Five pupils jump off moving truck

FIVE Binga pupils are battling for their lives in hospital after jumping off a moving truck when the driver who had given them a lift from a schools sports event allegedly refused to drop them at their destination.


Although police could not be reached for comment on the issue, Binga Ward 4 councillor Elmon Mudenda confirmed the incident which happened last Thursday.

The vehicle belonged to a Christian non-governmental organisation, Capernaum Trust, and the driver were now reportedly in police custody and the driver was due to appear in court today.

Capernaum Trust was established in 1996 by South Africa-based Zimbabwean telecomunications mogul Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi to raise school fees for disadvantaged and orphaned children.

Mudenda said the driver of the vehicle gave six pupils from Mpambe Primary School a lift on their way from Siasundu where they were attending a sports event.

“The pupils are from Mpambe Primary School and had gone to Siasundu for sports. The driver gave them a lift to their home in Mpambe area which is some kilometres from the venue of the schools’ sports event,” Mudenda said.

“However, when they reached their destination, the pupils who were at the back of the vehicle hit the canopy for the driver to stop, but he did not do so and instead increased speed.”

Mudenda said upon realising that the driver would not stop and had driven for more than 10 kilometres from their destination, the pupils decided to jump out of the moving vehicle.

“Five of them jumped crushing on the tarmac sustaining serious injuries in the process. One of them remained in the vehicle and he continuously hit the vehicle until the driver stopped. He then dropped him there.

Despite the fact that he was told of the other pupils’ fate, he continued with his journey to Binga centre,” Mudenda said.

He said an ambulance was summoned to ferry the injured five to Binga District Hospital where they were admitted.

“Two of them were later transferred to Bulawayo where their condition is still critical. We visited the three who are here in Binga and their condition is serious. Investigations later led to the arrest of the driver and he is in police cells,” Mudenda said.


  1. Morena…

    This driver is a worse than a monster. I believe he watches too much movies of vipers. How could he do such thing to innocent souls? He deserves a severe punishment for that, and the organization should see it fit to dismiss him with nothing…

    Ke mfota mang oa mothoo?


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  2. Nonsense and murderer driver, must face life in prison following this hectic disaster

  3. Life in jail for this bastard, what was his intention with these kids

    1. unonyepa iwe

  4. this is crazy.

  5. Imagine kunzwisa tsitsi kunoita vana vechikoro vekumamisha . Munhu uyu muroyi chaiye .

  6. This driver is total disgrace to this wonderful organisation.

  7. this driver must be hanged period

  8. this driver deserves a life sentence for his hard hearted action

  9. Boko Haram style!! Bloke must be taught a lesson!!!

  10. I couldn’t help but cry while reading these children ordeal at the hands of this monster of a driver.l have a child in primary school and I can’t imagine this happening to my child.wat was this stupid man thinking really when he refused to drop these helpless children, surely this organisation must pay for hiring a heartless employee like that .we don’t need people like such in our communities.

    1. unonyepa iwe

  11. I believe that this driver wanted to sell off these kids (kuchekeresa). And for that he deserves a really harsh sentence.

  12. What was the reason 4 him giving them a lift if he travelled 10Km passing their destination. This man deserves a severe punshmnt

    1. who can confirm that it was indeed 10 km….this story has inaccuracies written all over it.

  13. we pray for the children. imagine one of these little innocent souls was yours. its painful.

  14. This driver is satan’s high priest.
    How can one be so cruel to innocent souls.
    These young guys are our future leaders.
    Ngazviendeswe kumatemba zvigasirwe ne inda.

    1. let’s be reasonable and look at the driver’s intentions here..I do not think he wanted to harm or steal these kids. These kids must have gotten excited and misjudged the vehicle’s speed. The TRUTH will come out

      1. Voltaire. Let’s look at this story.

        1. The kids stopped the driver and he stopped.
        2. They knocked for him to stop when they had arrived at their destination and he did not stop, and continued driving.

        Why then would you say he did not want to steal the kids? Would you continue driving a passenger who has indicated to you that they have reached their destination? And as for harm, when he saw the kids jumping off the truck and hurting themselves, why did he not stop to assist if he meant no HARM?

  15. a jail sentence is more appropriate to the driver

  16. And the corrupt & overzealous Police wrongfully & unlawfully arrested the truck driver 4 giving a lift 2 these children. Nxaa.

  17. Driver anofanira kuva akafunga kuti kurova kwaiita vana ava mota kwaiva kumukuza hence the reason why he increased the speed. I don’t think he was wrong but he should have returned to check the condition of the other kids.

  18. Dearth sentence to the driver no court , no lawyer

  19. case of a story wrongly misinterpreted in my own view, you are now suffering for having felt pity for these kids and offered them transport in the late hours, you probably didn’t know where these kids would drop off, you were playing loud music and didn’t hear the kids knock on the cabin roof, when you discovered what had actually happened you drove away in total fear.. sometimes munhu haabatsirike deal with your own problems

  20. only time will tell who was wrong. but may the Lord heal the injured.

  21. this has been wrongly misinterpreted. I don’t think the truck driver wanted to harm these kids intentionally which is what most of the comments here are suggesting. And hats off to this reporter for overzealous story telling

  22. its not a sin to help the poor little forlks who are not used to vehicles and dont know how to say ndasvika so dont just comment wat u dont know u also reporter report correctly were is he appearing in court you tend to lie too much will want to hear your results from court unonyepa too much

    1. spot on. these journalists are the evil ones. Someone is now suffering because they showed mercy,we must look at the intentions here,which were to help these kids….Shit happens. Let’s not forget what this organization has done to the rural communities.




  26. Richard Muponde is a liar

  27. Eish, what an unfortunate incident, I am buffled by such stories where one gives a lift to passengers with an undesignated vehicle especialy minors without the company of adults. i am talking from experience. I once worked for an NGO in Nyanga some 10-15years back and a similar accident happened, DETAILS: ” i was coming from a project site with beneficiaries and it so happened that it was getting dark and 4 children waved for a lift, i stopped since i was carrying some villagers and the distance the children were supposed to travel was close to 10km yet it was also getting dark. The incident occurred when the kids wanted to disembark, they stopped me on a steep gradient whilstt i was hitting around 80km/h, the vehicle could not stop emideatlly so i had to do some change down for about 500m that’s when the kids jumped off the vihicle. My only saviour were the parents I was carrying, they saw all what happened”

    This could have happened with the kids and also that the driver could have been on a high volume radio that he could not hear the knocks. (its a possibility).

    My advise to all NGO staff, these vehicles are not supposed to carry people especialy in the project sites. you should get written authority to carry people weather uniformed or what. lets just try to abide by the company policies.

    WAnga waita tsitsi bhururu but look kwazvakusvitsa. hope they will understand your explanations. But basa ropera chete.

    1. wanyora zvirinani kumusoro asi pekupedzisira ndipo pawazonyepa apo basa hariperi

    2. wanyora zvirinani kumusoro asi pekupedzisira ndipo pawazonyepa apo basa hariperi its normal zvinonzvisisika zvijonoitwa nemunhu wese

  28. it seems all these simpathisers for this grim reaper are his coleagues asi ndizvo zvamuno specialiser nazvo kukambani kwenyu o u decided to reduce the number of beneficiaries thru unorthodox ways

  29. Ndezvekunyepa izvi who was there?tuarai imi vacho mangamuripo tione ka.eheeeee they nocked, heeee the driver refused to stop ,heeeeeeeeeee he increased speed,heeeeee he is apearing in court today…………….. who told you ? The reporters told you then matonzwa zvakakwana.Vamugabe chaivo avana kubvira vambofa here pano panewspaper asi nhasi varipi?

  30. unonyepa tooo much reporter iwe

  31. what crime did the driver commit
    he did not stop is that the crime
    maybe he intended to commit a crime
    but since no crime was committed he will go scot free
    that said the kids where very brave to jump out of the car

  32. I thnk e truth lies btwn e 2 parties. .e driver en e olmyt bttr is nil dwn en pray 4 e injured ones

  33. If you are going to binga you reach mupambe before siansundu so these kids couldn’t have been travelling from siansundu t mupambe if indeed the driver was going to binga. Also if he intended to steal them how could he have driven towards Binga or even stopped for the other kid? Those who know Binga will tell you its difficult to escape anything by approaching the Centre because its surrounded by water with only 1 way out. Please investigate further and avoid sensationalist reporting. This man was probably trying to help.

  34. It is sad but its unfortunate that the first time you hear of an mp commenting is to put the name of a good organization into disrepute.The driver erred yes but maybe loud music contributed to the incident.We pray for the kids to be healed quickly and to the parents to be reasonable with the driver.I think the driver had no sinister motives this is a good christian organization by any standards

  35. if he had no bad intentions why did he exceeded with about 10km?

    1. and also proceeded without checking on the injured ones

  36. paakaona zvaitika aidai akadzokera kunoona zvaitika takamtsvaga kusvika tamuona binga centre

  37. deserves death too but hez not in police cells

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