End of the road: Gorowa quits?

Ian Gorowa

WARRIORS coach Ian Gorowa reportedly threw in the towel last night after Zimbabwe were knocked out of the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) qualifiers following a 2-2 draw against Tanzania at the National Sports Stadium (NSS).


ZIMBABWE . . . . . . (1)2 TANZANIA . . . . . . . (1)2
(Tanzania through on a 3-2 aggregate win)

Gorowa was not immediately available for comment late last night while Zifa communications manager Xolisani Gwesela said: “We have not received any communication to that effect.”

After yesterday’s sucker punch at the NSS, a dejected looking Gorowa refused to talk to the media. He had to be escorted to the dressing room, and on his way, was forced to duck a few missiles aimed at him by a section of infuriated Warriors fans.

“What can I say, we wasted a lot of chances . . . that’s it, no further comment,” he said as he hastily trudged off the pitch.

The Warriors went in front through a Danny Phiri’s fourth minute strike to level the aggregate score at 1-1, but were pegged back just 20 minutes later when Tanzania captain Nadir Haroub headed home from a corner kick after a mistake by defenders Erick Chipeta and Hardlife Zvirekwi who carelessly conceded a corner kick.

With Zimbabwe behind and Tanzania having scored a crucial away goal, Gorowa’s side needed to attack, but found themselves further behind straight from the halftime restart when a Chipeta blunder gifted Tanzania a second goal scored by TP Mazembe forward Thomas Ulimwengu.

The Warriors defender’s tame clearance from a back pass was intercepted by Amri Kiemba who put Ulimwengu through for a tidy finish. Warriors goalkeeper George Chigova should, however, have done better to stop the shot as he was beaten on his near post.

The goal meant that Zimbabwe needed to score three clear goals in the remaining 44 minutes, and when Willard Katsande rose clear to head the equaliser on 55th minute, it looked like it would be a mission possible.

However, the Warriors strikers were just poor on the day, and credit is also due to the Tanzanian defenders who performed admirably to keep the attackers at bay.

At the expiration of seven added on minutes, Tanzania coach Mart Nooij could be seen punching the air several times before disappearing into the dressing room. Tanzania assistant coach Salum Mayanga said: “We came here looking for a draw and we got it so we are very happy we achieved that. When Zimbabwe failed to score in Tanzania we knew we had a good chance and thank God, we managed to progress to the next stage.”

A frenetic and passionate start to the game gave Zimbabwe the opener, exactly the kind of start they needed in this match.

Midfielder Ovidy Karuru evaded challenges on the left channel before crossing the ball for Cuthbert Malajila on the blind side who intelligently laid the ball for Phiri to curl beyond the diving Tanzanian goalkeeper Deogratias Muish. It almost got better for the Warriors two minutes later but Denver Mukamba’s shot went just wide.

At the other end, Simon Msuva’s shot ran across the face of goal after the defenders failed to clear their lines, which was an initial warning that all was not well with the hosts’ backline.

Tanzania were giving away free kicks continuously, but Zimbabwe failed to capitalise, and the closest they came to scoring was when Edward Sadomba’s effort from inside the penalty arch after Karuru had been impeded, hit the upright.

It was from a set-piece, their first of the match that the Taifa Stars found their first goal. Chipeta’s short pass to Zvirekwi, who was not even looking at the ball, was intercepted by Mwingi Kazimoto, but the defender recovered quickly to block the effort, but from the resultant corner-kick, Haroub found the breakthrough.

Milton Ncube required medical attention moments later after he was elbowed by Ulimwengu during a tussle for the ball and returned to the pitch five minutes later with a bandaged head.

Meanwhile, Phiri’s freekick was parried away by the goalie and Malajila headed wide from a resultant corner-kick while Sadomba managed to create some space inside the box, but with the keeper to beat, he shot wide.

Malajila also went down and returned on the pitch with a bandage strapped on his head and on 39th minute, Katsande went down inside the box, but Seychelles referee Bernard Camille ignored the strong calls for a penalty from an estimated 50 000 supporters who thronged the stadium. The Kaizer Chiefs hardman then headed wide on 44th minute as the two sides went to the break dreadlocked.

Chasing the tie, Gorowa made his first switch, introduced Tendai Ndoro for Malajila at the start of the second half, but it was Tanzania who immediately went in front after a calamitous defensive clearance by Chipeta.

But Katsande’s equaliser appeared to have invigorated the hosts with numerous chances created, but painfully wasted. Sadomba failed to connect a Karuru cross from the right, Ndoro shot wide from inside the box and Mukamba hit the side netting from an acute angle as the Warriors forwards took turns to miss.

Seven minutes were added to the end of the match to make up of the time wasted by the visitors players, but the two goals needed remained elusive for the hosts with Ndoro again, substitute Pasca Manhanga and Karuru spurning very good chances inside that period, meaning the Warriors’ Afcon campaign ended at the first hurdle.

Zimbabwe: G Chigova, H Zvirekwi, P Jaure, E Chipeta, M Ncube, D Phiri (P Manhanga, 89’), W Katsande, D Mukamba (K Musharu, 70’), O Karuru, E Sadomba, C Malajila (T Ndoro, 46’).
Tanzania: D Munish, S Kapombe, O Joshua, N Haroub, K Yondan, H Chanongo (S Moradi, 80’), J Bocco, M Kazimoto, T Ulimwengu (A Manula, 91’), S Msuva, A Kiemba (H Mao, 65’).


  1. Zimbabwe vakomana tinotoda minana kuti zvifambe nekuti bhora chairo tichiri kure nekugona. ZIFA yacho haiyamure chinhu.How can we expect our boys to perform when they are hungry.Here they played under protest.
    VanaGorowa vaida kunyangira mari,zvimwe akaipihwa onyepera kuramwa!

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    • If you tell me kuti that defender called Chipeta is the best the country has!!! Then surely Gorowa is to blame and is really a big joke. Gorowa was supposed to know kuti this was AFCON not CHAN tournament!! Nxaa!! Better ayende!!! We need tried and tested coaches like Norman Mapeza. Had it not been for the tribalistic iondividuals at ZIFA, Mapeza was doing very well and had built a very strong youthful side. Kwete zvana Gorowa makorokoza anoda mari chete!!! How on earth can Gorowa justify calling Denver Mukamba who has not been playing the whole season?? Gorowa is a player agent- and all he needed was to expose boys dzake to some scouts and NOT to win.

  2. We are not serious as a nation in terms of soccer management. Can anything good come out of the Cashbert managed institution?

  3. Why stop the report before it finished? Yeah, a CHAN specialist can never make it for AFCON. I knew Gorowa would not go far seeing the way he lost the game to Libya in the CHAN semi finals.

  4. Stanley Katsande should either choose either to become a commentator or be a member of the technical department. His utterances were not pleasing to hear. We listen from commentary from professional league but i have never heard such utterances like his. We were not so lucky but still there is life after our failure.
    I was not happy with his performance.

  5. These are the effects of Asiagate. The team played well but asiagate made us believe we had good team but they can never match asiagate team. lets invest in vana Chibharo(man city) darikwa, ndlovu, nakamba
    and build our team around those youngsters

    • You are right Wellington I text that we need those players in Europe for Zimbabwe but look what happened.Cashbert Dube watibaya panyama nhete you must just resign.Saka toto supporter zveduka ana chipolopolo zvino todii.


    • What Dembare are you talking about? This team played well and where unlucky to score chete. Who should have been included. Given the chance to coach who would you pick for you defence if you leave Patson Jaure? like it or not he is one of the country’s best defender. So those guys who conceded a silly corner were from Dembare?

      • no bosso has the best defence t the moment. include dumisni fazo, mapuranga, mudzingwa, kangwa. Milton is an attacking midfielder. was Charles dropped from the squad becoz he joined a wrong team? diya is the best keeper at the moment. all these boys should hve formed the core of the team. remember fabisch’ s dream team? stop dynamonization of the team. then add mahachi. answered?

  7. Zvinorwadza izvi each time patino enda kunoona national team yedu ichitamba bhora tinongo dzoka masodzi ari pamatama,,i dont blame Gorowa,,,Gorowa anotoudzwa zvekuita ndoo zvooteedzera kana maplayers chaiwo anotoudzwa vekudaidza nevekusa daidza,,saka musamuvenge zvenyu,he is still a good coach but only that tave kutomirira 2017 nations cup ne2018 world cup pleminaries,Just imajin team inonzi ipinde mucamp kwasara four days ende pa4 days dzacho 2 days havana kutrainer,chiri kunyanya kuti uraya ndeche kuti coach haazi kunyatso pihwa mukana wekutsvaga vatambi vanogona bhora both muno nekunze kwenyika uye haasi kunyatso pihwa nguva yekugadzirira mitambo yakakwana.Tanzania haina kumbo bvira yambo mira kugadzirira kubvira payakati rova kunyika kwayo plus yakato wedzera preparation yayo ikabva yato tamba friendly neMalawi vedu vatambi vasingatombo zivikanwa kuti varipi,,saka zvino rwadza Zifa haisi serious chete apa.

    • Mapeza makamudzingirei chionai zvazvaita vakapara mhosva voitwa vatsvene, bhora redu rafa manje. unobva watadzi kuziva kuti zviri kumbofamba sei

    • I agree with you. Ndiwe chete wataura bhora. Even if you call Messi kana Christiano hakuna bhora rinovakwa pa just four days gentlemen. Combinations are built within 4 days.ZIFA has to blame because no preparations were done sevanvhu vanga vadyiwa 1-0.lets not blame the coach even dai akatora bosso or kepepe as you might have wanted it hakuna chaibuda.its better kutotora ma dembare acho maybe he was expecting combinations.

  8. @ Yizo yizo, very good comment. There is too much dynamos flavour in the current team. The current and erstwhile dynamos players together with è coaches did let the nation down. Its better for Gorowa to assist Black Rhinos than wasting time and resources favouring certain players from a certain jujumos club. The local refs are to blame for mollycoddling and pampering one club in the country, giving the impression that its a good club yet it plays ‘dibura watibura’ type of soccer. The local journalists are also to blame. Imagine everyday ‘its dynamos this, dynamos that.

  9. Cuthbert Dube(PSMAS] and Miriam Sibanda (Twalumba Holdings)have both failed at the companies they were running and we expect them to take us somewhere.Our football is being run by the wrong people

  10. warriors out and next week mighty warriors out.its the leadership ,cuthbert dube and miriam sibanda.with mavis gumbo our girls were hard to beat ,then came miriam sibanda and we now lose to zambia

  11. The team that played yesterday had a ‘strong dynamos flavour’. Its high time we should dilute it to make it potable. Majority of the players are in national team, not becoz they are good but becoz the local journalists always write about dynamos. The local referees are also to blame for favouring, mollycoddling and pampering dynamos giving the impression that its a good team. The shameless technical staff were there for ‘extorting’ money than anything else. As long as one team is favoured in Zimbabwe, forget about going to AFCON.

  12. this is what our country looks like. someone might disagree with me but the political atmosphere has something to do with this. secondly gorowa had made a good decision of thinking about bringing the national teams to byo. i want to tell you that that would have made a difference and bf would have been full even if the gate fee was $3.

    • when madinda ndlovu failed to qualify he was the one to blame robson sharuko was alwz over him before even coaching any game , the same with rahman gumbo, gorowa fails zifa president is the one with a problem, MAPEZA fails and is involved in asiagate scandal, the ones investigating him are tribalist, Thts why this country is in such a situation

  13. How can they play kana allowance yavakupihwa ya$15 per day.Chan vakahwina wani asi vakapihwa peanuts..ipai vakomana mari svinu hamunyare vanhu vezifa.

  14. Gorowa is failed the nation. His Chan success was due to the foundation laid by Pagels. I know pple will deny it bt its a fact. We all saw Gorowa’s short coming during the chan, the quality of substitutions he made and the first 2 games. We need a coach like Pagel, who brings a new dimension to the game, the passing game. We need to start rebuilding now. Zifa is also to blame, 3days of preparation is not good enough. Player play for money not for pride. Pride inoda kana munhu akaguta.Casbert shld also resign with Zifa mgt

  15. uyu wamunoti mukamba uyu ah rabishi Chigova worse dai keeper we Tanzania ayiva wedu taihwina,Chipeta useles even Sadomba is not that hot lyk Musona team yedu inoda karuru,Musona ,Billiat,Mahachi,Reo Moyo kwete madhimbare vana mukamba avo chidhimbare nechizanu mochiwanza munhabvu ye nyika

    • zvakawanda zvinoda kugadziriswa kumaWArriors………gunman weBosso anoitwa leftback wenyika….i personally lyk Milito but not as a leftback, Bhasera, Bruce Kangwa kana Qadr Amini ndomaleftback, Pfumbidzai ra3 haangaritambe……handizive kuti Gorowa akamunyepera kuti Chigova anobata bhora kudarika Sekuru Gudo ndiani…..Denver hasnt been playing kuBidvest, he was actually pleasantly surprised necall up, Vido hasnt been kuBelgium….akamhanya 1st half akaneta….notwithstanding the fact that locally i support FC Platinum, Marshal Tatenda Mudehwekana CharlesSibanda Sibanda could have played panzvimbo yaDenver ……Yellow is a great defender but pakumupa armband renyika takunyepa bhora….achiri mfana…..we were trailing but a simple decision yekuti ndiani anorova corner yaitora forever kuti iitwe….ndobasa racaptain…he was supposed to tell Chipeta kuti go and use yo height kuheader corner pane kuti Chipeta arove macorner….iyi nyaya yekuti yu shud play for Dembare first before yu r called kunational team inotibaisa…..dai Alimenda achitambira any other team angadai asingatomboroti achitambira maWarriors…….lets kick out chiHarare out of national team football….ko dai bhora redollar irori rakamboiswawo kuBF chaishata chii?

      • Gorowa was just supposed to know kuti this was AFCON not CHAN tournament!! Nxaa!! Better ayende!!!How on earth can Gorowa justify calling Denver Mukamba who has not been playing the whole season?? Gorowa is a player agent- and all he needed was to expose boys dzake to some scouts and NOT to win.

  16. A warrior is a fighter, a soldier. Why do we call these people warriors, when they cannot convert chances even my grandmother in Nkayi could easily convert? And Zifa? Why does Zifa no pay these young men? I cannot trust our current Zifa to run our football, or even a tuckshop. They are good for nothing, and its difficult to forgive them.

  17. it was an obvious case that they were going to loose ,so ts nt a suprise to me…try next time boys

  18. chigova 2/10,zvirekwi 4/10,milito 5/10,jaure 4/10.chipeta 3/10,danisa 7/10,katsande 5/10,mukamba 3/10,karuru 8/10,sadomba ungraded.malajila 4/10 ,subs ndoro 7/10,musharu 8/10,manhanga ungraded.poor warriors

  19. worst team ever, Nxt time even rikanzii mahara bhora l doubt nss inozara . i think Mapeza is a good coach.

  20. ZIMBABWEAN soccer will never go anywhere as long as the clowns and comedians , that are running it remain in office. IT does not make sense to blame GOROWA or the players before looking at the root cause of our downfall . THE ENTIRE ZIFA LEADERSHIP should step down with immediate effect . FIRING GOROWA OR ROTATING THE PLAYERS IS ONLY A SHORT TERM SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM ZIFA YOSE MUST GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN GOROWA MOTIVATE SOCCER PLAYERS WHO ARE ASKED TO PLAY FOR PEANUTS ?????????

  21. Guys let’s not be tribalistic and accept whoever is selected. Dynamos isn’t my team but if their players are selected I support them. Zifa is to blame. Zifa has been to blame, will always be to blame. Cuthbert Dube should do the honorable thing and leave Zimbabwe football alone. It was sad to see long face in Harare coming from the match. He owns the Warriors and does what he wants, Cuthbert Dube, answerable only to self. How can an indidual put himself selfishly ahead of everyone else? Gorowa is a good guy who had best interests of team @ heart and tried his best. Sadly association with DUbe is tarnishing his reputation.. If you blame anyone else you are legally bliind

  22. Sorry people, let us not hate Dembare to that extend. player for player those guys who did duty for us are our best. Why do we talk of Musona and Billart when they were injured. Charles Sibanda only played a full game aaginst Buffaloes because Kuda Mahachi was injured otherwise even kaindu had no faith in him what more the National Coach. yes I am worried kuti the coach seems not to have trained his boys on corner kicks that is why they could not have a corner kick taker. Those who watched the team as soccer lovers can tell you that Denver still has the skill and maybe waisting his time at Bidvest. The thing is we had a bunch of very talented players grouped to play soccer. Eric Chipeta is shutting them every week, so is Mlito, Zvirekwi so who was not there, don’t talk of the injured.

  23. If you tell me kuti that defender called Chipeta is the best the country has!!! Then surely Gorowa is to blame and is really a big joke. Gorowa was supposed to know kuti this was AFCON not CHAN tournament!! Nxaa!! Better ayende!!! We need tried and tested coaches like Norman Mapeza. Had it not been for the tribalistic iondividuals at ZIFA, Mapeza was doing very well and had built a very strong youthful side. Kwete zvana Gorowa makorokoza anoda mari chete!!! How on earth can Gorowa justify calling Denver Mukamba who has not been playing the whole season?? Gorowa is a player agent- and all he needed was to expose boys dzake to some scouts and NOT to win.

  24. Zimbabwean people you amaze me very much, was it not just yesterday when we were at chan and the win against Burkina Faso was so inspiring that no one pointed a finger at who was from which club, a lot of them were from Dembare typical of a club that is grinding out results season after season, when Dembare is loosing we don’t here of you talking of refrees but suddenly when it wins, Dynamos ndeye maref, shows levels of stupidity in most of you. Talk of the spanish squad full of Barcelona players, few from Madrid, and 1 or 2 from other clubs that make up La Liga, even now when Athletico won La Liga, why dont you shout that Del Bosque is biased, in as much as Sadomba, Mukamba, Malajila, Arubi have Dembare roots, are they still Dembare? Do they play in Dembare colours? Alas no!! Why don’t we look at our shortcomings as a nation rather than point fingers which are not even worthy? Administration, Preparation, Player welfare and Management, those are the key areas that needs to be addressed before we go any further, some of you were not even the to spur our team on, yes they played a mediocre of a game, wasted open chances and all but we bear the pain all.

    • wel spoken man. the issue of player welfare is very crucial. zifa is ignoring tht aspect. moses chunga ndozvaakadzingirwa hanzi vaitirei kt ipai maplayers mari dzavo. zifa is to blame

  25. When Robson Banda summed it by saying “the story line was built on the same comic script but the only change were the characters,there was no DEMBARE INFLUENCE in those warriors set up,but still the result came short.Dont blame Dembare and its current and former players,aplaud them for their commitment to national duty,they love their motherland those who wait for a downfall to emerge as messiahs fail to report for duty on one or other reason.As a result the coach has limited options,and it becomes worse when no sufficient support is coming from Zifa C E O whom i think is enjoying himself for the warriorsdownfall cause he is going to say ” I told you.

  26. 1. we want a credible, moral and ethical leader at ZIFA.
    2. we want a coach with pedigree, moses, norman,
    3. we want first eleven consistently not picking and dropping players
    4. we want a captain for the warriors, nothing against minister of defence but but..
    5. we want the SRC and parent ministry to be responsible

    we must continue supporting the warriors guys, hurt as we are and, hurt as we shall be the warriors are ours. I will repeat again, why not appoint norman mapeza or moses chunga, why, why, why…

    • 1. very true baba
      2. true bt they will only come back chunga and mapeza only if point 1 is fulfilled
      3. yaa its a point bt some first eleven changes ar as a result of a number of factors like
      – changing coaches at will
      -injuries to some players like msona nd khama
      4. sure captain shld b some1 influencial one who cn command gud egs peter ndlovu,kaitano tembo.
      5.not sure abt no 5

  27. Gorowa wakatinyadzisa kwazvo. Takakuudza kuti zvima players zvako zvepa Ndazu izvoka aai. Chiona zvawaitiitira nhasi. Shame. Calisto Pasuwa ndiye umwewo asina kana 1 chaanomboona ikoko ku national team.

    • mdara mdara munoshaya munoziva bhora here dnt juct tok walk ur tok hahahahahaa vanha vanezuro nxa to helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I think the coaches are to blame; they are not good at all. Gorowa should have been appointed as assistant coach. Pasuwa does not have good coaching and leadership skills – I really don’t know the criteria that was used to choose him.

    We are arrogant. We should have hired a very good coach in the name of Pagels. The current black Zim coaches are not good, except for Charles Mhlauri.

    The players themselves are partly to blame because they don’t play like warriors. Real warriors should be proud of their country, losing a game is bringing a curse to the whole nation. Players should also be greedy for money that comes with competing at the tournaments like AFCON and World Cup.

    Vakomana here Zimbabwe kungongodzwa musoro naTanzania

  29. zim does nt hav quality players. these guys ar all average or below average players.we need one or two or three players playing their trade in top flight leagues ie epl,la liga or in france or even in second tier divisions in these countries.we need to groom new players who cn attract interests to big european leagues not players who end their careers in sa.these players will then need help from this current bunch of average players.look at 2004 we had peter ndlovu as the leading light frm division 1 in england,he ws a leader a bundle of talent and he got help frm the average kaitanos,kasinauyos,lupahlas,murambadoros and of course the coach himself “mhofu” ws a tactician.its better to qualify and fail to progres to nxt stages at afcon finals than to fail at preliminary level.eissssh zifa…..this org is jst a money making system. lots of talent is lost in rural zim….zifa is doing virtually nothing to tap this talent.ZIFA Plizz put in place a system that give all young boys in rural and cities equal chances to show their talents. i noe of talent tht ws wasted in nyanga,chipinge,zaka,muzarabani etc bcz no one identify them so tht they cn break into the psl league later on european leagues. AGENTS also must not rush our boys to SA,dnt b greedy our agents give the boys gud direction.look at denver mukamba he is finished bcz of poor advise frm agents who need fast money 4getting abt th careers of the young players. if one or two points ar taken mayb our problems cn b solved

  30. I remember writing on this space i said Gorowa was not the right material to coach any national team judging by his poor performance at some south african soccer clubs. Visions fore told spot on . If we are to be serious no person who has coached our national team before must be employed as national team coach to avoid recycling junking which brings misery to the fans.

  31. If it is true that he has left, then Bambo panyanga guys. It is long over due. Give him time to Build a new National Team, and I can tell you he will bring back the long lost glory and we will DEFINATELY qualify for the next AfCON

  32. there are four factors which contributed to the Warriors fall:

    1)poor player selection
    2)lack of combination(players)
    3)lack of player motivation
    4)lack of skills from the techinical bench

    I thank you

  33. hahahahahahahaha mashaya mese kushaya zvekuita torai mazrp students kunana riggz sharpe jato chief tutu na selma

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