Dembos: New version of the Somanjes?


WHAT started off as a simple misunderstanding between two brothers Morgan and Tendai appears to be degenerating into yet another Pengaudzoke affair between the two promising sons of legend Leonard Dembo.

Silence Charumbira
Entertainment Reporter

It is a sure Pengaudzoke in both the meaning of the word and unfolding of events in that, like the Somanjes Daiton and Josphat, it was the elder brother Daiton who was mostly viewed as the hard head.

Similarly with the Dembos, it is Morgan the first born, who, due to his faith in the bottle, has been labelled the “black sheep” while Tendai remains a darling to many. Although views may vary, it was Daiton who was perceived by many as the better vocalist just like Morgan.

Similarities and differences aside, Tendai, who has been performing alone with their band while Morgan pursues his chosen career, will tonight be launching his solo effort. Titled Kupakwashe, the seven-track album will be launched at the new home of album launches — Private Lounge — where he will be supported by Extra Kwazvose who also released their second album a few weeks ago and Kireni Zulu.

According to Tendai, the album is a way of showing his brother the way.

“This is my way of showing my brother the potential of the Barura Express brand despite the huge amount of bad publicity caused by one person,” Tendai said yesterday. “It is for him to see I am serious about the trade and I am not happy with how shaky the band had become with him being continuously in the media for the wrong reasons.”

Tendai composed all the songs while instrumentation is a concerted effort between him and the band.

“I am certain this album is a cut above the debut Kutsika Matsimba which we released when we were still very young in the industry,” Tendai said.

“This is definitely an upgrade from the first album and I am certain it will thrust us a step higher.”

While unity of purpose almost always wins it will be vanity for one to marry himself another with delusional tendencies and expect progress. Whether Morgan, due to his drinking habits, can be viewed as dogmatic, Tendai has set on a rigorous exercise that requires not only sober commitment, but exceptional talent too.

Time will tell whether the album will make the expected impact in an environment where almost all top musicians like Alick Macheso are Sulumani Chimbetu are promising new offerings.


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  1. Tendai dembo has much potential in lead guitar.morgan is just a confused fool.barura moto but this idiot is killing that brand.morgan ngaazive gwara

  2. Well done Tendai. The Gods shall reward you for your efforts. Despite Morgan’s bad behaviour; he is still your blood brother. Continue to love him, never say bad things about him in public. Seek progressive advice from elders and they will talk to your brother. He shall see the light and join you. You ought to know that your late father set a very high bar of standards that you need to emulate. As the general populace; we also have high expectations from you guys!!! “Wotoshingaa semunhu wemurumeee; ukasadaaro hupenyu hwese musangoo……!!!!!!

  3. mwari harizibenzi,kutambura kwako anokuona rimwe zuva achakupa -so sang your dad Tendai. Grab the bull by the horns youngman

  4. munhu anoenda nechipo chake ishungu chete idzi i didnt even know they had another album before all they do is sing their father’s songs

  5. Honaka Tendai zvawadai wakura, chasara chete kumira sababa vako.
    Guys if morgan appears to have found something else to do let’s not be like forcing him into those big shoes.
    Sulu for your own info is not chopper’s eldest son but nobody is bothering mukoma Codza.

    Let’s support tindo and only talk about morgiza when he directly behaves against his dad’s project, pamwe hazvimowo maari.
    Mubikirei doro munyama upere,iri jambwa riende.

  6. Morgan ukawana nguva ndibate.mukoma ngaaratidze hukuru nepfungwa.usaite kuti vanhu vafunge kuti makachinjana mabirth ngatirege kunyanyotevera paper word to word tingapesanisa vana vanga vachizvifarigwa .

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