Father ‘rapes daughter (14) to test her virginity’


A 34-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza man allegedly raped his 14-year-old daughter last week in a bid to test her virginity, the court heard.

Vimbai Marufu

The suspect, who lives in St Mary’s high-density suburb was not asked to plead when he appeared before Chitungwiza magistrate Lazarus Murendo last Friday.

Circumstances of the matter were that on May 26 at around 7pm, the suspect got home and found his daughter in the toilet, but was not convinced with her answers as he suspected that she was in the company of her boyfriend.

Prosecutor Norman Koropi told the court that the accused later ordered her to prepare her bed in the kitchen where she slept.

After she finished making her bed, the accused locked the door and started accusing her of engaging in sexual activities.

When the complainant denied the charge, the accused got up and forcibly conducted a virginity test by inserting his fore finger into her private parts and licking her breasts once without her consent.

He later switched off the lights in the room and raped her after turning on the radio to subdue her cry for help.

After the act, the accused went to sleep in his bedroom and left the complainant crying.

The following day the complainant reported the matter to her mother who stays in Zengeza 3, leading to them filing a rape charge against him. The court remanded him in custody to June 13 for trial.


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  2. Chop it off and feed it to the dogs , its costly keeping him behind bars , then he can use a catheter to urinate

  3. Imagine with me for a second; a police officer on his or her way to arrest this scumbag, then the scumbag assaults the police officer, leading to the nation’s endorsement of the police officer getting a taste of his own medicine. Who cares about the traumatized little girl or the sick deeds of the accused, right? It’s all about making a point that the police are intensely disliked. This is just hypothetical, by the way; it’s not like it will actually happen because that would be ridiculous.

  4. Imagine this molester assaulting the policeman sent to make an arrest, leading to the nation’s endorsement of the ‘punishment’ on account of the policeman getting a taste of his own medicine, while completely ignoring the sick deeds of the accused.

    This is just hypothetical, by the way; it’s not like it will actually happen because that would be ridiculous.

  5. cult attack this no doubt.
    own correspondent.
    the baba is a she.
    the child has a boyfriend.
    take them to ndanga
    for a befitting kangaroo.
    uli mloy

  6. If my memory serves me well, His Excellency once proposed a “Badizor” for such people. I think it is long overdue to be implemented.

  7. we only heard one side of the story guz muranda hatogwi mhosva asipo let us be wise and not partial

  8. I can bet with my last pondo, the girl is lying and is trying to fix her father for being too strict on her.

  9. Aya manyepo. Ko baba hanti havasikugara naamai. Kamwana aka kanenge kakanzi let’s fix zibaba rinonetsa. Hakuna zvakautika

  10. Pari tricky, its only that in our country we do not have required equipment to ascetain the victimeser. Bt in this case if the father realy did it, its a shame to him

  11. mwana arikunyepera baba akanga abatwa achikwirwa muchimbuzi akarohwa kwakutizira kunamai vake akunyepa kuti abatwa chibharo

  12. I also smell a rat! This man could be arrested for nothing! There was a case like this in SA, the girl later comfessed it was her mom who created the story & the man is now out! Let the court case proceed though………..

  13. “After she finished making her bed, the accused locked the door and started accusing her of engaging in sexual activities.

    When the complainant denied the charge, the accused got up”. did the accused got up from accusing or got up from his bed or got up from where he was seated or whatsoever and started virginity testing. this is not accurate. and after sucking breast n raping her once whilst the radio volume ws high so he turned low the volume and went to sleep, and it was around 7pm. kkkkkk kumwe kunyepa kwenyu yes it may pay you if the father who in the first place acted responsibly by asking her daughter on what himself as the guardian should know. ndotuvana tunoti tukapiwa mimba ukabvunza sababa zvonzi ndeyako ndakambobuda pano here iko kaita econometrics dzakona namai vacho kachiroverwa mascene mutoilet. but 7pm mugeto will be veryy bzz and bzness plus movements at the peak, im surprised radio yanyaradzwa vapedza kukwirana baba nemwana, baba vanga vasisatya kuti mwana anogona kuita noise kudanidzira maneighbours ndokuenda zvake kunorara.mmmmmmm there is more hidden truth here.hapana kuchena apa.lets see what the courts will say but obvious if the father hs no strong legal defense radar ndirikuona achinyura asina mhosva, gap ramoms nemwana robuda shudhu.baba only used virginity testing as weapon to rape daughter, no knife, or threatening phrases kuti ukazvitaura ndokuuraya or raped at knife point or something reasonable incidental to that effect. mmmmmm pakuda mapostori ekubudiriro, madzibaba Ishmael netsvimbo yamoses vatiudze pamweya.why was there no action soon after rape by both parties, baba kana kutiza or something related or mwana kushevedzera or something related, mmmmmm coz if the radio ws the tool to avoid being captured in action, right uchiziva kuti more dangerous will be after rape he became dull and maybe satisfied kkkkkkkk. Muzukuru waAbraham Lot ne Mwana wake paita kamunango.tomorow plz newsday, inquire and write NEW TWIST TO THE RAPE SAGA, becoz MACHESO AND TAFADZWA have a bit stayed out of teh spotlight ne Partenity test, i know NEW TWIST IS ON ITS WAY kkkkkkkkkkk

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