It’s business as usual for Jonathan Moyo

Jonathan Moyo

INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo yesterday continued his ministerial duties as usual despite his weekend tongue-lashing by President Robert Mugabe over allegations of fanning factionalism and divisions in Zanu PF.

Everson Mushava

Moyo, who has remained mum over Mugabe’s vitriolic attack, yesterday toured tobacco cigarette producer British American Tobacco (BAT) despite mounting speculation that he could soon be relieved of his Cabinet post.

On three successive occasions last week, Mugabe lashed out at Moyo, describing him as “a weevil” and a divisive element bent on destroying the party from within.

The veteran Zanu PF leader threatened to weed out “weevils” from the party and government.

Zanu PF national secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa later rubbed in salt on Moyo’s injuries when he told party youths in Manicaland that Moyo and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa were divisive elements.

But Moyo, who has a packed programme this week, has continued to carry out his duties apparently undeterred by the speculation and is today expected to address a media workshop in Kadoma before touring Green Fuels’ Chisumbanje ethanol project tomorrow.

BAT managing director Lovemore Manatsa said the company invited Moyo as part of its engagement programme to prove to government that BAT was not divesting out of Zimbabwe.

“That was the basis of engaging the minister, to ensure that stakeholders appreciate what we are doing. We are not divesting anywhere,” Manatsa said.

In 2005, the former Tsholotsho North MP was stripped of his ministerial and politburo posts after he refused to let his parliamentary seat be contested by a female Zanu PF candidate.


  1. Despite old age, Mugabe is wise enough to realise that he himself is the cause of factionalism in the party through failure to groom a successor & retire in good time. Johnso is not to blame

    • it maybe business as usaul Moyo but we don’t know for how long. What we have realised is that Mugabe may want to fire Jonathan Moyo but he does not have the authority nor power to do so as all know who are his principals – the Military. All he was doing by going public about Jonathan Moyo’s matter, was simply to ask for permission from military leaders present and those who were not there, thus why he chose to public media so that they all hear his pleas.

      On the other hand the gamatox delivered to Mutasa was expired so it would not kill the weevils unless he gets a new order delvered from the military.

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  2. Zvamakuhwa hazvitevedzwi. Jonathan is spot on & going nowhere.The rest may go but not Jona. Nevertheless, RGM exposed his leadership style & qualities at Nathan’s burial this Saturday at heroes acre.

  3. Why does BAT have to engage minister of information panyaya iyi? Is he the relevant one here? Problem with Jonah is trying to be a Prime Minister that’s where he clashes with people like other ministers

  4. Im trying to digest this story from herald. Is the Editor trying to un-shake the puppet tag which Mugabe announced of the new zimpapers editorial team? The writting above is like wishing Moyo to be fired by Mugabe. Jonathan is the best minister so far in the clueless zanu pf admin. Mugabe is not a fool to let such an asset to just go. He might be divisive and the like but he has brains and can deliver.

    • Herald ka? Yah, mangojaira kuti nyaya dzese dzamusingade kunzwa dzinobva ku Herald ka? Learn to read and make sense of things 1st mhani iwe

  5. Never underestimate the crocodile, we are still in the game, my boy Jonso is not going anywhere, you folks should have been in the Cabinet on Tuesday morning, the president literally apologised to Jona because he had clarified his position when he met HE on Monday. Just wait and see how this year will unfold as we heard towards congress,

  6. The same person who misrepresented Gushungo onMasimirembwa did so onJonzo Moyo.Soon our Gushungo will climb down as well on his views about Moyo.Moyo doing good work to build the bridges he broke down during the 3rd Chimurenga period.keep up the good work Jonzo,time to call a spade a spade.

  7. I told you so. 90 years showed itself over the weekend and now johnso stays put. Don’t respond just work. To mutasa your days are numbered, watch this space. You and mavambo will be crucified.Your bhora kunze project is now dead and buried. And you think we’re blinded by your vitriol well where’s johnso now’ still there hahaha!! The divisionist and architect of tribalism is you mutasa. We will walk on your bald head when the time comes for now your corrupt cronies are under their final watch. Ngwena rules?

  8. In Zanu we ur never serious about wat we say in public. If we wnt kutsakatisa munhu that infor will be classified as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and after the consent of the President noone wl go in public nd start kurotomoka even the president can’t do that. Clean job baba ukanzwa tichitaurira vanhu kudai hapana iripo apa. Ma Codes ndiwo anenge ava kushanda chete. Wake up Zimbabweans.

  9. him shud just depart, jonah is just here on age and him over there, guys yu mean nyika yedu ichatongwa nechembere kusvika riini, nhai nehanda yakasikana isu tichidya nhoko nemaronda

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