright Ignoramus Plus….by the way, m no rapist (bcoz according to u thoz pointing the crack on the report are)

    …and it’s not “brind” but “bring”

  10. Oh my God zvino nherera zvayakuitawo mwana anenge asina baba vanoriritira nekuti ratio jeri ka iri

  11. So sad. My prayers are with this lil’ girl. Vana zvokwadi varikubhinyirwa zviro zvisina maturo which is a sign yekuti vana hapana chavanoziva.

  12. This iz statutory rape 12yrz is jus 2much….he shud face th wrath of th law…castration z th best fo ths mroyi

  13. @Transporter i agree with you maybe virginity was lost some time long back. Madzibaba Ishmael was also right by testing virginity twice a week bt zvaida variwo madzimai vachizviita. Look now the budden to be carried by this ophane’s guardiane. Mapurisa batai munhu sezvamakaita Gumbura namadzibaba Ishmael and company. Journalist everything is clear now nothing is hidden. I

  14. thus bad to abuse such age our heavens will punish this men .really our journalists should go to school is this the effect of nepotism destroying everything in our country

  15. mwana wegrade 6 anoita nhumbu inosvika 6months mubereki asingazvioni here? Vabereki ngatiratidzei hanya nevana vakasiyiiwa nevafi.Ndimi honzeri imi.

  16. Zvimwe zvinhu zvinopedza power. Ende unobva watoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei. Koti uku magurdian ari kuona vana vachiabhiyuzwa vakanyarara vozotaura six months into the pregnancy. Apawo bhinya rinoto picka victim yaro rakacheka nyika, zvemajourno obva adura pachena. Apa vanocommenta vanoti mwana aibatirira. Yowe! Apa mawarriors ari kungodonha wonzwa zvichinzi Cuthbert Dube akahwina pafeya. Apa Biti achiti nyika ngaiiswe pacuratorship. Wowona Madzibaba vachibata tsvimbo kuzvambura vanaKoporo. Macheso achinzi adivirca mukadzi waakaramba kare onzi akaita kuna kanda dhora racho nepadurawall Tafadza aramba kuritambira.

    • Munhukwaye wakazvipengegwa, wobva washaya kuti zvinombofamba sei! Apa watipa summary inonakidza apa!

  17. The rapist should be brought to justice. Utsinye hwakadai hauite. Despite the apparent child neglect yekwa aunt vacho and the poor journalism, Nothing gives a person the right to decimate someone’s future like that.

  18. Mubereki uyu anenge aishandisa mwana kuti aite chipfambi iye achipiwa mari nedhara raimupika iri. How can she wait for six months without reporting the issue to police. She took advantage that she is an orphan. Mapurisa batai vanhu vaviri ava.

  19. Very few parents and adults counsel the young ones nowadays. Yes, considering the age, it is rape but you will be surprised how that young girl might have been behaving. Vana vanoda kurayirwa or may be most of the parents need that counseling first for them to counsel. Tsika dzedu chaidzo dzasara shoma chaizvo.

  20. The person who edited this needs some serious training coz most things were said withheld like name of school the name of the headmistress is said that means we ca find the name name of the school

  21. The auntie is the culprit, l agree with those who said she was using this orphan for financial gains. Child Network, please investigate this case thoroughly!

  22. of course kamwana but guys technology yaveko iyi maone.pamwe kanga kapromiswa fone yewatsup.i guess kuti pamwe hakana kurepwa but zvange zvatove muropa.tete again nhumbu kusvika 6 months maivepi.batai nherera zvakanaka

  23. eish im disheartened by this act.LORD HAVE MERCY ON THIS YOUNG ONE .
    mmmmmmmh ndarwadziwa

  24. Its so sad that the guardian knew exactly what was happening and was benefiting , she also knew about the pregnancy , she never gave a damn about this child.

  25. pachichewa tikuti,chapeza muza ko maba chilikwa iwe.saizi ten inakwana pasaizi 4.GK unakana.
    please lets help build our country than destroying it.zovala zanu ngazikupaseni ulemu anyamata nasikana,chalo chakusila.amandeni mutaye kiyi.the aunt and the culprit are the birds of some feathers.

  26. Yeah muhupenyu pane vanhu vaneutsinye kuto vhurira grade six zipper kuto femereka kutobuda ziya kutogomerera nxxiiii. shame a gal child is in danger imi tete muzvibate motoziva kuti aiyi pikwa yenyu muchataura mushe

  27. Journalism yakadakwa apa tete vacho vakangwarisa & mwana wacho hasati apinda chero muma periods apa numbu yava ne 6months apa tete vanga varikupi apa ayitakurwa daily frm school achinorepwa vasingataure kumapurisa vayiwona vacho apa chikoro tachiziva apa vanhu varikukoshesa journalism error avachatarisi perpetrator apa munhu wacho hatiwudzwe kuti abatwa here apa akasungwa mwana achachengetwa nani?,apa hachaendi kuchikoro apa akatogara na tete vayimuregera achinonoka kumba achiti arikubva kupi?,apa Unotoshaya kuti zvinombo famba sei

  28. Nhai ko ndege yekushaikwa yakanyatsoshaikwisa here.plz mapostori edu batai vanhu ndege iwanikwe

  29. Saka murikuona here kuti Ndanga must not just target vapostori beause abuse is happening everywhere…

  30. Grade 6. Kakatovhura makumbo. Shame. Zvinosiririsa izvi. Tete i hurewo futi. Vaidya ndiko kapwere aka. Satan.

  31. Pa statistic dzarehwa majohane masowe echishanhu vangani? Ko iye nyakutora kamwana kuchikoro inhengo ye Johane masowe here? Zvinowanikwa kwese kwese vatongi ngavatonge nyaya sezvairi

  32. In a world so dark where big daddies took advantage of a poor little grade six child to satisfy them selves by sexually abusing a small gal child who cannot make her own decisions.Where is the preacher a preacher who preach to win such souls to God to preach and tell these evil doers to confess and repent while there is still time.

  33. Zvinoitika kunavaya vanokwira makombi vachigara kufront seat na driver or kugara nahwindi watch year children vanonoka kudzoka vaye they r ruining year chIdz future and don’t let them play with gardeners they can get raped

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