Cops hunt down nine more ‘Baba Jukwa’ accomplices


POLICE are hunting for veteran Zimbabwean journalist Wilf Mbanga, his wife Trish and seven other people as the net widens on those suspected to be behind the shadowy Facebook character and blogger “Baba Jukwa”.


The Mbanga couple are based in the United Kingdom and publishes The Zimbabwean, a weekly newspaper which used to feature a column written by the faceless Baba Jukwa.

Police Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday said besides the arrest of the Kudzayi brothers, Edmund and Philip, the law-enforcement agents had cast their net wide pursuant to their investigations with the view to arrest the outstanding suspects.

Charamba said apart from the Mbangas, police were keen to interview The Zimbabwean newspaper correspondent based in South Africa Mxolisi Ncube (38), a system and software engineer based in the United Kingdom (UK) Walter Shoko, a computer programmer based in the UK, Samson Chifamba,  a Zimbabwean based in UK, George Chirakasha, Anomie Drew, Piniel Nhokodi, Romeo Musemburi and Sarudzai Florence.

“All the accused persons are administrators to and Baba Jukwa Facebook page. This is the reason why the Baba Jukwa Facebook page is still active. The wanted persons are based in various global locations and network to post subversive articles on this person,” Charamba said.

Mbanga last night said police seemed to be on a “phishing expedition”.

“They only have to read a copy of the Sunday Mail of May 11th where my hacked email exchange with Baba Jukwa was published,” he said. “This clearly shows that I had nothing to do with the said Facebook page. The Sunday Mail itself claimed that I had been duped into paying my own reporters to publish some of Baba Jukwa’s exposes that were already on Facebook and the Internet.

“Why would I offer to pay for something if I was an administrator?”

Mbanga said he was more than willing to co-operate with the police and help them in any way with their investigations.

“But I can assure them right now that nobody from The Zimbabwean was involved in any way with the administration of the Facebook page. None of the names mentioned in the statement below are known to me. I don’t even know either of the Kudzai brothers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sunday Mail editor Edmund, who has since been charged with subverting a constitutional government or alternatively attempting to commit an act of insurgency, banditry, sabotage or terrorism, yesterday appeared at the High Court for his bail application, but the matter failed to be heard after the Prosecutor-General’s Office sought postponement of the matter.

Chief law officer Tawanda Zvekare told High Court judge Justice Ester Muremba that Kudzayi, through his lawyers Rubaya & Chatambudza Legal Practitioners, had submitted a voluminous court record for which the State needed more time to peruse before filing its response.

Justice Muremba, however, postponed the mater to Wednesday next week after ordering that the State files its response by Monday and Kudzayi’s lawyer Everson Chatambudza to file his response by Tuesday before the hearing date.

Kudzayi (28) is accused of being the brains behind the shadowy Facebook character and blogger known as Baba Jukwa.


  1. Let justice take its course so that who ever is involved but innocent be exonerated. In any case maizviitireiko? Maiti zvinoguma nepi. Batai munhu.

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    • WaGono, what crime was committed? Is it worse than gukurahundi and the siphoning of billions in diamond proceeds, murder and rape of opposition supporters to mention only a few of the horrific crimes seen witnessed in this country in the last 34 years?

      A waste of scarce resources when people are dying of cholera.

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  2. this baba jukwa guy is too sophisticated for the zim police who are used to beat up suspects to gain confessions.allegations against any of the suspects wont stand in any court of law.

  3. the Zrp are now making fools of themselves as usual, how can they have 13 suspects overall & not forgetting to mention innocent assassinated Chindori Chininga. this is clear evidence that they are on a wild goose chase

  4. the official aftermaths of rated tragicomedy in backbiting psychosvoresanalysis intrigue goals for winner take all seats theater now shown near you !!

  5. What is Baba Jukwa’s crime. All his exposes were to do with the Zanu pf party and they were true. Subversion iripapi ipapa!!! Kutsvaga vuta nemugate.

  6. I still don’t understand what crime did Baba Jukwa commit, what he wrote about was it true?? thats the big question.

  7. Who ever was behind the so called Baba Jukwa was right. Why is that the police is hunting for someone who was lying. So it means it was true. Cast your net further even in America and Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Wasting our time and resources. Stupid thinking.

  8. KKKK. Nyaya ya Baba Jukwa yanetsa. So it is true when Baba Jukwa commented that people in the liberation party were having sleepless nights because of him.

  9. Veduweee why waste time and resources looking for baba jukwa, why d I you want to protect the interests of corrupt people. So it means the police and everyone else who is in support for the arrest baba jukwa is much insane including our learned police are so easy even to the extent of shutting t heir mind . Give us a break

  10. no salaries for teachers.. Mbada cut salaries by half…masimirembwa appointed chair of cmed board….over 500 companies close shop since 31 July… Cuthbert dube nets over $300k in monthly salary. diamond money missing. unemployment peaks upwards of 90%. kkk ZANU to create 2 million jobs. biti is the new tsvangirai. dokora paside. out of 260 000 hectares only 3000 is under winter wheat. mutero wembwa watakaendera kuhondo wadzoka. school leavers overwhelm streets peddling airtime and flesh.loaded hospitals with no drugs. Zimra running battles with fruit n vegetables venders. ko gershom Paso eish zisalary racho??? police the new mafia. vast as the sea waters are, a ship without a captain can’t keep sail for long

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