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Eyahra to release third lovers, roots reggae album


PROLIFIC actress, musician and businesswoman Eyahra Mathazia is set to release her third lovers, roots reggae album with a touch of dancehall.

Silence Charumbira
Entertainment reporter

Titled A Simple Thank You, the album is currently on the mastering phase in South Africa.

The artiste told NewsDay last week she had been concentrating more on other business interests, but decided to return to the scene with the potential scorcher A Simple Thank You.

She said she worked with various local and international producers on the album that include Jamaican Caveman.

“I have not been quiet as people perceive. I do solo and private performances at private functions as it is quite difficult to pay a full band from gate takings, so one has to go with the flow and adjust. I have been giving time to my other business interests and recording my new album,” she said.

Eyahra has interests in farming and beauty business, with her fragrances range Eyahra Beauty Workshop (EBW), which she says is slowly growing into a household name.

“Among other things, I have been growing my EBW brand, farming and preparing to go to cheffing school next year,” she said. “EBW is becoming a household brand and has been received well on the market due to its quality packaging and pricing. It also boasts of two new fragrances, bringing the total to four in the female range.”

She said unlike the thinking that she had given up on her acting career, Eyahra said she most definitely would want to come back to the stage.

“I most definitely would want to act again, but there just seems to be a shortage of scripts on the market. Most of the writers have left Zimbabwe and are pursuing other initiatives,” Eyahra said.

The beauty, who is a tae-kwon-do enthusiast, suffered a blow early this year when she had to be hospitalised, but says she has fully recovered and returned to training.

“It has been a hectic year for me. I had appendicitis and a ruptured ovarian cyst, but I am grateful to say that I have recovered fully and have just resumed my training and performing rehearsals so I can be in peak performance for my tour to promote my album,” she said.

“The album is complete with 19 tracks and we are at the video-production stage. The launch will be a CD and DVD combined.

“I produce and write for other artistes so, when I am not performing, there is a lot I do behind the scenes.”

Some of the tracks on the album include My Wonderful, Trust Jah and Slave master (both co-written with her mother Xapa), I Love U Mama, Sensible woman and This Life (co-written with Shepard Munjari) and Mi Run Dancehall, among others.

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