Civil servants’ pay: Harbinger for worse things to come


When former Finance Minister Tendai Biti warned that the economy was on auto-cruise and that the government would ultimately fail to pay civil servants, many did not take him seriously thinking that his was a case of sour grapes.

NewsDay Editorial

On December 18 last year, NewsDay ran a story titled: ‘Zimbabwe civil servants may soon go without pay’ in which Biti was quoted saying: “The day is not so far and it is coming when this government is going to fail to pay the wage bill.”

He added: “Government is in de-facto shutdown because the government income is not sufficient to pay the wage bill. Monthly accumulations of domestic arrears, electricity bills and drugs are not being paid and domestic debt will be around $1 billion,” Biti said.

The recent shift in pay dates announced by the government for civil servants because of financial constraints is a harbinger for worse things to come. For a long time, those in the know have warned that the economy would implode, but our government — that is perpetually in denial mode — rubbished such claims.

What makes the situation more frightful is the nonchalant attitude by those in power concerning the country’s economy.

The recent appointment of failed politicians and certain crooks on parastatal boards shows that it is business as usual for those in government.

Those in government continue looting with impunity as if their major aim is to run down the economy. They seem bent on killing the goose that lays the eggs as it were. They behave as if they are some form of evil deities.

The way corruption is sanctioned by those in power boggles the mind. It looks like they have resolved that no one is to be arrested for corruption. These people have too much political power to face the music. They always come up with projects to fleece the economy and the ordinary people to fatten their already bulging pockets.

What they do not seem to understand is that a dead economy will have internecine results. People will suffer and ultimately turn their anger against them one day. Nothing lasts forever.

What will happen, for instance, when they fail to pay government workers for two months? They should remember that this category of workers forms the basis of the machinery with which they use to oppress the masses.

These people have gone too far in taking everyone for granted and behaving as if they own this country. To them, Zimbabwe is not a republic, but Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd belonging to their small clique.

That is why they show open contempt for the majority. They need to think twice because if they do not deal with the economy earnestly it will swallow them one day.

They should think twice about the way they are handling the economy.


  1. our gorvernment is the most stupid in Africa. Even without sanctions and all the aid they will still fail.
    Zimbabwe is not a republic, but Zimbabwe (Pvt)
    Ltd bel
    onging to their small clique.

  2. Everybody, whether in zanuPf or Mdc Team, knows what ought to be done. The problem is that they don’t do it. Biti didn’t do it when he was finance minister. ZanuPf finance ministers did not do it before 2009 and do not do it now. The liberation struggle and independence from Britain was a terrible curse on this nation for which we have to pay a heinous sum for decades. It is the basis for serious selfish womanising, property gathering, externalisation of money, political oppression and violent intimidation, and electoral deceptions with which we shall have to grapple for ages.

  3. French Revolution of 1789 brought a change, why can’t we gather our courage as patriotic citizens driven of common goal. Let’s push for a change , if they shoot us ,they will not kill the whole nation few that will survive will contineu

  4. the good thing is tht even thouse who voted for zanu pf are also suffering. They were warned but they didnt listen.

  5. zimbabwe can only be free if its citizenry gather courage and declare that enough is enough.most dictactorships appear fearsome and untouchable but thats all there is to it.

  6. Do yu think mdc culd have changed the game if we had voted it in? i dout that we already saw them in government what did they do except womanizing nothing iz better mu friends

  7. Zanu pf is not worried with all what is going on. What worries this party is to rule the country.

  8. why u guz hav eyes bt cant see,b4mdc joined zanu(unity gvnmt) civil Servants especially those in rural areas wer no longer going to banks coz their pays cld not b enough to bring them back home,shops had nothing to sellall c servants including police vanga vasisina even nhumbi dzekupfeka,kana dziri shangu worse coz u coud find a teacher opting to buy a safety shoe from Botswana or South africa coz they wer even not available in zim,eish! Infact its a tall order if i hav to give a list. Lets just appreciate kut now its better becoz of this MDC.u can even see now mdc is out,things are going bad again,many economists 4see bad,pay dates are being shifted afar??

  9. These liberation parties in their simple moronic minds do not think a country can go broke if managed economically.

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