Econet subscribers to have clothes delivered at doorsteps

ECONET Wireless Zimbabwe is set to launch technology enabling subscribers to buy clothes and have them delivered to their doorsteps, chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni said yesterday.


Speaking at the official launch of the a new Platinum Suite loyalty card and official opening of an Econet shop at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, Mboweni said the technology would be launched by the end of the year.

Mboweni said in Zimbabwe shoppers go out to buy clothes and shoes, but all was going to change as all they need to do was to dial a number and get things delivered at their doorstep.

“We are bringing more and more, possibly because of these realities. Most of the time, we go out to buy a shirt or shoes, but why is it that shoes can’t come to us? This is currently not happening in Zimbabwe and we are working towards that,” Mboweni said.

“It’s going to be a reality this year. We want to make sure a customer is able to purchase an item and the item is delivered to the doorstep.”

Mboweni said the group was also working towards a car-tracking device which will be launched soon.

Econet wireless launched a platinum suite card which will enable the card holders to access high-class customer service.

Speaking at the event, Econet high value customers general manager Fungai Mandiveyi said the group had grown its market share to over 60% with the subscriber’s base currently sitting at 9 million.

Mandiveyi said the card objective was to recognise and reward the customers who were with Econet since 1998.

“We have decided that it’s time to actually reward our customers and the platinum card is a card that is loaded with benefits and will give you a status,” Mandiveyi said.

Econet has partnered with Edgars, Steward Bank, Avis, African Sun and Zimoco among other as part of the package for platinum card holders.

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  1. Now that is being innovative. Good luck.


    Sure Mr Mboweni you are really working hard you are slowly moving with time. This service is long overdue. However some of your products are tailor made for the rich, you are ignoring the group that is oiling the national cog the DIASPORA. Dont forget the people out here we need to considered each time you unveil a product. We need an ECONET ONLINE shop were we can purchase some groceries for old mother and father who can no longer have the energy to shop around. Consider South Africa first. VaMboweni itai grocery shop ratino shopa online tirikuno motumira henyu zvinhu kana kufonera munhu auye kuzotora. Don’t forget we came here to sustain our families tirelessly. VaMboweni ichi chikumbiro chaicho this product should have been rolled long back. you should partner with big shops like TM, OK for ordinary Zimbabweans. please take note the mode of payments should be simple not always VISAS like others. I will suggest a bank account. Most of Zimbabweans here they don’t have all papers required we rely most on ASSYLUM papers which banks dont like. Thumbs up to Econet tichanzwa vamwe voti Econet ine monopoly. Lastly ko ma engineers enyu arikudini kugadzira maerials to pick weak signals in rural areas. ukazvitengera ka aerial kako kogara namuchembere uchimubata pawadira. Kuno MTN, vodacom INAWO maproducts eweak signals. Thank you.

    1. Ecom Observer

      This kind of service that allows people in dispora is already being provided by You can buy anything for your folks in Zim and pay using either bank, visa or mastercard and the products will be delivered to your family in Zim.

    2. You can do that with Kawena my friend. Just go to your nearest Kawena branch and deposit your money. Then tell your relatives to go to any Ok or Bon Marche store to collect the grocery of their choice.


    Econet online Shop is the best, also consider the diaspora were real cash is injected. We need a GROCERY shop and buy foodstuff for our aged parent whom we are struggling to fend. Work in partnership witk OK, TM etc we should be able to pay here in SA please no VISA CARDS we dont have papers and permits but we have the money. We need a simple bank account shop online and pay. You have 9million subscribers good but the signal is poor in rural areas we need aerials for weak signal for individual phones. Tibatsirei VaMboweni. Thumps up to you

  4. The issue is not the absence of the service, its the absence of money

    1. @ jack bauer – u can say that again, its not as if we are finding it difficult to go to Edgars and buy shoes physically, we just don’t have the money to buy the shoes and clothes. Simple. Whether we are given cards or not, we just dnt have the money to spend on shoes and clothes, the economy is making things hard for us the average populace.

  5. Econet’s internet bundles are too expensive. That should be your starting point not this high class gibberish!!!

  6. Douglas , hapana mari yacho ! We buy clothes from SA coz tz cheaper ther !

  7. Here in Dar es Salaam please ECONET we need an economy shop, the Zimbabwean numbers have grown signficant you will realise a good return, confirm even with the embassy.

  8. Econet shop needed in Dar es salaam please.

  9. Is Econet a telcoms company? Honestly, things look good now but diversifying too much into everything and every part of the sector is not good. Dipping its fingers into businesses it has no experience or knowledge of is going to hurt them in the future. Selling clothes???? Come on Econet, you should be strengthening the e-commerce and telecom sector through and through not go into pies and bread!!!! Right now your service is in SPCA dog kennels and what more when customers bread orders go missing? The execs have lost it. Somebody is drinking Zed in that boardroom!

    1. powerful Sirius, u’re very right. Nyambirai diversified which is a good idea but all his investments were under-capitalised and in no time the bank, grill and furniture shop went under. Mr Douglas, be very focused.


    2. I think these are desperate times for econet. There is not TELECOMMS INNOVATION FROM Econet so far!!! Ecocash was bulldozing the banking sector so was Steward, Ecolife and EcoFarmer are going into insurance etc and now this. They dont have anything to offer telecomms wise and failed to see the impending effect of Watapp et al. Wait until someone come up with a real competitor in data services and you will see them again trying to offer buddie zone like promos. What is Econet DOING FOR THE SUBSCRIBERS IS THE BIGGEST QUESTION THEY SHULD ANSWER. They shuld ask TN what happened to his uncontrolled diversification.

    3. econet wont be selling clothes, however they will be providing a platform where you can purchase your goods/clothes online from shops like Edgars,OK, TM etc.

  10. these thieves will never run out of ideas

  11. Econet’s diversification strategy appears appropiate considering that its mobile platform has reached maturity stage & cannot achieve significant growth any more.Being in a hyper competitive industry,Econet is expected to continuously innovate in order to be ahead of competition.To achieve that, Mboweni sees it fit to use Econet’s wide mobile ecosystem to tap into new areas which should increase shareholder value .

  12. Great initiative. when we have the money we will use e facility

  13. Unnecessary service!

  14. Nyay ndeyekuti hatina mari yekutenga full stop hameno iwo vamuchapa ma card

  15. yauya EcoClothes kkkkkkkkkk Jack Bhawa I am with you.

  16. Lets see how Telecel and NetOne are going to copycat this!!

  17. A Platinum card to allow users to access high class customer service? Us econet subscribers pay the highest rates in town and all have to put up with terrible service now, do we not all deserve high class service?? The reward that all of us would like is better tariffs and flexible calling plans like those currently offered by Telecel. If cell phone users could change networks and keep their same numbers as you are able to in South Africa, the 9 million subscriber base that econet has would decrease very rapidly. And as for buying clothes on your phone, that is the craziest thing I have heard, the whole point of buying clothes is to try them on and see how they fit, not look at a tiny picture on your screen and imagine how that would look. I dont mind econet branching out to other business lines, but how about making sure your core business is working properly first.


    Thank you Econet for this great initiative!!!

    Regai isu tinemari tishandise this wonderful platform…

    Hameno vamwe vasina mari ndezhenyu, garai makadaro. You are insignificant in the broader scheme of things. That why there is “mpedzanhamo,” kuti mupedze nhamo dzenyu nema bhero lol!!!

    Econet Wireless, Inspired to change your world!!!

  19. phone charges are prohibitive, and the use of whatsapp is clumsy but the only alternative to avoiding exhobitant phone charges.

    the subscriber base growing from zero to 9 million surely the phone charges could even be halved. economies of scale should apply.

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