Daily News journos file for refusal of further remand


ASSOCIATED Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ), represented by its finance manager Zweli Sibanda, editor Stanley Gama and journalist Thomas Fungai Kwaramba, yesterday made an application for refusal of further remand in the matter in which they are facing charges of criminally defaming businessman Kamal Khalfan.


In their application before Harare magistrate Milton Serima, the trio argued that there was no evidence to suggest that there was any criminal defamation.

“There is no evidence to suggest any criminal defamation, which would have been shown through official publication of a statement with the intention to harm or it should have been false,” ANZ lawyer Gilbert Machingambi said. “There is no reasonable ground that the statement was false and the criminal defamation charge falls away.”

ANZ is accused of contravening sections of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act.

Allegations are that on January 6 this year Gama, Kwaramba and the ANZ published a story with the intention of harming Khalfan’s reputation after reporting that Khalfan boasted about his connections to top government officials and how he could arrange deals with the Zimbabwean government.

It is alleged that The Daily News published a false statement about Khalfan again on January 7, which read: “This comes in the wake of the Daily News story exposing claims by Omani businessman Kamal Khalfan that he is politically connected and could assist in clinching multi-million-dollar deals with Harare established through his political connections. Khalfan’s e-mail exchange with a German businessman brings to the fore the widely held belief that ministers and other top government officials are being used to siphon billions of dollars worth of resources from Zimbabwe.”

The Daily News is accused of publishing another defamatory statement about Khalfan on January 29. The trio is out on free bail.


  1. Is the Daily News still there? Who writes? Who reads? Oh, no. It can’t be defamtion to write about someone, true or false, in a paper that no one else reads unless they have a gun on their head. Just saying

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  2. P.S.: Who is Stanley Gama? Mr What-your-name-again I would’nt worry about what’s written in The Daily News. No one reads that useless waste of newsprint

  3. it seems that some of these newspapers are only here to harm, distort information instead of articulating the gvnt programmes to various pple, pese pese inyaya ye zanu pf, ko zvine dvlpmnt tozvwanawo kupi coz u a all political commentators if not politicians, ava bail yavo haishande, ngavambogara imomo unless tave nemapaper anoita cascade to grassroots the effects or advantages, its implementation iyo ka zimasset – blue print

  4. The Daily News is good when you dont have any toilet paper. Its all hogwash and divorced from the realities of journalistic standards. As an MDC T propaganda tool, it is rather crude and kow-tows to much to the Spotted One’s illusions of grandeur.

    • @Patrick it is no wonder you know it so well seeing clearly that you are an avid reader of the paper, who even has special use of it after enjoying it as you say!

  5. When I was young I used to call people names like Nincompoop and I even used to fight people. Thank god I outgrew all of that. I don’t read the Daily News. I only read about it in NewsDay. Sttrange, huh? How do you appoint Stanley Gama as editorin a country with highest literacy in Africa? Nepotism. What else? Kkkk. Call me whatever you want but I won’t read that trash, even at gunpoint. That would be torture.

  6. what? I said I don’t read the Daily News and he calls me names. Next thing Zamps will accuse us of Free reading in their annual surveys. I don’t even free read. Are they on the internet?

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