Chunga quits Chiredzi


MOSES Chunga has quit struggling Castle Lager Premier Soccer League outfit, Chiredzi FC.


This follows a fall-out with the club’s leadership two weeks ago over gate-takings from a Dynamos home match and the chaos that followed Saturday’s 1-1 home draw to Hwange.

Yesterday, the team’s management held an emergency meeting that started in the morning up to the late in the day in the presence of Eastern Region chairman Piraishe Mabhena and Eastern Region administrator Tedious Machawira.

The club’s chairman Charles Muchatukwa, who was not available for comment yesterday, had called for the meeting after the chaos that engulfed the new club, born from the ashes of Hippo Valley, on Saturday.

The players reportedly demanded money from the team’s executive who later called the police to cool the situation and the money from the gate-takings was taken by police for safe keeping.

But yesterday sources who had attended the meeting confirmed the development saying that the meeting took longer than they expected.

“The meeting was straining, it look longer than what we expected. We discussed various issues but at the end coach (Moses Chunga) announced that he has failed to work with the executive and quit. I don’t know if there is any workable solution,” said the source.

Another source who confirmed the development said he was not expecting the new development.

“l was not expecting the decision by the coach but he announced it with all present. There was disaster after the Hwange match after they wanted to repeat what they did against Dynamos,” the second source said.

Sought for comment, Chunga, as usual, demanded to know the source of the story before saying that he had no comment.

“l think l told you that l don’t work with sources, who told you anyway? Okay l don’t have any comment,” he said.

The club has no sponsorship, but the problems heightened almost two weeks ago after Chunga reportedly disappeared with $4 000 collected from the gate-takings after the Dynamos match.

The club’s executive threatened to take police action, but the nomadic gaffer, who has handled almost 10 teams in the top flight league told NewsDay Sport last week that he was ready to defend himself if such action is taken.

The Chiredzi-based side are currently struggling in their debut season in the league as they are languishing at the bottom of the Premiership log standings with a paltry six points from 10 matches and seem destined for Division One football if they don’t start winning.

After 10 rounds of the 2014 season, Chunga became the first coach to throw in the towel after Arthur Tutani reversed his decision to quit Black Rhinos two weeks after a 3-1 loss to 15th placed Harare City at Rufaro Stadium.

Triangle’s Biggie Zuze is the other coach near the exit door after his charges lost to Dynamos at the National Sports Stadium yesterday to leave him with two wins, two draws and six losses and in 14th place on the log.


  1. It is about money. Almost all teams are like that except for teams like FC Platinum. Teams like Dynamos and Highlanders need serious patriotic rich Zimbabweans to chip in because they have existed through this thick and thin for a very long time. They have no company continuous backing and the level of our football is determined mainly by these two self supporting teams.

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