Flex J: New Hip hop kid emerges


ZIMBABWE is fast becoming a hub of diverse musical sound as signalled by the rise of upcoming musicians.

Wadzanai Madhibha
Own Correspondent

Although dancehall has literally taken over in major towns, the country remains a potpourri of varied sounds.

Among the new musicians is 26-year-old Hip Hop artiste Ray Watyoka popularly known as Flex J in musical circles.

Flex J made his first attempt in 2012 with his single titled Emma which unfortunately failed to get airplay on local radio while it did fairly well on United Kingdom-based online radio station Net Radio.

The artiste is currently in the studio working on a new album due for release next month.

“I am putting final touches to the new album and l am sure it will be out in July,” said Flex J.

Titled Come and Arrive, the album is a fusion of hip hop and Afro-pop sounds. Some of the tracks on the album are Tambira Kure, Don’t lie, Munozodei and Musikana Wangu.

The musician promised fans this time he would not disappear from the scene as he did with the previous release.

“Due to financial constraints l have been quiet ever since l dropped my single in 2012, but this time around l have come to stay,” he said.

One of the musician’s challenges has been lack of exposure.

Being from Marondera and a Hip Hop artiste, it has meant he would only get a few shows due to lack of venues in the Mashonaland East town.

He has only performed at Comoil and Buffalo Miller where he has shared the stage with Bob Nyabinde, Trevor Dongo and Stunner.


  1. Hie Wadzanai.I stand to be corrected but there seems to be a mistake in this article.Flex J’s real name is Felix Juru and Ray Watyoka is another guy,whom he sings with.I know these guys personally so I’m not sure which is which.Was this interview carried out in person or what?

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  2. waal,keep up the gud work bro,ur jus as gud as i dnt knw.Tatomirira new album bro,i cant jus wait

  3. keep it up kwete kuimba kuti jesu aiva musoja such shit stuff,or kuswera uchimisa zimusoro nekuimba shit just like lishon, ko bhebhi riya rawakatorerwa narony waritorerawo tinashe mkaradhi how far?

  4. Most of the commentators above seem to know this guy personally,but nyaya yekudiskasa ma private issues ake mupress is not ok.Wy dont u approch him in person,and give him yo advise?smacks of jealousy…

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