Church service held for liberation war hero Pswarayi


A CHURCH service for the late liberation war hero Dr Edward
Munatsireyi Pswarayi was held in the capital yesterday afternoon ahead of his burial slated for this afternoon.

Feluna Nleya

The former Health deputy minister was declared a liberation war hero for his contribution during the liberation war and after independence in 1980.

He will be buried today at his Tondori Farm in Beatrice.

Medical practitioners who worked with Pswarayi said they had lost a mentor who helped most of the doctors to excel.

“He was very supportive. He was our mentor. The one thing that I did not know about very well was his political side,” chairman of the Health Services Board Dr Lovemore Mbengeranwa said.

“But as a colleague in medicine, he mentored us very well and we worked together.”

Zimbabwe Medical Association secretary-general Dr Douglas Gwatidzo said: “We are deeply saddened by the passing-on of a very senior colleague who at the time of independence immediately joined government and paved the way for us to join the medical school and profession.

“He always advocated for us to develop in the profession and grow in the profession and when he left government, we always
remembered him as one of the pioneers in medicine in the country and we will try to emulate him in whatever we do.”

Pswarayi died aged 87 at a private hospital in Harare on Sunday.
He worked closely with several nationalists among them President Robert Mugabe, the late Vice-President Joshua Nkomo, James Chikerema, Herbert Chitepo and Samuel Parirenyatwa.

Although he did not go to the war front, he contributed immensely to the liberation struggle back home by offering his personal resources for use by nationalist leaders.

Pswarayi is survived by widow Mabel, 19 children, 37 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


  1. He was a ordinary doctor and citizen of Zimbabwe like all of us. Associating Doctor Pwarayi with fake nationalists is a mistake. Yes he did his part before and after independence. In Zimbabwe there are so many liberation heros. For us to say we are independent i disagree with you. We still need to fight in order for us to have total independence. We changed from white skin rule to black skin rule.
    Black man rule is more oppressive than white man rule.

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    • @Hoko Pamunda

      Cannot be better said as we trudge through “Animal Farm”. Cannot even find a reason to hide my real name.

  2. Zvinhu zvechivanhu nhayi. Dai pasina ma bhunu akativhurira zvikoro Pswarayi aizoita here chiremba? Zvino munogoti colonialism hayiite seyi? Liberation ipi? Iye Mugabe handiti akabhadharirwa school fees kwa Kutama ne mabhunu. Dayi pasina mabhunu aizofunda kupi?
    Some of the stuff in black politics has no logic. The whites are the ones who introduced schools in this borderless land yet we have these idiot politician saying “liberation”. People are being taken for a ride by these shysters. Most people just follow blindly – they don’t question where are how their leaders were educated. Even when they are told they ignore all that and just follow what the leaders are saying slavishly. Pswarayi’s education was sponsored by the whites just like Mugabe.
    Then there is the issue of income tax and corporation tax. Under white rule, we blacks, were exempt from paying income tax and black businesses were exempt from paying corporation tax on their businesses. It was only after we had voted Zanu into power in 1980 that they repaid us by compelling everyone to pay income tax at 45% of take home pay and all black businesses were compelled to pay corporation taxes which is why all of them went bust in when Zanu got into power. Where is the “liberation” here? Zvituta.
    Zanu did not invent electricity. Did they build the cities? Did they build the railways? Did they introduce schools? Did they introduce industries? Did they build Kariba Dam? Did they build the cities? Did they build hospitals? Heroes for doing what? We put these morons into power in 1980. They did not save is from anything. These are people who were looking for political power for themselves only. Their lies have come to bite them on their back sides – the economy is a mess with no chances of recovery unless a miracle happens. Having lived and worked in Rhodesia I have no hesitation in saying it was the fairest system, based on merit. Governing is much more complex than these politicians ever envisaged but they will not admit for fear of retribution and embarras*ment.

    • Wagona Musona. Liberation hapana apa takatozvisungirira in 1980. All what was done by mabhunu acho is being destroyed by these maroons.

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